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October 9, 2015


'America's Next Top Model' - 'Be My Friend, Tyra!' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Mar 10th 2010 11:32PM
America's Next Top Model(S14E01) In an 'America's Next Top Model' first, the premiere spends 90 minutes on the casting episode. Luckily for the viewers, the camp factor is severe this season. Not only in the first two minutes of the show did one contestant compare her fellow contestants as "bitches," we got a lot of really weird back stories and quips. Where does Tyra find these women? They were part of religious cults, impregnated on their first time, and Krista is afraid of white men's "pink penises" because they look like "raw meat."

Tyra decides to knock off Myspace with what she called "MyFiercePage" to cut the semi-finalists to the final thirteen contestants. This would have been really edgy in 2007, but now anything Myspace related feels lazy and outdated. If Tyra created "FierceBook," I would have found it more believable.

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From Crass to Class: Mother of Two Gets a Makeover on 'Oprah' (VIDEO)

by Harley W. Lond, posted Feb 16th 2010 9:38PM
Talk about a "before and after."

A mother of two -- who dressed more like a porn star than a mom -- got a makeover on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' (weekdays, syndicated), transforming her into a classier version of herself.

"I don't think my kids are very happy with what they see," Dawn said in the introduction to the segment, which showed her in a very revealing outfit. Next thing we know, Dawn is walking out on the show in a very dignified blue dress, not necessarily prim but very proper.

"Oh my gosh, [the makeover] was so hard" she told Winfrey. "I was so used to people looking at me and asking me if I was a celebrity." "You're used to leading with your boobs," Winfrey said. "Is this now who you really are inside?" "Yes," dawn said, "I feel beautiful, I feel pretty, I feel classy."

And the audience -- and her kids -- went wild.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Review: Glee - Hairography

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 26th 2009 1:34AM
Distractions abounded in this latest episode of Glee. Most of the characters were causing distraction or being distracted from the situation at hand, and we were back to most of the soapy aspects of the show. Teri and Quinn were both thinking about the baby, and Will and Finn remained as in the dark as ever. More on that and other complications after the jump.

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Look-A-Like for Halloween

by Chris Jancelewicz, posted Oct 29th 2009 11:45PM
Who better to dress up as for Halloween than your favourite celebrity? We spoke to Paul Venoit, make-up artist on Canadian series 'Look-A-Like', for tips and tricks to make your costume the talk of the town. The TV series takes ordinary, everyday people and transforms them into whatever celebrity the person claims to look like.

Check out this gallery of last season's 'Look-A-Like' participants.

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If Ugly Betty gets a makeover ... will she still be Betty?

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 31st 2009 7:00PM
If they give the title character a radical change, as sources are reportedly seriously considering at ABC's Ugly Betty, does that include a title change to reflect the alteration? In other words, will Ugly Betty be the same show if Betty becomes a beauty?

Mike Ausiello is reporting that ABC has focus grouped a couple of scenes from the upcoming season in which Betty is remodeled to look more fashionable in the fashion world. As Mode's new associate features editor, she opts for some fancy new outfits and a less eclectic, eccentric look. She's also had her hair, brows and makeup redone ... no doubt after a trip to Hilda's beauty salon.

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Here's that What Not To Wear/Blossom crossover you never asked for

by Annie Wu, posted May 21st 2009 2:26PM
What Not To WearOkay, so it's not a legit crossover, but it's more fun if you think of it that way. Blossom star Mayim Bialik is getting a makeover on the season premiere of TLC's What Not To Wear (new episodes return May 29th). Post-sitcom-fame motherhood has left her a little frumpy and hiding behind shapeless hair, and her friends and family want her to do something about it. I'm sure whatever catty nonsense the hosts subject her to won't be as embarrassing as that time I was watching an episode and suddenly realized I was wearing the same thing as Clinton Kelly.

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Tim Gunn dishes at the Baltimore Book Festival

by Annie Wu, posted Oct 1st 2007 3:05PM
Tim GunnTim Gunn of Project Runway fame attended the Baltimore Book Festival on Sunday to promote his new book and Bravo show, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. I was lucky enough to get pretty good seat before the rest of the crazed crowd consumed the tiny tent. Again, this was a book festival, but it would have been silly to think that the discussion wouldn't stray into television territory. Gunn briefly spoke about his new show and the history of its creation (Bravo wanted to do a show with him but had no ideas, Gunn came out with the book, Bravo found out and turned the book into a show about bettering women, not "make-overs"). Then, naturally, the topic of Project Runway came up and took over the rest of the Q&A. Gunn shared some sweet information on past seasons and the upcoming fourth cycle, premiering November 14th.

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A new smile for Elliott Yamin

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 10th 2006 7:06PM
elliott yaminI'm no fan of veneers, but in the case of Elliott Yamin, I'm glad to see it. Elliott placed third in last season's edition of American Idol. He was dubbed 'snaggletooth' for his extremely crooked teeth-- something that I have to admit I found distracting.

Elliott told People magazine that he spent 20 hours in the dentist's chair to get his new chops because he has been embarrassed about his smile since he was a kid. He said he figured out how to smile, and even how to sing, by showing the minimum amount of teeth. Elliott's new teeth are worth $50,000 but he got them for free from an LA dentist... just in time for the release of his first album, which is due early next year.

What do you think of Elliott's new look?

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