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October 7, 2015

mark consuelos

Jerry Seinfeld Gives Kelly Ripa Pointers on Joke Telling (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Mar 11th 2010 1:00PM
On 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), Kelly Ripa admitted that she and husband Mark Consuelos have used jokes written by Jerry Seinfeld in the past. Seinfeld, who was filling in for Regis Philbin, didn't seem at all bothered by the use of his material, and instead gave Ripa pointers on her delivery.

Seinfeld explained that Ripa has been incorrectly telling one of the jokes that she appropriated from him. "That's why it fell flat," she said.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on Caulk Butt Enhancements (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Mar 8th 2010 1:00PM
Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos, who was filling in for Regis Philbin, discuss a news story in which New Jersey women received butt enhancement injections containing silicon used to caulk bathtubs on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated).

When Consuelos announces that caulk was used by unlicensed practitioners in the medical procedures, Ripa seems to mishear and think he said something entirely different (and naughty). "Oh my gosh," she said. "Are we still on the air?"

Watch the video after the jump.

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Kelly Ripa on Husband Mark Consuelos: 'That Man is a Liar' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 12th 2010 2:00PM
Uh oh! Thanks to Rachael Ray, it seems trouble might be brewing between Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos. Ray revealed on 'The Rachael Ray Show' (weekdays, syndicated) that Consuelos, a frequent guest of hers, said his secret to a happy marriage is to simply agree with everything Ripa says.

"That man is a liar," Ripa said. "I'm surprised you didn't get struck by lightning."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Denzel Washington Called "Delicious" on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 15th 2010 4:00PM
Denzel Washington appeared on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' today, and received a bit of adoration from the crowd when an audience member loudly described him as "delicious" during his interview with Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos, who was filling in for Regis Philbin.

At first, it was thought the throaty voice belonged to a man, which caused Washington to get visibly flustered. But, the compliment actually came from an elderly woman, who said she was even willing to share Washington with his wife of 26 years.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos Returning to 'All My Children'

by Scott Harris, posted Dec 30th 2009 11:00AM
'Live With Regis and Kelly' co-host Kelly Ripa is getting ready to return to her roots, and we're not talking about her hair.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ripa will be heading back to her old stomping ground on the ABC soap opera 'All My Children' for a two-part arc beginning January 4. Ripa, who starred on the long running daytime drama for over a decade beginning in 1990, will reprise her role as Hayley Vaughan Santos, who, in a stretch for Ripa, is a television personality.

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All My Children's 40th anniversary, a salute to Pine Valley

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 29th 2009 11:27AM
kelly_ripa_mark_consuelos_amc_abcWhile we've all been struggling through this holiday lull in regular TV programming, soap fans can take solace in the fact that the action is still happening in daytime. No show has more action going for it right now than All My Children as the 40th anniversary approaches.

On January 4, 2010, All My Children will turn 40 years old. In honor of the event, the celebration will be stretched over two days, Monday and Tuesday -- January 4th and 5th -- with former AMC stars Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos anchoring the festivities.

On Monday, Hayley and Mateo -- Kelly and Mark's characters -- return to Pine Valley with much fanfare. They're there to film an episode of Hayley's TV show, The Wave, because Pine Valley has been named "The Most Congenial Town in America."

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Kelly Ripa Tears Up Over Wedding Memories on 'Regis and Kelly' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Nov 23rd 2009 4:04PM
Kelly Ripa got teary-eyed over the memory of her wedding to Mark Consuelos during 'Live with Regis and Kelly.' Regis Philbin and Ripa are currently taping episodes of their show in Las Vegas, where Ripa married Consuelos after eloping in 1996. The episodes will air all this week with the exception of Thanksgiving.

"To me ... Las Vegas represents the beginning of my adult life. It's special," said Ripa, choking up while on the casino-themed set of her show at the Wynn Las Vegas. "I also do believe that I've reached a certain age where I'm extraordinarily hormonal."

Watch the video after the jump.

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All My Children's 40th Anniversary plans include Kelly and Mark

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 16th 2009 4:27PM
Kelly_Ripa_Mark_ConsuelosWith all the tumult at All My Children lately, here's some good news. For the 40th anniversary in January 2010, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos will return to All My Children for a visit. On January 4th and 5th, Kelly and Mark will guest on the show, presumably as their AMC characters, Hayley and Mateo.

This will be their first return since leaving in 2002. Both have achieved success away from the show, in primetime on dramas and sitcoms, and especially for Kelly on Live with Regis and Kelly in morning talk. However, they both started on AMC and, in fact, that was where they met, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after.

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Kelly Ripa Announcement: She's Returning to 'All My Children'!

by Michael Maloney, posted Oct 16th 2009 2:28PM
Kelly Ripa Look like she's not all talk. Kelly Ripa, who has always spoken fondly of her time on 'All My Children,' announced today on 'Live With Regis & Kelly' today that she and real-life husband Mark Consuelos are returning to Pine Valley for two episodes early next year.

The couple will reprise their popular roles of Hayley and Mateo Santos on Jan. 4 and 5, 2010 to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Agnes Nixon-created sudser.

Watch Ripa make the announcement on 'Regis & Kelly' after the jump ...

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Are 'Masters of Reception'

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 17th 2009 6:00AM
Kelly Ripa and Mark ConsuelosThey've been married (several times) on-screen as co-stars on 'All My Children,' which led to the real-life coupling of 'Live With Regis & Kelly' co-host Kelly Ripa and her actor hubby Mark Consuelos. Now, the duo is working together on another project: TLC's new wedding planner reality series 'Masters of Reception' (Aug. 18, 10PM ET), which Ripa and Consuelos are producing via their MiLoJo Productions company (named after their three children, Michael, Lola and Joaquin).

Ripa and Consuelos talk to AOL TV about their new wedding series, their own DIY nuptials and how Regis is likely to be on TV a lot longer than they are. – By Kimberly Potts

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Ugly Betty meets Regis & Kelly

by Kona Gallagher, posted Aug 5th 2008 9:25AM
regis and kellyOne of the best things about moving your show to New York? New York guest stars. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa have signed up to play themselves on the September 25th season premiere of Ugly Betty. Conveniently, Ugly Betty's star, America Ferrera, announced the casting news while she was a guest on ... Live With Regis & Kelly.

In addition to the morning duo, other guest stars lined up for the new East Coast version of Betty include Ripa's husband, former All My Children star Mark Consuelos and Long Island native Lindsay Lohan. Lohan is reprising her role as Betty's high school rival for five episodes.

I'm a sucker for shows that are filmed in New York, so I'm super-psyched about this season of Ugly Betty. Now that they've already snagged Regis & Kelly, what other New Yorkers should Ugly Betty try to get as a guest star? Personally, my fingers are crossed for Anderson Cooper. But then again, my fingers are always crossed for Anderson Cooper.

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Mark Consuelos to appear on Ugly Betty

by Erin Martell, posted Aug 2nd 2008 11:02AM
Mark ConsuelosYou can always count on Ugly Betty to feature tons of guest stars each season. There are the celebrity cameos, the hot love interests, and the over-the-top divas. Yet another guest star was recently lined up for the show's third season, and while his love interest status is unconfirmed, he definitely belongs in the "hot" category.

Former All My Children star Mark Consuelos is taking on another soapy role in a guest spot on the telenovela-inspired Ugly Betty. Although the powers-that-be haven't revealed any major details about his role, TV Guide did discover a few bits of info.

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JLo to star in reality series for TLC

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 24th 2008 8:40AM
Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez continues her quest to rule the world with a new reality series on TLC.

The actress, singer, clothing and fragrance entrepreneur, and new mom of twins is partnering with actor-producers Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on a new unscripted series about Lopez's life with husband Mark Anthony, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lopez will also executive produce the show.

"I think it'll be something very exciting," she said earlier today at the Discovery Network's upfront presentation in Manhattan.

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NBC has plans for a long, uncomfortable summer

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 13th 2007 4:05PM

Biggest LoserNBC may have canceled Andy Barker, P.I., The Black Donnellys, and (probably) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but they seem to have a hard on for reality shows, and more are coming this summer.

Returning reality shows include America's Got Talent, which has a new host ... Jerry Springer. Expect the throwing of chairs and DNA tests to be "talents" this season, which starts May 29. The Biggest Loser, which returns for a fourth season late in the summer with new host Allison Sweeney (Days Of Our Lives). It still amazes me that a show about fat people losing weight can be a hit and last for four seasons. Before The Biggest Loser returns, we'll get another season of Last Comic Standing, which will also have a new host, Bill Bellamy. It returns on June 13. And then we have the new show Age of Love, a "new twist on the reality dating show format" (yeah, right). It will be hosted by Mark Consuelos.

This just shows us how accurate Studio 60 was, with that whole plot involving the new VP of alternative programming at NBS pitching a show titled All You Need Is Love. NBC says that Age of Love will be "bringing romance back to television." Oh, I can hardly wait.

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Kelly Ripa & husband creating comedy for The CW

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 5th 2006 12:39PM
kelly ripa; mark consuelosThe CW has given script commitment to a comedy being developed by Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos. The comedy is loosely based on their experiences working on soap operas. Before hosting Live with Regis and Kelly, Ripa used to star with her husband on All My Children.

The CW already has a similarly-themed comedy, All of Us, created by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, about their real life experiences as husband-and-wife actors.

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