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October 9, 2015

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Lucas: Star Wars TV series will be different

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 7th 2007 12:01PM
george lucasIn an interview with SFGate, Star Wars creator George Lucas said his live-action Star Wars TV series planned for 2009 will be different than the updated Battlestar Galactica or Joss Whedon's Firefly. I mean, of course it will be different, those are all three different series, but it sounds like Lucas has something big in mind. He also said the new series would be more "adult" and would not focus on the Skywalkers. I'm not sure what he meant by the "adult" remark, but I imagine he plans to make softcore Star Wars porn. Trust me, they didn't even come close to exposing all the gadgets hidden inside R2-D2. The Star Wars saga is about to get hella steamy. Hells yeah. Or perhaps not, either way it is my duty as a Star Wars geek to be excited about it.

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Watch trailer for Re-animated

by Adam Finley, posted Nov 12th 2006 6:03PM

re-animatedYou might recall my mention of Cartoon Network's first live-action made-for-TV movie, Re-Animated. Well, the movie will be mostly live-action, save for the cartoon characters that only the main character can see. Our hero, Jimmy Roberts, has his brain replaced with that of famed cartoonist Milt Appleday after an accident at the Gollyworld theme park and begins to see the cartoon characters Appleday used to see. At the time I wrote the post, it was uncertain when the movie would air, but now we know it's set for December 8 at 8:00 pm.

You can watch the trailer here, and I have to say, it actually looks pretty funny. It's obviously made for young kids, but even I found myself laughing a couple times at the trailer. I'd be surprised if this didn't wind up on DVD eventually. If it does, just don't confuse it with the horror film Re-Animator if you buy it for your kids. That might be a tad traumatic for them, unless they're like I was as a kid, then they'll probably think it's really cool.

[via Cartoon Brew]

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Cartoon Network preparing first live-action movie

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 6th 2006 11:59AM
cartoon networkProduction is currently underway for Re-Animated, the first live-action movie from Cartoon Network. Actually, the made-for-TV movie will include both live-action and animated elements, telling the story of a young boy named Jimmy Roberts who has his brain replaced with the brain of a famous dead cartoonist named Milt Appleday after an accident at the Gollyworld amusement park. The transplant causes Jimmy to see cartoon characters everywhere he goes. Paul Reubens, Brian Posehn, Ellen Greene and Tom Kenny provide the voices of the characters. The movie was created and scripted by Adam Pava and Tim McKeon, who also worked on The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Given the talent assembled for this project, it sounds like it could be entertaining, at least for the younger crowd it's obviously geared towards. No word yet on when it will air.

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Latifah's Life Support

by Adam Finley, posted May 25th 2006 5:59PM
latifahQueen Latifah has signed on to play an AIDS activist and former crack addict in an upcoming HBO made-for-TV movie called Life Support. The movie, based on the life and family of writer Nelson George's sister,  will focus on the AIDS and HIV crisis within the black community. Nelson George, who worked as a producer on The Chris Rock Show, penned the script and will also direct. Latifah, along with Jamie Foxx, will also serve as a producer on the film.

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