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October 6, 2015

margaret cho

Margaret Cho Says She's Like Susan Boyle With Dirty Songs on Ferguson (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 30th 2011 4:30AM
Margaret Cho, 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'In talking about her latest project, Margaret Cho admitted that it's a mix of stand-up comedy and original songs on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:30AM ET on CBS). Craig Ferguson was surprised to hear that she did songs, as she's not well known for that.

"I have a really good singing voice," Cho said. "I mean, people don't expect it to come out of my face. I'm a lot like Susan Boyle that way."

She went on to explain, though, that her songs were far too dirty to broadcast on television, which only made Ferguson want to hear them even more. Maybe Ferguson needs to do an 'Craig Ferguson After Dark' series on Showtime that can show uncensored footage from the show, and could feature original music by Margaret Cho.

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Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho Spar Over Almond Milk on 'Drop Dead Diva' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 15th 2011 2:11AM
Kathy Griffin, 'Drop Dead Diva'Fans of 'Drop Dead Diva' (Sun., 10PM ET on Lifetime) know that Kim can be catty with Jane, and pretty much everyone else on the show. What we learned this week, is that this behavior is a family trait, as Kathy Griffin guest-starred as her sister.

When Teri (Margaret Cho) catches Griffin drinking the last of her almond milk out of the refrigerator, even though it was clearly labeled with her name, Griffin offered no apologies. When asked if she was planning to replace it, she said, "I would tell you to have your assistant buy you another carton, but I can tell by your shoes that you are the assistant."

The two comedians threw a few barbs back and forth, with Cho getting in jabs about Griffin's plastic surgery and wardrobe choices. Griffin is certainly having a bit of a renaissance on television right now, appearing in shows across the dial.

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Jeffrey Ross Makes Fun of His Brief, Painful 'Dancing With the Stars' Experience (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Aug 12th 2011 8:30AM
Comedian Jeffrey Ross is best known for his joke-telling and roasting skills, not his dance moves. But he did have a short-lived run on Season 7 of 'Dancing With the Stars,' that brought him to the emergency room with a scratched cornea, dressed in sequined jumpsuit.

On 'Green Room With Paul Provenza' (Thu., 11PM on SHO.), Ross and fellow 'DWTS'-alum Margaret Cho rehashed their less than stellar experiences on the show. "My partner, Edyta, the last rehearsal, she gets fake fingernails put in, and I was doing my last move, and her nail went into my cornea," Ross said. He ended up dancing on the show with, "an eyepatch on ... against doctor's orders, and I got beat by Cloris Leachman."

Ross and his partner were the first couple voted off the show that season. "I got voted off during 'Jeopardy!', before the show even aired," he joked.

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Margaret Cho Details Accidentally Sexting Her Mom (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 13th 2011 6:15PM
Margaret Cho discusses sexting on 'The View'Margaret Cho said Wednesday on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) that she loves sexting. So much so that she's hesitant to judge Anthony Weiner for his recent scandal. She's even featured on a song called 'Sexting' by drag performer Sherry Vine (it's an unreleased song fans can get with a charity promotion for her music album 'Cho Dependant' that ends Friday).

But it is a dangerous practice, at least for the easily embarrassed ... and those prone to typing in the wrong phone number. "If you're going to be sexting, check the number," warned Cho. "I was sexting with this guy I was doing it with, and I was like..." Well, 'The View' bleeped the next part. If you can read lips, you might catch it.

The mortifying part was the phone call Cho then received from her mother, to whom she had inadvertently sent the message. Her mom misunderstood the intention of Cho's sexting, because she wanted to make sure she had a meal ready.

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The Stars of 'Drop Dead Diva' Dish Love, Romance & Dream Guest Stars (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jun 15th 2011 6:00AM
At the end of 'Drop Dead Diva' Season 2, an engaged Grayson was left badly beat up after an accident, and a distraught Jane was by his side, wondering if he really saw her as Deb or was just hallucinating before slipping into a coma.

Drama, right? The clever, quirky show doesn't keep things serious for too long though, returning with a big hospital song-and-dance number to 'Don't Leave Me This Way' in the premiere.

'Drop Dead Diva' Season 3 Premiere

That balance of heart-wrenching and laugh-inducing is exactly why fans can't wait for more. With Season 3 premiering (Sun., June 19, 9PM ET on Lifetime), AOL TV visited the show's set in Peachtree City, Georgia, to get the scoop on what's next.

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Margaret Cho Was Hurt By Tracy Morgan's Anti-Gay Rant, But Willing to Forgive (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 13th 2011 6:00PM
Margaret Cho talks about Tracy Morgan on 'Access Hollywood Live'Last week, comedian and '30 Rock' star Tracy Morgan got into trouble for a stand-up routine that contained a homophobic rant. Monday on 'Access Hollywood Live' (weekdays, syndicated on NBC), Margaret Cho said the comments hurt her, and also talked about the new season of 'Drop Dead Diva.'

"Well, I was really hurt by it," said Cho, who has appeared with Morgan on '30 Rock.' "Any time anybody says anything homophobic in any context, it just murders me." Morgan has apologized, and Cho said she would be willing to work with Morgan on understanding homophobia. "I've had such an experience with homophobic violence, and I can understand that, so I can explain it to him, also."

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'30 Rock' Season 5, Episode 22 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 29th 2011 12:00PM
'30 Rock' - 'Everything Sunny All the Time Always'['30 Rock' - 'Everything Sunny All the Time Always']

Now that's what I'm talking about, '30 Rock.' Tracy being petty and self-absorbed, Liz obsessing over something that's ultimately irrelevant and Jack involved in worldly politics. It was all crazy and in the best possible way. In other words, it was '30 Rock' back to its normal self after the Tracy Jordan hiatus.

As usual, Liz took something fairly innocuous and turned it into a metaphor for everything that's not perfect in her life. For nearly a month she obsessed over a plastic bag stuck in a tree outside her plastic window. An obsession that got so twisted in her head, the bag started talking to her and it wasn't nearly as nice as its smiley face would seem to promise.

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Condoleezza Rice Makes a Cameo on '30 Rock' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 29th 2011 7:35AM

Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin, has lived an interesting life. On Thursday night's '30 Rock' (Thu., 10PM on NBC) we learned a little bit about one of his old flames, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Apparently, she still carries a bit of a torch, and also a grudge. So when Donaghy needed her help to get his wife out of North Korea, things were, shall we say, tense.

When Avery (played by Elizabeth Banks) is captured by Kim Jong Il (played in an almost unrecognizable cameo by Margaret Cho), Donaghy needs Rice's help. But Rice starts in on him as soon as she sees him. "You know, I've been to the DMZ, they have signs. Can your wife not read?" Was it that Avery is younger? Or funnier?

Rice does get some measure of relief, challenging Donaghy to a musical duel to see who's better - Rice on piano and Donaghy on flute. Rice won that one.

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Margaret Cho Revives Rumor That Bristol Did 'DWTS' for Sarah Palin's Presidential Run (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Feb 9th 2011 6:40AM
Margaret Cho Talks Palin Rumors on 'Lopez'During Margaret Cho's visit to 'Lopez Tonight' (weeknights, 12AM ET on TBS), she revived the various Bristol Palin rumors that surfaced when the two of them competed on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

She first suggested that Palin made it far in the competition due to Tea Party support. George Lopez asked why she thought Palin did the show in the first place.

Cho prefaced her answer by saying, "All I had to do backstage was gossip 'cause I got voted off real early." Then she replied, "Supposedly Sarah Palin blames Bristol for losing the 2008 election, for getting pregnant. So she forced Bristol to do 'Dancing With the Stars' saying, 'You have to reintroduce me to the American public so that I can run for President as this beloved mother of this fantastic celebrity.'"

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'Chelsea Lately' Panel Talks Bristol Palin's Gay Comment to Margaret Cho (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 8th 2010 5:20AM
Chelsea Handler Talks Margaret Cho vs. Bristol PalinThe battle between Margaret Cho and Bristol Palin continues -- online. Whether intended or not, Margaret launched a media firestorm on Nov. 29 when she blogged that fellow ex-'Dancing With the Stars' competitor Bristol appeared on the dance-competition show only for her mother's political gain.

Margaret later clarified that she was merely commenting on rumors and, though she doesn't agree with the family's politics, she likes Bristol and thinks "she's a cool person." Bristol then fired back with a lengthy blog post on Facebook.

The panelists on 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!) seemed genuinely impressed shocked by the essay's eloquence but took issue with the odd gay joke (jab? insult?) Bristol tacked on the end.

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Margaret Cho Addresses Her Controversial Bristol Palin 'DWTS' Blog Post (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Dec 7th 2010 1:30PM
Margaret Cho discusses Bristol Palin on 'Access Hollywood'Margaret Cho went on 'Access Hollywood Live' (Weekdays, syndicated) today to address her controversial blog post which alleged that Bristol Palin only went on 'Dancing With the Stars' to please her mother Sarah and make up for her part in the Republican loss in the 2008 election.

Cho's theory about the Palin's intentions was that, by appearing on 'Dancing,' Bristol could replace the public's memory of her teen pregnancy and instead begin to think of her as a wholesome, dancing celebrity. Therefore, the Palin family would be more electable in 2012.

Cho admitted the post was based on gossip, but as a stand-up comedian, she said she was just saying what she thought. She likes Bristol, but not her family's politics. And if Sarah Palin is going to run, Cho added, "I wish she would just admit it, because I want to stop it."

Cho added that she's friends with Bristol, and that she's angered by those who would criticize the young woman for her weight, saying "she looks beautiful out on the dance floor."

"I hated that when it happened to me," said Cho, "so I wanted to say, she's not fat, she's a beautiful girl."

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Margaret Cho Says Sarah Palin 'Forced' Bristol on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Royal Wedding Could be 3D and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Dec 1st 2010 2:30PM
Margaret ChoApparently, Bristol Palin might not have been all that interested in competing on 'Dancing With the Stars' this season -- but her mother made her do it.

E! Online is reporting that comedian Margaret Cho, one of Bristol's 'DWTS' competitors, thinks Sarah Palin "forced" Bristol to take part in the reality show to make amends for her pregnancy during the 2008 election.

"Sarah supposedly blames Bristol harshly and openly (in the circles that I heard it from) for not winning the election, and so she told Bristol she 'owed' it to her to do 'DWTS' so that 'America would fall in love with her again' and make it possible for Sarah Palin to run in 2012 with America behind her all the way," Cho wrote on her blog.

In other TV news ...

'Entertainment Tonight' and 'Star Search' creator Al Masini, 80, died overnight in his adopted hometown of Honolulu. The legendary TV producer suffered a long battle with cancer. [CBS Los Angeles]

The April 29 Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton could be broadcast in 3D. Rupert Murdoch is investigating the possibility of adding another dimension to the TV event, which could have the largest audience in history. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oprah will announce her newest book club selection on Monday. Jonathan Franzen, author of the current pick, 'Freedom,' will also appear on the show. [TV Guide]

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On the 'DWTS' Scene: Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough Celebrate Their Victory

by Michael Maloney, posted Nov 24th 2010 10:00AM

Nobody -- not even the legion of fans who were keeping Bristol Palin in the competition -- puts Baby in the corner!

Jennifer Grey, who became America's sweetheart back in 1987 as teenager Baby in the film 'Dirty Dancing,' was crowned the season 11 champion of 'Dancing With the Stars' last night.

After the finale, TV Squad spoke to the winner and runners-up Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin; their respective pro partners, Derek Hough, Lacey Schwimmer and Mark Ballas; as well as returning contestants about the rollercoaster that was season 11.

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Louis van Amstel: Margaret Cho's Gay Pride Message Doomed Us

by PopEater Staff, posted Oct 14th 2010 7:50PM
Margaret Cho and Louis Van AmstelWhen Louis van Amstel and his celebrity partner Margaret Cho were eliminated from 'Dancing With the Stars,' he said he "had a breakdown the next day."

"I felt horrible," the Amsterdam-born ballroom champ and choreographer tells PopEater.

He also said he knew that when their samba was linked to gay pride, they were doomed.

Viewers will recall that judge Bruno Tonioli complimented Cho on her gay pride rainbow dress, and judge Carrie Ann Inaba chimed in that the show had gone gay, with Cho declaring it the gayest thing that's ever happened on 'Dancing.'

"That was not the story we planned to tell," van Amstel said. "That was not my message. Maybe it was Margaret's message, but not mine. The minute it was about gay pride, I knew we were gone."

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On the 'DWTS' Scene: Margaret Cho 'Proud' to Speak Out Against Bullying

by Michael Maloney, posted Oct 6th 2010 2:00PM
Margaret Cho, Dancing With the StarsSadly, Margaret Cho is not the one that they want.

Low-scoring duo Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel were voted off 'Dancing With the Stars' last night. However, the comedienne felt she achieved a victory in her short time on the show by voicing her support of at-risk gay youths on national television.

"I'm so proud of our dance and that we got to tell our message," Cho told TV Squad immediately after Tuesday night's results "I'm excited we got to wear the rainbow colors and dance about pride. I was honored to be on the show. I had a great time. I'm going to miss hanging out here, watching everyone and the camaraderie."

Cho, who incorporates self-esteem into her stand-up, explained that being told she was a heavy ballerina as a child stuck with her -- and it shouldn't have. "We should never give anyone that power," she said. "That's why I want to reach out to all kids who've been bullied and have been made to feel badly about themselves."

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