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October 4, 2015


More money for Matthew Fox

by Brad Trechak, posted Aug 15th 2008 10:23AM
Matthew FoxWe mentioned that Matthew Fox (along with Evangeline Lilly) was in negotiations for a higher salary. Well, it looks like he got it. Fox will now be earning about $225,000 per episode of Lost, as opposed to the approximately $150,000 per episode he was making before.

I guess Jack Shepard will be with us through the rest of the season (and likely the rest of the series). If the character were more disposable, it's likely he would have gone the way of other now-dead Lost characters such as Charlie.

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Lost stars trying to renegotiate

by Brad Trechak, posted Aug 11th 2008 9:22AM
LostSuccess comes with a price. That price is giving the stars of that success a bigger piece of the action.

ABC has started to quietly renegotiate the contracts of Lost stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, increasing their take for each episode to about $150,000. Unfortunately, "quietly" and "Hollywood" are contradictions in terms. Upon learning of this, other supporting players are also attempting to bump up their salaries.

Two things I don't understand: First, knowing that the show would last six years, why didn't the producers verify the participation of the required actors before they could potentially walk away like this? I know the show has a high mortality rate, but can they get away with killing off Jack or Kate? Second, how did ABC honestly think they could keep this quiet?

It's wonderful to see capitalism and egos at work and everybody exaggerating their worth in order to get a higher salary. I just hope Fox and Lilly remember to include their take for those Lost action figures.

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Lost wins four Saturn awards

by Erin Martell, posted Jun 25th 2008 1:03PM
Matthew FoxThe Saturn awards ceremony was held last night, and Lost dominated the television categories with four wins. The drama won the award for Best Network Series and nearly swept the acting categories. Evangeline Lilly lost the Best Actress award to Ghost Whisperer's Jennifer Love Hewitt, last year's winner. Most of the first-time nominees, such as Pushing Daisies and Journeyman, were shut out. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was the only exception; Summer Glau tied for Best Supporting Actress.

Comedian Jeffrey Ross hosted the event. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a successful awards season for Lost. A complete list of winners in the television categories follows after the jump.

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Lost season four letdowns

by Erin Martell, posted Jun 5th 2008 9:04AM
Sam Anderson, Daniel Dae Kim, and Matthew FoxThis season of Lost was my second favorite season ever, so it was difficult to come up with criticisms. A shortened season meant that there wasn't room for a weak episode. Nikki, Paulo, and Bai Ling stayed away. A few things are bothering me now that this chapter is finished, though. Some characters got a raw deal, and some twists failed to shock. It wasn't all time travel and brilliant action scenes.

Jack's appendicitis - Apart from bringing Jack and Kate closer together, I don't understand why this storyline was necessary. The flash-forwards ensured that Jack would survive his low-tech surgery, so there wasn't any tension there. It seemed like the only point of Jack's illness was to completely kill the Juliet-Jack relationship. Jack and Juliet's chemistry never worked for me. They shared two forgettable kisses, and then Jack basically blew her off after she saved his life. Still, Juliet deserved a better break-up, from both Jack and the writers.

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Lost: There's No Place Like Home, Part One

by Erin Martell, posted May 16th 2008 1:37AM
Matthew Fox
(S04E12) I completely understand why Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse needed an extra hour for the finale. The first of three hours had so much information and moved to so many different locations, and I still feel like we've barely scratched the surface. It's going to be a long two weeks. That's all I have to say.


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Lost: Cabin Fever

by Erin Martell, posted May 9th 2008 1:26AM
The beach survivors
One of the few flashbacks of the season showed us John Locke's predestined connection to the island. Locke encountered some familiar faces before the crash, and each meeting guided him to his current situation. While Jack's mind is set on rescuing everyone on the island, Locke's focus in on saving the island itself. This episode put everyone, including the freighter folk, in place to carry out their plans. I'm already stoked for the finale.

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Lost: Something Nice Back Home

by Erin Martell, posted May 2nd 2008 7:04AM

Trouble on the beach

(S04E10) The writers gave us a break after last week's action- and information-packed episode. While Jack struggled with appendicitis, we got another look at his future off the island. Three of the other members of the Oceanic Six turned up, and Jack learned that there's no escaping a love triangle. Back on the island, Claire had an unexpected visitor.


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Lost: The Shape of Things to Come

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 24th 2008 9:45PM

Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway

(S04E09) What a brilliant episode! At this point, I think all future Lost episodes should be either Ben-, Sayid-, or Desmond-centric. This episode had it all: tons of action, several big revelations, and more questions to ponder. Michael Emerson gave yet another award-worthy performance this week and showed off his action hero side.

Follow this link to join the chat. The full review is after the jump.


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Producers comment on Lost theories

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 24th 2008 5:23PM
LostSince Lost premiered about 4 years ago, fans have been active in coming up with theories (include the now-famous time loop theory) to explain the mysteries of the show. From the start, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have debunked a few of the most popular theories (e.g., they are in purgatory) and hinted that others may be legit.

To help fans discuss theories and propose their own, USA Today's website devotes a section to fans' Lost theories. With these theories in hand, USA Today turned to Darlton (that's the common nickname for Damon and Carlton) to see if any could be accurate.

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Lost: Nine ways to die on The Island

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 24th 2008 11:03AM
On the last episode of Lost, we learned that the Island won't let people die. Well, some people. Michael, for instance. And we can assume the Oceanic Six--Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Sayid, Aaron--experienced the same inability to die as Michael.

But a lot of people have died. Some of them are missed and some of them... not so much. And there will be a lot more deaths over the final two seasons of the series, which returns with a new episode tonight. It seemed like a good time to look back on some of the island's most notorious deaths. And the strange manners in which characters died:

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An extra gives tidbits on Lost

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 18th 2008 12:21PM
LostLost spoilers are serious business. I know what I'm talking about since I've been roaming the web and poking my sources for spoilers about the ABC series even before it premiered on September 22, 2004. Information about upcoming episodes was rather easy to find the first two years of the hit series. But as Lost got more popular and the mysteries more and more important and... mysterious, security around the show got tighter in order to keep spoilers leakage to a minimum. Luckily for us, extras always delivered the goods. This week, Whitney Matheson, who writes the "Pop Candy" column at USA Today, relays information an extra sent about her experience on the set and the episode she will appear in. Spoilers ahead!


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Lost: Meet Kevin Johnson

by Erin Martell, posted Mar 21st 2008 7:20AM

Harold Perrineau, Henry Ian Cusick, and Naveen Andrews

(S04E08) We're going into a five-week Lost hiatus, and I'm extremely thankful that this wasn't the season finale. "Meet Kevin Johnson" wasn't a bad episode, but I couldn't have waited until 2009 for a follow-up. This episode did have its moments. We learned more about the island's connection to its inhabitants, Michael's time on the mainland, and there was (at least) one death. That should keep us busy for the next month or so, right?


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Vote for your favorite Lost character

by Erin Martell, posted Mar 13th 2008 7:28PM

Michael EmersonMost Lost fans have a favorite character, or even a few favorites. Now all of the Locke fans, Kate admirers, and Ben disciples can settle their differences--March Madness-style. Since March 7th, the Washington Post has been hosting Lost Madness, a bracket-like poll to determine the best all-time Lost character.

Instead of regions, the tournament sorts everyone by character type: 815ers, Others/DHARMA, rescuers and dead survivors, and other crucial players (the Smoke Monster, Danielle, etc.). The first two rounds are already finished, but you still have time to vote in the Sweet Sixteen round. New winners are revealed every couple of days and the winner will be announced on March 25th.

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Lost video podcast recap: February 8, 2008

by Erin Martell, posted Feb 8th 2008 12:29PM

Jeremy DaviesThe video podcast for "Confirmed Dead" is up on ABC's Lost page. This week, costume designer Roland Sanchez discussed the costume choices for some of the new characters that appeared in Thursday's episode. This was another short behind the scenes video, but hopefully the rumored end to the strike will bring Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse back for some meatier podcasts. Here's a recap:

  • The show's wardrobe department keeps at least a dozen versions of Jack's classic blue T-shirt. Sanchez chose that shade of blue because he didn't think that Jack would wear a "happy" color.

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Lost: The Beginning of the End (season premiere)

by Erin Martell, posted Jan 31st 2008 8:30PM

Naveen Andrews, Sam Anderson, and Elizabeth Mitchell

(S04E01) In honor of the Lost season premiere, we're doing a live chat during the 9pm ET airing of the episode. Watch the show and share your thoughts with Lost fans in real time! The full review follows after the jump. In "The Beginning of the End," the 815 survivors' feelings about being rescued were influenced by Charlie's message.

You can still join the chat by following this link. You can also check out AOL TV's coverage of Lost .


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