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August 29, 2015


Another '80s show is coming to the big screen - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted May 15th 2008 3:03PM

I Love The 80sOK, so one of the scenarios below is actually true. Can you guess which one?

a.) Superbad star Jonah Hill is going to write and star in a big screen adaptation of 21 Jump Street.
b.) Nicolas Cage is going to star in a big screen version of the action series Riptide.
c.) George Clooney will star in and direct a movie version of Magnum, P.I.
d.) Ian Ziering will star in a big screen version of The Greatest American Hero.

After the jump, the answer.

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A MacGyver movie? - VIDEO

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 5th 2008 12:28PM
Get your paper clips and elastic bands out because there is a MacGyver movie in the works! According to the Dark Horizons website, MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff announced over the weekend at Maker Faire 2008 that a big budget movie based on the series was in the planning stages.

Sadly, he revealed no specifics about the movie other than he got the movie rights a few years ago and has total control over the movie.

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25 awesome openings to '80s action shows (and five they missed) - VIDEOS

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 28th 2008 12:07PM

Magnum, P.I.We've talked a lot here about theme songs and how they just don't make them like they used to. The openings to shows used to be a lot longer, a real part of the show. Today we're lucky if we get a few bars of music and maybe a credit or two. Heck, one show, Lost, only plays one note and shows the logo.

The Popcorn Trick has a list of the Top 25 Opening Credits of '80s Action Shows, and you can't argue with most of the picks. Magnum P.I. is on the list, as is Riptide, Miami Vice, and The A Team. I would quibble a little bit with the choice of The Rockford Files. One of my favorites, but it was really more of a '70s show than '80s (it ended in 1980). I was 13 years old when Vegas premiered (in 1978 - it ran until 1981) and I wanted to be Dan Tanna and live in Vegas and have hot girlfriends and drive around with a lion in my sports car.

Cagney and Lacey shouldn't be on the list though. It should be replaced with one of several other shows from the '80s. After the jump, the five shows they missed.

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Robinson Crusoe pilot coming to NBC

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 25th 2008 2:40PM
brosan as crusoeNBC is going classic, with a twist. The network has ordered 13 episodes of a new drama series based on the Daniel Defoe classic Robinson Crusoe. This is far from the first time Defoe's 1719 novel has been filmed. The most recent incarnation was a 1997 Pierce Brosnan feature. In 1964, it was the basis for a French TV series.

This version is going to be a new take on the old story of a man who sets sail from England, his ship is wrecked in a storm and he's thrown overboard winding up alone on a deserted island where he has to fen for himself. In time, he is joined by an escaped slave whom he names Friday. Ben Silverman, NBC's head honcho, described the proposed series in this way: "It's part MacGyver, part contemporary morality tale about race and personal discovery, part comedy and part Castaway meets Survivor." As envisioned, this Robinson Crusoe will need to be clever indeed. It's going to keep the time period 1650's, but when Crusoe finds Friday, he'll presumably be treating him as if it were today with regard to race relations.

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CBS adds TV classics to web line up

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 21st 2008 6:01PM
Captain KirkRecently, TV Squad reported that NBC has added all kinds of classic TV shows to their online outlets. Now comes the announcement that CBS is also bringing a variety of well-loved TV dramas to the web. CBS Interactive is raiding the CBS Library, which is "one of the largest television programming libraries in the entertainment business," to present TV series online across the CBS Audience Network.

Like the NBC fodder, the CBS offering is gangbusters: full-length episodes of classic Star Trek, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O and Melrose Place. CBS plans to add more programs and clips in the coming months, including sports and other kinds of entertainment.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 15th 2007 6:06PM

Studio 60Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • Absolutely Fabulous - The White Box
  • Charlie and Lola - Vol. 6
  • The Christmas Blessing (TV movie)
  • The House Without A Christmas Tree (TV movie)
  • Ironside - Season 2
  • MacGyver - The Complete Series
  • Masters of Horror - Season 1, Vol. 2 and The Damned Thing
  • Medium - Season 3
  • Mythbusters - Collection 2
  • Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (UK) - Vol. 1
  • Roseanne - Season 9
  • Squidbillies - Vol. 1
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The Complete Series
  • That 70s Show - Season 7
  • Wanted: Dead or Alive - Season 3

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TV Obits: Hall, Worth, King

by Bob Sassone, posted May 20th 2007 1:01PM

Jimmy HallA roundup of TV people from in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have passed away.

Jimmy Hall: Hall was a documentary filmmaker and Discovery Channel host. He is part of the network's annual "Shark Week," which will air this year starting July 29. Hall was killed in a parachute accident while filming a documentary for the network near the Arctic Circle. He was 41.

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Funny videos: Paul, Will, MacGyver and a Human Giant - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted May 5th 2007 8:02AM

GoebelHello, everyone. Are you enjoying your Saturday? That's great. Here's some funny videos I found:

First of all, our own Paul Goebel is doing a series of funny vlogs for NBC's DotComedy as The Remote Controller. He's already predicted the demise of FOX's Drive before anyone else. Will he use his Nostradamus-like skills to make even more chilling predictions? Who knows?

Have you been watching Human Giant on MTV? You should, it's a damn funny show. Check out this sketch of one of the most intense job interview you'll ever witness. It'll make you "put on your marshmallow pants and hit the boo-hoo button."

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The seven greatest TV spies and agents

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 2nd 2007 11:20AM

Bill Cosby and Robert CulpWelcome to TV Squad Lists (formerly 'The Five'), a feature where each blogger has a chance to list his or her own rundown of things in television that stand out from the rest, both good and bad.

Since I've already done a list of the greatest police detectives and the greatest private eyes, the next list is a natural: Greatest Spies and Agents!

The guidelines for this list? A spy that worked for an agency or someone that worked in an official governmental capacity, such as the FBI or CIA. Here we go:

1. Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott (I Spy): These two guys weren't only resourceful, but they were the coolest cats around. Robinson and Scott were spies, but they travelled the world working on cases disguised as a tennis pro and his trainer. How awesome is that? The show was filmed on location (you hardly ever see that), and a lot of the dialogue was improvised and casual. Great theme song too.

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MacGyver's tool of choice

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 24th 2007 6:05PM

MacGyverAnyone who had a collection of action figures growing up knows you can't have an action figure without the proper weapon. Chewbacca had his crossbow, Cobra Commander had his laser pistol, and the Battlestar Galactica action figures had all kinds of cool weapons. But what about MacGyver? What's the accessory of choice for his mass-produced toy lookalike? The answer, you'll find, is quite obvious. Sure, it may just look like a paper clip, but it's a MacGyver paper clip, which means you can use it for anything. You can open doors, blow up tanks, impregnate spider monkeys, improve your bowling score, go back in time, drill for oil, slice pineapple, raise the dead and many other things. That's power at your fingertips, boys and girls.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't figured it out, the "toy" isn't real.

[via Digg]

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Supernatural: Hunted

by Brett Love, posted Jan 12th 2007 7:30AM
Katharine Isabelle(S02E10) Finally! After waiting all summer, and ten episodes into the new season, Supernatural fans get the answer they have all been waiting for. It's not quite a complete answer, but it's enough for now. That five week break between "Croatoan" and "Hunted" was a rough one given the cliff-hanger ending. The writers had one more surprise for us though, as it turns out Dean didn't really have the secret.

When Dean revealed that John had told him he had to save Sam, and that if he couldn't he'd have to kill him, I was left thinking, "And...." There had to be more to it than that. Apparently Dean didn't get the full story, but luckily for us, and I guess for Dean and Sam too, Scott Carey (Richard de Klerk) got the full scoop straight from the demon. As he tells his therapist, "There's a war coming, and people like me, we're gonna be the soldiers."

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The Life and Times of Alan Smithee

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 31st 2006 4:11PM

As devoted TV and movie fans know, "Alan Smithee" is the name that a director uses on a project when he or she doesn't like the final version of a film, because of editing, cutting, or some other process that destroys his vision of the film. Or maybe he just doesn't want his name associated with it for some reason. It's usually against Director's Guild rules, but the director can appeal and have their name replaced.

"Alan Smithee" has an impressive body of work. He directed two episodes of MacGyver, including the pilot. He has also directed episodes of Nero Wolfe, The Cosby Show, Red Shoe Diaries, Karen's Song, the 80s version Twilight Zone, Paper Dolls, and Mrs. Columbo, as well as Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" video and the TV movies The O.J. Simpson Story and The Birds II. His most recent credit was 2005's Living Better with Steve Spitz, whatever that is. There was an even a big screen movie named An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn, which was directed by...Alan Smithee! (In reality, Arthur Hiller.)

[via Jason Kottke]

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New TV on DVD releases today

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 24th 2006 8:43AM
  • MacGyver DVDThe Addams Family - Vol. 1
  • Batman Beyond - Season 2
  • Beavis and Butthead - Gift Set
  • Bewitched - Season 4 (color)
  • Degrassi: TNG - Season 4
  • The Facts of Life - Season 3
  • Greg the Bunny - Best of Film Parodies
  • Hannah Montana - Vol. 1 Livin' The Rock Star Life
  • Justice League - Unlimited Season 1
  • The L Word - Season 3
  • Little House on the Prairie - The Movies
  • MacGyver - Season 7
  • Monarch of the Glen - Series 5
  • Nightmares and Dreamscapes - Complete Series
  • The O.C. - Season 3
  • Sabrina and the Groovy Ghoulies - Saturday Mourning Collection
  • Saturday Night Live - Best of TV Funhouse
  • SCTV - Best of the Early Years
  • Sesame Street - Old School: Vol. 1, 1969-74
  • Slings and Arrows - Season 2
  • The Swan - Complete Series
  • That's My Bush - That's My Bush
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 2, Vol. 1
  • Wings - Season 3

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What can't you do, MacGyver?

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 9th 2006 2:03PM

MacgyverEver since MacGyver aired in the late 80s and early 90s there's been an ongoing joke centered around the show about MacGyver's uncanny ability to solve complex problems using random objects. Elevator broken? No problem, just give him a toothbrush and a bike pump. Kitten stuck in a tree? That can be solved using a shoe horn and a fan belt. Well, someone has made a page on Wikipedia which lists a few of the problems MacGyver solved in his seven-year career. The coolest thing about this is that it's Wikipedia, so you can add your own moments of MacGyver-y genius.

[via Brad Sucks]

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Live 24 Chat location

by Ryan j Budke, posted Feb 6th 2006 7:57PM
24; jack bauer; kiefer
sutherland; foxCome talk about who'd win in tonight's Live 24 Chat! Ok, ok, so the title was a little misleading but it got you to read this didn't it? Come back here to TV Squad at 8pm EST and that's when we'll unveil the secret room for our Live 24 Chat. As with all of our chats, you must be using either AOL's AIM or a compatible chat client (GAIM, Trillian, etc) to enter the room. I'll be in there under the user ID of TVSRyan and Tom Biro (TVSquadTom) will probably be joining us this week again as well. Word is that Jack is going to go underground and pretend to be a terrorist (like he hasn't done that before) is tonight the night? Come join us at 8pm EST and we'll find out.

Come one, come all;  here is the secret location for our 24 Chat! See you inside.

Disclaimer: All or parts of the discussion in this chatroom may be posted in a later column on this site.

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