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October 10, 2015

mad about you

Does Lisa Kudrow deserve another show?

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 17th 2006 11:22AM
lisa kudrowI don't get all the hoopla surrounding Lisa Kudrow. She played a ditzy blonde on Mad About You and then she played a higher-profile ditzy blonde on Friends. Now there's news that she has a development deal with NBC that could have her starring in a new show. Why??? It seemed to me that she totally phoned in a lot of her performances on Friends. Especially after she had her own baby in real life, but her character, Phoebe, was still pregnant on Friends. Watch those episodes and you'll see she doesn't even try to act like the belly is real. She sits down, stands up, and bounces around even though she's supposed to be pregnant with triplets.

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A look back at The West Wing: Entertainment Weekly in 60 seconds

by Bob Sassone, posted May 7th 2006 2:54PM
  • Helen Hunt, Paul ReiserNBC might have canceled its West Wing retrospective for next Sunday, but EW gathers the cast and crew and goes down memory lane. Among the tidbits: Sidney Poitier was the first person talked about to play the President; producers offered Bradley Whitford the role of Sam, but he wanted to play Josh; John Spencer was the first person cast, but Sorkin had originally seen Judd Hirsch as Leo and had to rewrite the character for Spencer; Eugene Levy auditioned to play Toby; CCH Pounder auditioned to play C.J., as did Janel Moloney; and NBC bought the West Wing only if John Wells agreed to also do Third Watch.
  • Paris Bennett says "Don't be sad."
  • Gillian Flynn answers the question: what is the worst show to have a long run?
  • New DVDs: they give a B+ to the first and second season DVD set of The Facts of Life, and an A- for the Scrubs third season set.
  • Funny review of 7th Heaven by Ken Tucker, calling the series finale flashback "creepy."
  • Bruce Campbell gives a guest review of Supernatural. He says it's fun, but it's scare factor is too conservative and the lead actors pose too much.
  • A look at the new Lost tie-in book, Bad Twin.

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A late night thank you to Nick at Nite and Hallmark Channel

by Richard Keller, posted Apr 4th 2006 4:05PM

The cure for sleepless newborn nightsAs my newborn son (part of a twin set; the other is a girl) rests in my arms, I just want to take this moment to thank two cable channels for being there for us as we struggled through the sleepless first night home:  Nick@Nite  and The Hallmark Channel.

Yes, I said the Hallmark Channel!

The Hallmark Channel was on during the 11 P.M. till 1 A.M. shift with four episodes of M.A.S.H . When I was younger I never liked the early episodes with Frank Burns, Colonel Blake, and Trapper John. Now I like those more, as well as the first two seasons where Colonel Potter and B.J. Hunnicutt joined the cast (these are the episodes The Hallmark Channel is showing now). Once Frank Burns left and Charles Winchester joined the 4077th the show got a bit too preachy for me, and Col. Potter began to spout too many southern cliches.

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Franklin Cover dead at 77

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 10th 2006 8:24AM
franklin cover deadFranklin Cover, perhaps best known as Tom Willis, George and Louise Jefferson's white neighbor on The Jeffersons, has died. Cover was being treated for a heart condition at the Lillian Booth Actor's Fund of America home in California. Besides a regular gig on The Jeffersons, Cover also appeared in The Jackie Gleason Show, All in the Family, Who's the Boss?, Will & Grace, Living Single, Mad About You,  and ER. What an awesome resume. He leaves behind a wife, Mary, a son and a daughter.

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Paul Reiser has new sitcom with CBS

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 11th 2006 11:21AM
ReiserCBS has signed for the rights to a new sitcom pilot written and produced by Paul Reiser. The story focuses on a man who inherits a family car dealership somewhere in Queens, New York. Reiser was most recently seen in The Thing About My Folks which he co-starred in with Peter Falk. Reiser has not been involved with a television sitcom since Mad About You ended its seven year run in 1999. No news on whether or not he will have a role in the upcoming show.

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