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October 8, 2015

maura tierney

Maura Tierney Makes It Legal With 'The Whole Truth' Gig

by Harley W. Lond, posted Jun 11th 2010 8:07PM
Maura Tierney has traded in her Nurse Mates for legal pads.

According to a report at The Ausiello Files, the 'ER' veteran has signed on to star in ABC's new legal drama 'The Whole Truth,' replacing Joely Richardson, who quit earlier this month to spend more time with her family.

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Maura Tierney to Replace Joely Richardson on 'The Whole Truth'?

by Jason Hughes, posted May 27th 2010 2:40PM
Maura TierneyCall it casting synchronicity.

After Joely Richardson dropped out as the lead on ABC's forthcoming legal drama 'The Whole Truth' earlier this month, the Ausiello Files is reporting that the network is in talks with Maura Tierney to replace her.

Tierney found herself in a similar situation last year when she dropped out as a lead on NBC's 'Parenthood' to undergo treatment for cancer. Lauren Graham was brought in to replace her, and the series has since gone on to moderate success for the Peacock.

'The Whole Truth' promises a different take on legal dramas by building each case with equal emphasis on prosecution and defense. Viewers won't know the truth until the final moments of each episode. If cast, Tierney would star as the Deputy Bureau Chief in New York's DA office, squaring off against Rob Morrow ('Numb3rs') as a rising criminal attorney.

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Four Ways to Make 'Parenthood' Even Better

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 22nd 2010 5:00PM
The news last week that NBC had renewed 'Parenthood' for a second season was not a big surprise. Yes, the show had a rocky start, considering that it was forced into a midseason premiere because producers had to recast actress Maura Tierney's role while she was battling breast cancer. But since then, it has been well-received and even bested its main competition Tuesdays at 10PM ET, 'The Good Wife,' a few times in the ratings. So there was every reason for NBC to give the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer production a second season. It earned it.

The show has actually been getting better. It's on its way to becoming a hit, and with just a few changes in the season to come, it could succeed. We've narrowed it down to four specifics, our suggestions for how 'Parenthood' could get even better than it is right now. Read our list and then weigh in with your thoughts.

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Maura Tierney Returning to 'Rescue Me'

by Andrew Scott, posted Apr 6th 2010 4:23PM
Maura TierneyMaura Tierney is on her way to a speedy recovery.

The actress, who last year was forced to drop out of the NBC drama 'Parenthood' to undergo treatment for breast cancer, will reprise her role as Kelly McPhee on 'Rescue Me,' according to an exclusive report from TV Guide.

But don't get too excited: While Tierney has already filmed some of her scenes, executive producer and star Denis Leary told TV Guide that her arc will be delayed until the show's seventh and final season, in -- wait for it -- 2011.

The show is currently filming its final 19 episodes, which will be divided into two seasons. The final season is set to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

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Best TV of the '00s: Dramatic Actress

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 1st 2010 11:02AM
allison_janney_west_wingMore of our best of the decade coverage, which started on Tuesday. You can read the other posts at the link above. Here, we talk about the best dramatic actresses of the decade.

Television has always been good to the ladies. Actresses have flourished in dramatic series, and in the past decade, we've seen some amazing performances. There have been lawyers, cops, a U.S. president, nurses, doctors, judges, mothers, daughters and even a real housewife from New Jersey whose husband was in the waste disposal business.

Many of these women have already been honored with Emmys and Golden Globes... and now they get the recognition of TV Squad.

Here, then, without further vamping, the best dramatic actresses of the past ten years:

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NBC Announces 'Parenthood' Premiere Date

by Allyssa Lee, posted Dec 14th 2009 4:00PM
Here's a play date you won't want to miss: NBC has just announced the premiere date for its new midseason drama series 'Parenthood.'

The one-hour dramedy, from the creative dream team of writer/producer Jason Katims ('Friday Night Lights') and producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer ('Arrested Development') will debut in a post-'Chuck' slot on Monday, March 1 at 9PM (this is after both the 'Heroes' season finale on Feb. 8 and the Winter Olympics have aired).

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First look at Lauren Graham on NBC's Parenthood

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 9th 2009 9:34AM
Parenthood was supposed to be one of NBC's fall shows this year. They really could have used it too, since it's actually good, and "good" seems to be in short supply at NBC these days. However, star Maura Tierney had to stop filming early on due to health reasons. Eventually she needed to leave the cast permanently, and re-shoots had to be done with her replacement, Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham.

NBC has just released the first two promos for Parenthood, which is now premiering in March, after the Olympics. The first one features Graham as Sarah, a single mom to two difficult teenagers. Her daughter is played by Arrested Development's Mae Whitman. It's a short clip, but it's a pretty good indication of the character, which is basically what would have happened to Lorelai Gilmore if Rory hadn't turned out so perfect.

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Lauren Graham officially cast on Parenthood

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 9th 2009 11:11PM
Lauren_Graham_Gilmore_GirlsIt's official. As of today, Lauren Graham will replace Maura Tierney in Parenthood, the NBC mid-season family drama. After the talk of Helen Hunt getting the role of a divorce mom struggling to get by, the former star of Gilmore Girls has landed the role... just like Bob wrote.

Hip-hip-hooray! Don't get me wrong. My heart goes out to Maura Tierney who had to drop out because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wish her a speed recovery and a great role in another series after her treatments are successful. And Helen Hunt might have been a lovely choice, too. But I am a major Gilmore Girls fan. I'm thrilled to pieces that Lauren is coming back to series TV.

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Lauren Graham might horn in on Maura Tierney's turf again

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 7th 2009 10:27AM
Lauren GrahamWhen Maura Tierney had to leave the production of the new NBC comedy Parenthood for cancer treatments, it was rumored that Helen Hunt would take her place. Now comes word that Hunt is out and another beloved TV star might be slipping into the role.

Michael Ausiello is reporting that Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has met with Parenthood's producers after negotiations with Hunt broke down.

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7 Actresses Who Should Star in 'Parenthood' Instead of Helen Hunt

by Kelly Woo, posted Sep 15th 2009 5:00PM
Helen Hunt and Maura tierneyLet's say first that Maura Tierney is pretty much irreplaceable.

As we already said in our 'Parenthood' pilot preview, Tierney was the MVP of a star-studded cast that includes Craig T. Nelson, Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen and more. But she was forced to drop out of NBC's midseason dramedy in order to battle cancer.

Now comes word that she might be replaced by Helen Hunt. And to that, we say: Nooooo! N to the O!

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Helen Hunt may take on Maura Tierney's Parenthood role

by Allison Waldman, posted Sep 15th 2009 9:33AM
Helen_Hunt_wireimageWhen Maura Tierney had to leave Parenthood because she needs to undergo treatment for breast cancer, there was speculation about who might replace her since the NBC project would be resuming. Well, the name that's come to the fore as Maura's replacement is a good one. Oscar and Emmy-winner Helen Hunt is in discussions for Parenthood, and usually if they're talking and it's in the trades, it's close to being a done deal.

If I were advising her and she cared about what I think, I'd tell Helen to take it. While Helen's TV experience was in a sitcom, Mad About You, she's better in dramedy. That's what As Good As It Gets was, and it got her an Oscar!

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Maura Tierney Drops Out of 'Parenthood' to Undergo Breast Cancer Treatment

by Patricia Chui, posted Sep 11th 2009 2:04PM
Maura TierneyBad news for Maura Tierney fans today: The actress has dropped out of NBC's upcoming dramedy 'Parenthood' to continue her treatment for breast cancer.

Tierney had surgery in July to remove a breast tumor, hoping to return to the show when she was recovered. NBC even moved the premiere date from fall to midseason to accommodate her, but now she and the network have agreed to part ways.

"While we are saddened that Maura Tierney won't be able to continue in her current role in 'Parenthood,' our main concern is for her quick and full recovery. Our thoughts and best wishes are with her," NBC said in a statement to Variety.

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Maura Tierney exits Parenthood

by Allison Waldman, posted Sep 11th 2009 10:03AM
maura_tierney_nbcActress Maura Tierney has been forced to abandon Parenthood, the NBC ensemble series in which she was cast last spring. Tierney had been diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and now must have treatment – chemotherapy and radiation.

The producers had pushed back production when Tierney's health crisis arose in July, but now that her condition requires prolonged treatment, she's walking away from the project and they will move on without her.

Maura released a statement saying that she was disappointed about not being able to do Parenthood, but she was confident that she would recover and resume her career after her treatments are complete.

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Rescue Me: Drink (season finale)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 1st 2009 11:02PM

Denis Leary(S05E22) "You won't go to AA? I'll bring AA to you." - Teddy

After 22 episodes that didn't always feel all that cohesive, this was a finale that truly tied it all together. Rescue Me has had some memorable cliffhangers in the past, but this easily trumps them all not only for dramatic effect but for the potential lasting effects as well.

We'll get to all that because there really is a lot to discuss when it comes to "Drink." From the pettiness of Janet and Sheila to Damien's place at the 62 Truck house to the Gavin drinking epidemic, it was all answered in the comically twisted and dark fashion that we've come to expect from Rescue Me. Bottoms up.

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The fire is out: Rescue Me done in 2011

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 29th 2009 1:02PM
Denis Leary as Tommy Gavin on FX's 'Rescue Me.'
The boys of 62 Truck are finally calling it quits. According to TVGuide.com, Tommy, Lou, Franco and the rest of the Rescue Me crew have fought their last fire, polished the rig one final time, and will hang up their boots for good in 2011.

Details on how it'll end, who might be back, and a preview of this Tuesday's season five finale are after the jump.

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