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September 2, 2015

lukas rossi

Supernova burns out

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 30th 2007 5:21PM
rock star supernovaThe New York Post has a great Op/Ed about why the band Rock Star: Supernova sucks. If you'll remember, Lukas Rossi won the competition last summer and the right to be the lead singer of a band full of crusty or virtually unknown rock stars. According to the Post, the band's tour is far from being sold out. In fact, 11th row seating is still available for tomorrow night's show at Radio City. Good seats are also available at upcoming concert locations. And, the band's album didn't even break the Billboard Top 100. This is in stark contrast to season one, where INXS got a new lead singer and sold out its concert tour.

Why doesn't anybody care about these Supernova guys? NYP says it's the name (already used by a punk band), the '80s hair band music, the lack of superstars in the group, and a dirty, dirty old man named Tommy Lee.

Why do you think no one is interested in this band?

[Via Pop Candy]

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Rockstar: Supernova: Finale

by Deidre Woollard, posted Sep 13th 2006 11:55PM
supernova4(S02E22) Well, as was reported earlier, they won't really be called Supernova now that a judge has ruled they can't use that name but the ragtag rockers have picked their lead singer. Like Big Brother's finale last night, this one was a total snore resulting in a reveal that everyone already knew anyway (anyone who reads internet rumors that is).

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Rock Star: Supernova: Last Performance Night

by Deidre Woollard, posted Sep 13th 2006 7:06AM
rockstar4This is the last chance for the rockers to do their thing to impress the voting fans and they really do give it their all. But first a blast from the past. Ryan Star got the nod to do the encore based on fan votes and sings his original Back Of Your Car. His album will be called Dark Horse (after his name on the show) and he wins a car. Sometimes it seems like the ones who already left the show are getting the better deal.

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