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August 29, 2015

low ratings

Don't celebrate Leno's low ratings just yet

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 7th 2009 11:22AM
Jay Leno at Summer TCAsThe funniest thing about the season so far is that, after all the attention NBC's move to put Jay Leno at 10 PM generated through the spring and summer, The Jay Leno Show itself has been getting very little in the way of audience or viral buzz.

The former was to be expected; no one thought Leno was going to beat out CSI. But the latter is a shock. Conan hits his head and the clip is all over the Internet; Dave talks about being blackmailed and CBS can't pull down the YouTube clips fast enough. But since Kanye West's teary apology to Taylor Swift on Leno's first show, nothing that's happened at ten has been funny enough or newsworthy enough to make a dent in the pop culture consciousness.

But those among you who are rooting for this experiment to fail, it's not time to break out the Champagne just yet. Although Leno's ratings are low and continue to sink, NBC isn't pulling the plug anytime soon. And the reason why is the most intriguing part of this whole experiment.

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Viva Laughlin gets a quick cancellation

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 22nd 2007 3:45PM
Viv LaughlinWell, that was fast. After an avalanche of scathing reviews (including mine) and extremely low ratings, CBS has canceled the musical mystery drama Viva Laughlin after two episodes. According to the story on Variety's web site, the show will be replaced in its Sunday 8 PM timeslot by The Amazing Race starting November 4 (a CSI rerun will air in that slot next week). No word yet on if the remaining episodes will be shown on CBS' web site, or anywhere else for that matter.

I imagine what happened is that CBS took a look at the low ratings for the show's Thursday premiere (8.8 million viewers) and the even lower ratings for the first regular Sunday showing (a 1.2 rating and 3 share in th 18-49 demo, according to Variety), saw that the quality of the remaining episodes were not going to improve, and decided to bail out. Those are the two factors that usually lead to such quick cancellations, especially to shows that were as heavily-promoted as Laughlin was.

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BREAKING RUMOR: NBC Entertainment head Kevin Reilly to be fired

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 18th 2006 6:35PM
Kevin ReillyJust got a tip into TV Squad HQ; there is scuttlebutt that NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly is going to be fired sometime later this afternoon. Apparently, Reilly's failure to create a hit for NBC during his tenure is going to cost him his job.

If you recall, Reilly programmed a number of expensive, lavishly-done pilots for this fall season, like Kidnapped, Friday Night Lights, and Studio 60, all of which are tanking in the ratings. That along with a history of tentative decision-making was his undoing. The announcement will be made this afternoon; expect to see it in the trades tomorrow.

(Update 11:49 ET: No announcement tonight, as our tipster told us would happen. We contacted NBC for a response to this rumor and they didn't confirm or deny it. Guess we'll just keep waiting.)

(Update 10/19 8:23 PM: Well, folks, looks like the rumor -- as with all the past rumors of Reilly's firing -- didn't pan out, since he spoke at a panel of network heads earlier today. Our tipster has been thrown into TVS HQ's moat. Let's hope said tipster can avoid the crocs and piranha...)

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