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October 6, 2015


America's Got Talent: Five selected for Top 20

by Jane Boursaw, posted Aug 6th 2009 2:23AM
Mariah Carey on America's Got Talent(S04E14) Last night, twelve acts battled it out for your votes. Who will make it through to the semi-finals? We found out the first five tonight.

But first, there was a big discussion about whether the last basket of Acrodunk actually went in last night. Piers said it didn't, and Sharon bet him $500 that it did. After the slo-mo replay, it was determined that it DID go in, and now Piers owes Sharon $500. Let's hope it goes to charity. Maybe a basketball camp for kids or something.

Nick introduced the acts, and I must say, there's quite a variety this season. I'm filling in for Isabelle on this review, and it's fun to see such a diverse group competing for the top prize.

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America's Got Talent: Performance show one

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 5th 2009 12:54AM
America's Got Talent(S04E13) "Tonight is opening night." - The Hoff

Here we go America, you now have control over America's Got Talent. And just based on the comments TV Squad readers left on my last three AGT posts, it's clear that viewers were not happy with the Top 40 selection and that they hoped the Simon Cowell curve ball would allow them to rectify the list and bring fan favorite Kari, Ciana and/or Tallan into the mix.

Did Simon throw the curve ball we wanted? Did the first Top 40 performers deliver? My two cents, and yours via comments, coming up!

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America's Got Talent: Audition show 7

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jul 15th 2009 12:15AM
America's Got Talent(S04E07) "You didn't even give me a chance!" - Contestant David Glass after being Xed three times and booed by the crowd

The judges may not have given David Glass a chance -- they were right not to do so -- but they did give a free pass to another contestant who didn't have the goods to go on to Las Vegas. Even if the producers will never admit to it, you must agree that it looks like producers have the judges vote through a certain number of bad and wacky acts so that viewers tune in for Vegas Week to see if the judges will be crazy enough to vote those to the Top 20.

Tonight's episode gave us another reason why America's Got Talent should not let individual singers audition since a lot go move on to the later rounds, making it look like another version of American Idol. This week, they not only let through a few singers, they also let through Idol's season one contestant Kelli Glover.

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America's Got Talent: Audition show 3

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jul 1st 2009 12:28AM
America's Got Talent(S04E03) "America's Got Magic." - Read on the magic box used by a contestant

America definitely got some magic tonight, as this was the first episode of the season where there were more good acts and not-so-bad ones than there were bad acts.

Before I give my two cents about the performances and let you comment on them, as well, I need to raise the issue of sponsoring. It looks like Orville Redenbacher is now sponsoring America's Got Talent. So far, it was done with some taste -- just a sort of "pop corn" ad telling us to watch the show -- but I'm afraid it may become as intrusive as the "Gone Completely Crakers" were last season. Let's hope we won't get a "Poppin' It" segment similar to the "Crakers" one, as they were boring and used good air time that could have been given to good performances.

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Who is that guy who was helping Michael Jackson with his concert tour?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 30th 2009 8:03PM
Alonzo, Michael JacksonYou've probably heard that at the time of his death, Michael Jackson was working on 50-date concert tour in London. From the various accounts of the production and rehearsal photos that were released this week, it looks like it was going to be a typical Michael Jackson production: expensive, outlandish, and explosive. A real spectacle that was going to include burning bed and a giant orb.

And the production was going to be worked on by a former cast member of Saved By The Bell.

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America's Got Talent: Audition show 1

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jun 24th 2009 12:34AM
America's Got Talent
(S04E01) "This place is absolutely barkin' mad." - Sharon about Seattle

This year's season premiere of America's Got Talent was about the same as last year's and the previous one: same montage of bad and good acts, instant reactions from the host backstage, the same type of comments from Piers, Sharon and the Hoff, and the last act being one where the contestants have a touching story and are great performers.

The main difference was the change in host -- Nick Cannon took over for Jerry Springer -- and the fact that a contestant, whose act was singing and playing guitar, decided to profess his love to The Hoff! That was probably the highlight of the entire two-hour premiere.

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Giveaway Monday: Criss Angel Mindfreak season one

by Keith McDuffee, posted Oct 29th 2007 9:54AM
criss angel dvd coverThe giveaways continue today! Not only are we giving away the Twin Peaks Gold Box edition, we've also got three copies of Criss Angel Mindfreak season one on DVD for three lucky, random commenters. The set is already available in stores and, until October 31, you can pick up a Criss Angel DVD for a steal at only $5!

To enter, simply leave a comment below before 5:00PM Eastern, Friday, November 2, simply telling us your favorite Criss Angel feat. As always, we'll randomly choose three winners amongst the eligible entries. Some other details:
  • To enter, leave a confirmed comment below stating your favorite Criss Angel feat.
  • The comment must be left before November 2, 2007 at 5:00PM Eastern Time.
  • You may enter only once.
  • Three winners will be selected in a random drawing.
  • Three winners will receive a copy of Criss Angel Mindfreak Season 1 DVDs (valued at $26.95).
Click here for complete Official Rules.

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Check out the quick change artists on America's Got Talent - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 11th 2006 4:21PM

Regis PhilbinI remember seeing the classic magic trick Metamorphosis performed by several magicans over the years. It's the one where there's a giant box, and the woman assistant is tied up, put in a bag, and then put the box, which is then padlocked. The magician stands up on the box, puts a curtain around him, and in only two seconds, the two switch positions. He's now in the box, tied up in the bag, and the assistant is on top of the box.

That came to mind after watching this. It's two quick change artists from America's Got Talent. They change clothing very quickly, while moving, in real time, in front of an audience. While you can come up with explanations for Metamorphosis (and that masked magician explained the trick on one of those TV specials a few years back), I can't figure out how the hell they did this. Any guesses?

One thing's for sure though. Madonna and Cher should hire these two for future tours. 

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David Blaine to hang from Brooklyn Bridge

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 19th 2006 2:06PM
David BlaineThat's going to be the magician's next stunt on ABC. He's going to hang 135 feet above the water from the Brooklyn Bridge for a long period of time.

It was reported a few weeks ago that Blaine's next stunt would involve living with various dangerous animals in the jungle, but it looks like while that project is still in the works, it's going to be a documentary and not one of his stunts.

The NY Post piece above says that last week he was hanging from the bridge with suspension wires. But I'm still not sure what the stunt will be. Will he be hanging from suspension wires? If so, I'm not sure what the "stunt" aspect is. Or maybe he was just practicing and he'll be hanging from his hands or something?

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Mindfreak returns May 31

by Adam Finley, posted May 15th 2006 4:05PM
criss angelMagician Criss Angel is returning to A&E with a second season of his series Criss Angel Mindfreak on May 31 at 10 p.m. Twenty episodes are slated for the new season, which will see the magician/illusionist performing in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Iraq. During this new season we can expect to see Angel levitate and float between buildings, lift a kid off the ground merely by placing his hand on his head, and make a person disappear in broad daylight while completely surrounded by spectators. I assume he'll try to look all sexy and rock and roll while doing this, too.

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How sick is David Blaine really?

by Adam Finley, posted May 8th 2006 4:43PM
david blaineI've been hard on David Blaine in the past for the same reason a lot of other people give him flak: he has a tendency to call himself a magician and then do bits of public performance art that really have nothing to do with magic. When he starved himself over the River Thames, I became indifference personified, but I have to admit his recent stunt has me more intrigued than I'm willing to admit. Has he really been in that watery globe for a week? If we're to believe reports, he has, and it's been taking a toll on his system. Several news outlets have been reporting that health experts who have been watching Blaine are concerned for his health. One expert says the finale of this stunt, which will air tonight on ABC, may not be possible, as Blaine could very well blackout once he's pulled from the globe.  In case you haven't heard, Blaine plans on emerging from the globe, having himself wrapped in chains, and then submerged again to try and beat the record of holding one's breath underwater, which currently stands at eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds. My guess is that the "concerns from medical experts" is all just part of the publicity machine. That, of course, is only my non-expert opinion, but to paraphrase magician Penn Jillette, magic is essentially just another word for lying.

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David Blaine gets wet

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 16th 2006 12:03PM
david blaineDavid Blaine, the street magician turned superstar who proved that even the most amazing stunts can bore people to tears, will be attempting to yet again raise the interest of an increasingly uninterested public, this time by immersing himself in a "human aquarium" for seven days and nights. The stunt will conclude with Blaine trying to hold his breath underwater for longer than eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds, which is apparently the current record. Well, sure, it's the current human record, but what about sperm whales? Or heck, even crocodiles? In fact, maybe they should toss a crocodile into the tank and see which one can hold their breath the longest. Anyway, the finale of Blaine's newest attempt will air on ABC on May 8. At least this sounds somewhat more exciting than when he didn't eat anything for several days and called it "magic." That's not magic, that's called being a fashion model.

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