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October 13, 2015


Stan Lee to make Heroes cameo

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 7th 2007 2:03PM
Stan Lee and Masi OkaMarvel comics icon Stan "The Man" Lee will make a cameo appearance on the Monday, February 19th episode of Heroes. Entitled "Unexpected," Lee will play a bus driver who has an encounter with Hiro Nakamura.

Is it because we have proof positive that Masi Oka was once a nerd supreme - works part-time for George Lucas, on the cover of Time circa 1987 as an Asian-American Whiz Kid - that he gets to have all the geek-out encounters on Heroes? His dad is George Takei. He rides the bus with Stan Lee. Anyone want to start making guesses as to what uber-geek chic run-in Hiro will have next? Frank Miller? Alan Moore? The cast of Firefly? Xeni Jardin? He's got an in with Lucas.

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Animation producer Steve Krantz dead at 83

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 11th 2007 11:00AM

fritz the catSteve Krantz, the producer who helped bring Marvel characters to the television screen, passed away due to complications from pneumonia on January 4 at the age of 83.

Krantz produced The Marvel Superheroes, a limited-animation series featuring The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Sub-Mariner. The series used artwork taken directly from the comic books, often from different artists so that the character designs would sometimes change within a single episode. Marvel Superheroes was a major influence on the graphic style of the Adult Swim series Minoriteam.

Krantz also produced the Spider-Man cartoon in the late '60s, and was also a producer for Ralph Bakshi's films Fritz the Cat and Heavy Traffic. Bakshi also worked as a writer on Marvel Superheroes. Krantz's other projects included developing series based on books by his wife, the novelist Judith Krantz. His son is 24 executive producer Tony Krantz.

[via Toon Zone]

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A bit more on those Marvel toons

by Adam Finley, posted Nov 8th 2006 4:02PM

skrull kill krewBack in June I mentioned that cartoons were being developed based on Marvel characters Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and The Fantastic Four. At the time, there was not a lot of information available, but a friend of mine sent me a link to Dark Horizons, which gives us just a smidgen more info on these series. Well, if you're a fan of Fantastic Four you know that series hit Cartoon Network a couple months ago, but Wolverine and Ironman are both still in development, and there doesn't seem to be any mention of the new Spider-Man cartoon. However, just because it's not mentioned doesn't mean it's not going to happen. They might have just pushed it back while Marvel works on the plethora of TV, film and straight-to-video projects it has cooking right now. Still, out of all these upcoming cartoons, I was most excited about Spider-Man. I just loves me lonely teenage mutant boys. You know, as friends. Seriously.

Also, if cartoons are too bright and colorful for you, Marvel is also developing three live-action series based on Alter Ego, Moon Knight and Skrll Kill Krew.

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Spidey and other Marvel heroes coming back to TV

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 12th 2006 3:05PM

sopider man and wolverineIn a very short and only somewhat informative interview with iF Magazine, Marvel independent producer Avi Arad listed a few cartoons that the company will have premiering on television sometime in the furture. Fans can look forward to a new cartoons based on Spider-Man; Wolverine and the X-Men; The Fantastic Four; and even an Iron Man cartoon after the movie based on that particular comic is released. I wish there was more information on these new animated series, but at least we know they're in the pipeline. I think I'm most interested in the new Spider-Man cartoon. If I recall, the last attempt made at bringing Spidey back to cartoon land was in 2003, and that series only lasted about one season.

[via Toon Zone]

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