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October 9, 2015


'Glee': Season 1 Episode 12 - 'Mattress' (VIDEO)

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Dec 3rd 2009 11:00AM
'Glee' 'Mattress'It's yearbook time at McKinley High.

Since the 'Glee' club picture is a prime target among bullies, Sue convinces Figgins to leave the kids out of the yearbook entirely. That's fine by everyone -- that is, except for Rachel, who wants her picture taken amidst the naysayers.

The kids don matching pajamas after being cast in a mattress commercial. Sue catches the commercial taping and is elated, because this means that the kids are ineligible for sectionals after becoming professionals. File this under another thing the kids didn't want Sue to "C."

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The Simpsons: The Boys of Bummer

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 29th 2007 10:39PM

bart simpson(S18E18) Well, what do you know, Mickey Mantle did used to do commercials for Maypo. Thanks, Rich Texan!

In general, I liked this episode. At least, it had a lot more laugh-out-loud moments for me than last week's episode. I don't think the town has turned on Bart so savagely since that time he cut the head off the Jebediah Springfield statue. I thought the absurdity of everyone getting upset over children's sport made it even funnier. I also loved how, in the end, a picket sign that reads "Bart Sucks" lowers and then raises again with the phrase "We're Sorry."

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