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October 14, 2015

marlee matlin

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Season Finale: And the Winner Is ... (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 23rd 2011 2:48AM
Donald Trump, 'Celebrity Apprentice'After a long and memorable season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' (Sun., 9PM ET on NBC) it came down to just two. Either Marlee Matlin or John Rich would be fired by Donald Trump, with the other becoming the fourth celebrity winner in the most popular format of the reality staple.

Except, The Donald decided to do something a little differently this time around. Rather than fire one of them, he simply declared a winner. Was this a statement as to how much he respected the person who came in second, or just him trying something new?

Of Matlin, Trump said: "You've raised more money than anybody in a single night, over a million dollars. The job you've done is just absolutely incredible." Of Rich, he said, "From the beginning you've been a leader. You've been strong. You've been smart. You've been sharp. I just can't ask for anything more."

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Marlee Matlin Explains Her 'Celebrity Apprentice' Strategy (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted May 18th 2011 10:30AM
Marlee Matlin Explains Her 'Celebrity Apprentice' StrategyOn 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (weekdays, syndicated), 'Celebrity Apprentice' finalist Marlee Matlin explained her approach to the reality show while being part of a highly volatile team that included Star Jones and NeNe Leakes.

According to Matlin, she reminded herself that the game was for charity and tried to keep personal feelings out of it. "I said to myself, 'Keep your cool, play the game and it's all for charity at the end of the day. And there's nothing personal. It's all business,'" she said.

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Double Firing Reveals the Top Two Contestants on 'Celebrity Apprentice' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 16th 2011 4:14AM
Final Four, 'Celebrity Apprentice'In the penultimate episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice' (Sun., 9PM ET on NBC), four would become the final two. To help him make this tough decision, Donald Trump brought back three recent winners.

Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan and Bret Michaels assisted by interviewing the final four and served as advisors to Trump in his biggest decision yet. In fact, he did the firings before the challenge, based almost entirely on their tips.

A key moment for one of this week's eliminated contestants in the interviews came when asked about who would make it into the finale.

"My three winners hated your answer when they asked you who should be in the finals and you didn't say yourself," Trump told this person before firing them. Who didn't believe in themself?

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Wendy Williams Slams NeNe Leakes for Quitting 'Celebrity Apprentice' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted May 9th 2011 2:30PM
Wendy Williams Slams NeNe Leakes for Quitting 'Celebrity Apprentice'On 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, syndicated), Wendy Williams slammed NeNe Leakes for her decision to quit 'The Celebrity Apprentice.' Williams said she was "disappointed" in Leakes' decision to abruptly leave the show and felt she should have toughed it out until the end.

"All of us are disappointed in you," said Williams. "Like, why did you quit? And I don't want to hear there's stuff going on in your personal life. We all have crap going on in our personal lives. You needed to have ridden that show out."

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TV Land Renews 'Hot In Cleveland' for Season 3, Josh Holloway to Guest on 'Community' and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 28th 2011 6:30PM
Hot in ClevelandTV Land is hot for 'Cleveland' -- the network announced today that it has picked up a third season of its hit sitcom 'Hot in Cleveland.'

The network will produce 22 more episodes of the series. TV Land President Larry W. Jones said in a statement, "The chemistry that this cast has with each other is undeniable so we are excited to bring 'Hot in Cleveland' back for another season."

Betty White won a Screen Actors Guild award last month for her performance on the show

In other TV news ...

Former 'Lost' castaway Josh Holloway is making his way from the island back to primetime. The actor will star in the paintball-themed season finale of 'Community.' [Entertainment Weekly]

Zach Galifianakis will take his second spin as 'Saturday Night Live' host on March 12. British pop singer Jessie J will be the musical guest. [TV Guide]

ABC has renewed 'Bachelor Pad' for a second season. The 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' spinoff will return in August with Chris Harrison as host. [EW]

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Trump Confirms Full 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast, Includes LaToya Jackson, Lil Jon, Meat Loaf (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jan 14th 2011 7:40AM
LaToya Joins 'Celebrity Apprentice'Though the roster for the next 'Celebrity Apprentice' was leaked in October, Donald Trump made the official announcement on 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).

He brought along 8x10s of each cast member, and Jimmy Fallon unveiled them one by one: LaToya Jackson, Gary Busey, Star Jones, Atlanta's 'Real' Housewife Nene Leakes, baseball's José Canseco, Lisa Rinna, former teen idol David Cassidy, supermodel Niki Taylor, 'Survivor' Season 1 nudist/winner Richard Hatch, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, Meat Loaf, Mark McGrath, Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk, Lil Jon, Dionne Warwick and country music's John Rich.

What are your thoughts on these 16 celebs battling it out for charity? Who's the biggest surprise, and who do you think will win?

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Hearing for the First Time on 'Extreme Makeover' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 1st 2010 4:10AM
Hearing for the First Time on 'Extreme Makeover' 'Extreme Makeover' (Sun., 8PM ET on ABC) provides deserving people with better surroundings. But what if you can't hear what surrounds you in the first place? On the new episode, the team provides a home -- but they also help a bunch of students feel more at home with themselves.

Ty Pennington and his team must rebuild the Oregon School for the Deaf. This school helps the deaf community in that region, but they're suffering from a lack of funding. So the 'Makeover' squad shows up -- and they don't just want to change the housing.

The school's dormitories date from the 1950s, and now are structurally unsafe. Plus, they look like a "prison," according to one young man. The housing is rebuilt, but more than that, a greater effort is made. The team provides students with hearing aids, allowing them to hear the outside world ... for the first time ever.

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'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast: 'Survivor' Star Richard Hatch, Lil Jon, Marlee Matlin Join Competition

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 14th 2010 12:00PM
Lil JonRichard Hatch, the first 'Survivor' winner, former baseball star Jose Canseco and rapper Lil Jon will all be meeting Donald Trump in the boardroom.

According to TMZ, the three men, along with supermodel Niki Taylor, have been tapped to join the cast of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Previously reported contestants include La Toya Jackson, Star Jones and Mark McGrath.

Gossip Cop
claims TV Land star Lisa Rinna, 'Partridge Family' star David Cassidy, singer Dionne Warwick, rock star Meatloaf, Osca winner Marlee Matlin and Playboy veteran Hope Dworaczyk will also be part of this season's 'Celebrity Apprentice' cast.

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Marlee Matlin Launches 'My Deaf Family' on YouTube

by Bryan Enk, posted Mar 31st 2010 11:00AM
Good ol' YouTube -- it is indeed the world's "default broadcaster."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Marlee Matlin is taking her new reality TV series, 'My Deaf Family,' to YouTube. Matlin's decision to take her series to the Internet comes after being unable to find a home for it on any television network.

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Super-Sized Sundays with Seth: And a variety show makes ... five?

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 9th 2009 8:29PM
Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy ShowFOX pushed the boundaries of their Seth MacFarlane-filled Sundays about as far as they could. It wasn't enough to have three animated series already in the lineup, but they had to give him his own "variety show" as well. They bumped The Simpsons to make room for a two-hour block of Seth madness!

But that's not all! If you watch new episodes of American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show AND the all-new Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show, we'll throw in a bonus episode of Family Guy absolutely free! The real question is... was America really ready for that much Seth?

I thought I was.

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Did Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show go too far?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 9th 2009 5:00PM
Last night FOX aired Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show, and they're getting a little heat about it today. They re-enacted a scene from a Family Guy episode that made fun of deaf actress Marlee Matlin. Then they took it a step further and had Alex Borstein imitate Matlin singing a pop song. No worries though, since Matlin was there to defend herself.

Me? I thought it was funny.

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'Seth & Alex's Almost Live' Spoofs the Deaf: Was It Offensive?

by Chris Jordan, posted Nov 9th 2009 1:18PM
Seth MacFarlane and Marlee MatlinApparently, it's open season on people with disabilities in TV comedy land.

In February, 'Saturday Night Live''s Fred Armisen did an unflattering spoof of New York governor David Paterson, who is legally blind. The skit was roundly criticized for being insensitive.

Last night, Fox one-upped 'SNL' with the controversial variety special 'Family Guy Presents Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show.' During the show, Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein performed various routines mocking the speaking voice of deaf actress Marlee Matlin, who won an Oscar for 'Children of a Lesser God' in 1986. One skit featured Borstein as Matlin calling Russ Leatherman (MacFarlane) at Moviefone; another had Borstein impersonating Matlin singing Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face.'

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TV Casting: Megan Mullally Books 'Parks and Recreation'

by Andrew Scott, posted Oct 2nd 2009 1:00PM
Megan Mullally Parks and RecreationMegan Mullally to play an ex-wife on 'Parks and Recreation,' Marlee Matlin and Mario Cantone join a new Showtime comedy series and more of today's top TV casting headlines.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 results

by Brett Love, posted Apr 22nd 2008 11:12PM

Michael Patrick Gallagher and Alana Mallon - Riverdance
(S06E12) Coming off of performance night, conventional wisdom said that Marlee & Fabian would find themselves in the bottom two. The big question... Who would be joining them? We are now far enough into the competition that there are no more easy eliminations. And, as we saw, that other couple in the bottom two was somewhat of a surprise. Leading up to the elimination though, the bigger story might have been Shannon & Derek reacting to the judge's comments. All that, and a rundown of the entire results show, after the jump.


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Jonathan Roberts on Dancing With The Stars: Week 6

by Brett Love, posted Apr 22nd 2008 3:20AM

Jonathan RobertsWith another week of dances in the books, it's time to check in with our favorite professional dancer. This week Jonathan once again gives us his perspective on all of the couple's performances. Then we make our way through some of the reader questions.

Along the way we learn about his past with Cheryl, Edyta, and Alec. He also touches on the difficulty of balancing what the judges want in a dance with what the viewers want. It probably won't mean the end of the questions, but Jonathan does his best to try and answer the age old DWTS puzzler, how the heck does the lift rule work anyway? And... Jonathan on waxing. All that, and more, after the jump.

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