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October 13, 2015

mary hart

Mary Hart Talks Oprah, Michael Jackson & Saying Goodbye to 'Entertainment Tonight'

by Maggie Furlong, posted May 20th 2011 9:00AM
Mary Hart, 'Entertainment Tonight'After almost 30 years hosting 'Entertainment Tonight,' Mary Hart is signing off for the last time on tonight's show.

With the show from the very beginning, Hart has had a million adventures and interviews that you could pick her brain about all day long, but one vivid memory from the show's first months is truly hard to believe. "I remember very well traveling from city to city around the country, convincing station managers to keep the show on the air, that we were going to be a ratings winner for them," Hart said. "I mean, it took personal convincing."

Can you imagine now, in this age of entertainment news at every turn, not having a staple show dedicated to just that? Not to mention the 20 others out there ...

I talked to Hart about those early years, her most cherished interviews, her least favorite part of the job and her quasi-rivalry with another TV personality signing off soon, Oprah Winfrey. "Well, I do have her beat by a few years!," Hart said with a laugh.

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Nancy O'Dell to Replace Mary Hart on 'Entertainment Tonight'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 9th 2010 7:55AM

Nancy O'Dell, October 2010It's been a busy week for Nancy O'Dell. Yesterday we heard that she'll be hosting Fox's New Year's Eve programming, and today it's been reported that she'll be taking over from Mary Hart on 'Entertainment Tonight' when Hart steps down next year.

O'Dell told People magazine: "I remember watching 'Entertainment Tonight' when it first premiered and dreaming about working for the show some day. ... I am honored to be the one chosen to fill a TV legend's seat and I hope I can do her proud!"

Over the summer, veteran reporter Hart announced her plans to leave 'Entertainment Tonight' in 2011 after nearly 30 years on the show. Yesterday, she said that "Leaving this job was not an easy decision, but knowing I will pass the baton to Nancy O'Dell makes that decision much easier. ... Nancy is a talented and respected entertainment correspondent. We have spent many years working on opposite sides of the celebrity battlefield and I know the show will flourish with Nancy as co-anchor."

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Mary Hart to Leave 'Entertainment Tonight' After 30 Seasons

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 5th 2010 11:00AM
Mary HartUPDATE: According to TheWrap, Lara Spencer, host of 'The Insider,' has been tapped to replace Mary Hart on 'Entertainment Tonight.'

A tipster told the site that Spencer secured the gig several months ago as part of a contract negotiations.

According to Variety, Mary Hart, the longtime host of 'Entertainment Tonight,' is leaving the syndicated news program after her 30th season.

Hart has been on 'ET' since 1982. The show premiered in 1981.

"I've had the privilege of spending 29 years doing something I love -- how often does that happen?" Hart said in a statement. "I've had the support of a stupendous group of people starting with Linda Bell Blue, John Nogawski and many others who are so talented on our staff at 'ET.' I only meant to be at 'ET' for three years, suddenly it's almost 30. I've reached a point when I clearly realize it's time for a change."

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Nancy O'Dell decides to exit Access Hollywood

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 18th 2009 10:34AM
access_hollywood_nancy_odellWell, apparently Nancy O'Dell doesn't have the same ailment that has kept Mary Hart glued to the chair on Entertainment Tonight. In a shocking announcement, Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell is leaving the show, effective immediately. In fact, she may not be on today's broadcast.

The story is still be sorted out, but it seems that Nancy is walking away from the last two years on her contract for a better job somewhere else. Her PR rep said, "[She] has chosen to leave the show after 13 years. ...Even though she will be leaving for a new opportunity, this decision is based totally on Nancy's desire to take her career to the next level and is completely amicable. She will continue on with projects as a broadcast entertainment journalist."

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Jon Gosselin Storms Out of 'Entertainment Tonight' Interview (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Nov 5th 2009 1:28PM
Jon Gosselin stormed out of a joint interview with Hailey Glassman on 'Entertainment Tonight' after his girlfriend brought up the touchy subject of his children.

As part of their continuing effort to use the public airwaves as a venue for couples counseling, Gosselin and Glassman discussed their various relationship issues in an interview with Mary Hart -- but after Glassman brought up Gosselin's children, he got upset and left the set.

Glassman asked Gosselin, "Don't you want to be a more honest person for your children?" When questioned by Hart if he'd care to clarify exactly what Glassman was referring to, Gosselin tersely said, "I'm not talking about this," and walked off.

Watch the video after the jump.

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The tabloid shows: Still sleazy, still ridiculous, still lame

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 28th 2007 3:00PM

Pat O'BrienSeveral months ago I made a promise that I was never going to watch the daily tabloid shows again. And I held on to that promise for a long time, and didn't watch Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Access Hollywood or the other shows. Until last night, that is. I wanted to see if there was any news on the Owen Wilson story (though these shows claiming they have "breaking news" is truly laughable in this day of the web and instant info). I just want to report that these shows are still disgusting, ridiculous, and sleazy.

Example: On The Insider, Pat O'Brien showed clips of the hospital, with Samuel L. Jackson arriving and also Owen Wilson's brothers driving in a car to or from the place. And then they show "last known photos of the actor" (taken, um, August 8), and O'Brien describes Wilson as "running his hand through his hair," and you see Wilson with a serious look on his face. O'Brien is clearly implying that they can decipher something from a quick photo taken weeks ago on some street. Give me a break.

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ET's Mary Hart renews contract

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 10th 2006 7:31PM
Mary HartIt's hard to believe, but Mary Hart and her legs have been hosting Entertainment Tonight since August of 1982, meaning that she is now beginning her 25th season with the entertainment news program. Throughout all the changes in how entertainment news is reported -- believe it or not, ET used to be a much more informative and sedate program than it is now -- and all of the show's male co-hosts -- remember Robb Weller? Bob Goen? John Freakin' Tesh? -- she's been there.

Now comes word that Hart has signed a multi-year deal to continue hosting the show. Since Hart is already a month shy of her 56th birthday (she got an honorable mention when I listed the hottest TV women over 50), the deal will likely take her past her 60th birthday. That's quite a feat in the youth-obsessed world she covers. Wonder if the producers still have an insurance policy out on those legs...

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Seinfeld: The Good Samaritan

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 30th 2006 4:08PM
Seinfeld: The Good Samaritan(S03E19) I just love it when the Fab Four pass judgement on the crappy behavior of others. It's as if they don't realize how despicable they are from day to day, or -- the more likely answer -- they just don't care. In this episode, Jerry and the gang repeatedly trash the reputation of a person who would hit a car and drive away without leaving a note. Justifiable, until you realize that Jerry lies about confronting the hit-and-run driver because he wants to date her, George is dating a married woman whose husband doesn't say "God bless you," and Kramer steals a girl Jerry's been eyeing right out from under him. Elaine seems to be in the clear here, though... she's only devious every third episode, at least at this stage of the show's run.

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