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October 4, 2015

megan mullally

Oprah's Premiere Week Lineup Revealed & More TV News

by Andrew Scott, posted Sep 3rd 2009 1:00PM
Whitney Houston Oprah WinfreyOprah schedules her show's premiere week lineup, Megan Mullally joins 'Party Down,' NBC plans a 'Prime Suspect' remake and more of today's top TV headlines.

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Megan Mullally gets ready to Party Down

by Kona Gallagher, posted Sep 2nd 2009 7:01PM
megan mullallyNow this is some casting news I can get behind. After the disastrous In the Motherhood, Megan Mullally is returning to television-- on a show that's actually funny! Mullally is set to join the cast of the amazing Party Down, a Starz original from Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas.

Mullally is replacing Jane Lynch, whose role as Sue Sylvester on Glee has been bumped up from recurring character to series regular. She plays "Lydia Dunfree, who leaves her small town and her failed marriage to help her 13-year-old daughter Escapade achieve her dream of becoming an actress. In addition to working as a cater-waiter for Party Down, Lydia is looking for Mr. Right."

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In the Motherhood: It Takes A Village Idiot (series premiere)

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 27th 2009 1:46AM
in the motherhood
I just had a baby six months ago, so like all new moms, all I do is talk about him. I'm quite boring, really. So when I started seeing ads for In the Motherhood, a new series based upon stories from real mothers, I got excited. A comedy that centers directly around my new focus in life? Sweet!

I was hoping for a show that shared funny, ridiculous stories about pregnancy, after-baby relationships and parenting mishaps. While In the Motherhood had plenty of ridiculous stories about these topics, they were a little short on the funny. I wanted to like this show, I should have liked this show, but ... I just didn't.

For a series that is supposed to be based on real stories, it just seemed ridiculously inauthentic. The characters and storylines were hyperbolic versions of real-world situations, and while I accept hyperbole in the pursuit of comedy, In the Motherhood took it to such an extreme that nothing about it was in any way relatable.

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Megan Mullally: The TV Squad Interview

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 25th 2009 11:03AM
Megan Mullally in In The MotherhoodThere aren't many actresses out there that you could affectionately call a "broad," but Megan Mullally's one of them. Ever since she came on the scene a decade ago as the caustic and spoiled Karen Walker on Will & Grace, Mullally has shown that she can be bawdy with the best of them.

Now, after a foray into the talk show world and a turn as a disabled and ugly -- but desirable -- chief of medicine on Rob Corddry's web series Children's Hospital, Mullally is back on series TV, on ABC's new comedy In The Motherhood (premiering Thursday at 8 PM ET), which was based on a web series that took episode ideas from submissions by real moms. In the series, Mullally plays Rosemary, a "bad ass," as Mullally calls her, who has raised the perfect son even though she's an imperfect mom.

In this quickie interview, Mullally talks about the new show, about a rumor that she was in a catfight with her co-star Cheryl Hines, about how Rosemary and Karen could be the new Odd Couple, and running her Kerry Weaver-esque Children's Hospital character past Laura Innes.

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Ask 'In the Motherhood' Stars a Question

by Patricia Chui, posted Jan 14th 2009 3:57PM
Cheryl Hines and Megan MullallySubmit a question for Megan Mullally, Cheryl Hines or Horatio Sanz.

What do Megan Mullally, Cheryl Hines and Horatio Sanz have in common?

For one thing, they're all terrific comic actors who've come to fame as supporting players on hit TV shows -- Mullally on 'Will & Grace,' Hines on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and Sanz on 'Saturday Night Live.'

AND, they're all moving on up in the world, as the stars of the upcoming ABC show 'In the Motherhood.' One of them is Rosemary, a single, free-spirited mom with a teenage son; one of them is Jane, a newly divorced mother of a pre-teen girl and an eight-month-old baby; and one of them is Jane's male nanny (or "manny," shall we say).

Which one's which? Here's a hint: Horatio Sanz doesn't play either of the single moms. And fine, here are the rest of your hints: Mullally plays Rosemary, and Hines plays Jane.

The show, while fictional, has the unusual premise of featuring real-life storylines submitted to the 'In the Motherhood' official site. And in that spirit, we're also soliciting your questions for our 'In the Motherhood' Outside the Box interview, in which Mullally, Hines and Sanz will be asking each other whatever your heart desires -- be it about motherhood, comedy, their careers, or some combination of all three.

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Rob Corddry gets the show he should have gotten - VIDEO

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 10th 2008 9:27AM
When Rob Corddry left The Daily Show, Fox scooped him up for a midseason replacement filler called The Winner. It was a horrible little sitcom from the creators of (shudder) Family Guy that should have been flagged long before the executives brought the script to read on the toilet in their private bathrooms.

The most painful part of the show was the feeling that Corddry deserved something much better than another pop culture referencing yawnfest. His Daily Show appearances always made for great television and he also made great transitions into movies whether they were minor roles in Old School or starring roles in the indie comedy Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story.

Now the fates have realigned and given Corddry the show he should have gotten when he left The Daily Show dangling from one last philosophical poop joke. The WB.com premiered a web series called Childrens' Hospital starring, written and directed by Corddry, the man who left a little part of himself in a Daily Show men's room oh so many months ago.

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Here it is, the season premiere of 30 Rock (one week early!) - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 23rd 2008 6:20PM
30 RockLast week we mentioned that a lot of people were wondering where the season premiere of 30 Rock was? Fans thought that NBC might want to take advantage of Tina Fey's Emmy wins/Sarah Palin work and air the first episode of the new season a littler earlier than October 30, but that's not going to happen. But the network has put it online a week early, and we have it after the jump!

I'll have a full review next Thursday night, but let's just say you won't be disappointed. The show is just like it has always been: funny, unpredictable, and really clever. We even find out how a few plot points from the past actually turned out. The guest star in the first episode is Will and Grace's Megan Mullally, who plays an adoption agency rep who has to check out Liz's workplace to see if she's a suitable candidate to raise a child. Will Arnett also appears, as Jack tries to get his job back.

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Hey, how come 30 Rock hasn't premiered yet? - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 13th 2008 4:35PM
30 RockInteresting piece in The New York Times that asks the question: where the hell is 30 Rock?

The third season of the show won't bow until October 30, but you would think that the show would want to launch a week or two earlier because of all of the attention that Tina Fey is getting for her Sarah Palin impersonation on Saturday Night Live, her Emmy win, and her new mega-million dollar book deal. So how come the show hasn't premiered yet? They must have an episode or two done for the new season.

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ABC orders In The Motherhood

by Brett Love, posted Sep 8th 2008 10:02AM

Chelsea Handler - In The MotherhoodThat line between web content and traditional television just continues to get blurrier. ABC has ordered 13 episodes of In The Motherhood. In case you missed it, the show didn't start out with the traditional pilot formula. It's a web-based show starring Jenny McCarthy, Leah Remini, and Chelsea Handler. The three of them play girlfriends and the stories told come from real stories submitted by mothers from across the country. Or, people pretending to be mothers. You can watch it at the show's site, if you're curious.

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Can she talk? Leah Remini in talks for a talk show

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 14th 2008 2:19PM
Rach and LeahQueen Latifah couldn't make it work. Megan Mullally struck out, too. In fact, if you think about it, more stars fail in their attempts to become talk show hosts than succeed. For every Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks, there's a Caroline Rhea and Magic Johnson.

So, will sitcom star Leah Remini go from the King of Queens to the queen of daytime talk? CBS -- home of King of Queens for a very successful run from 1998-2007 -- is developing a daytime show for Leah Remini that's being called something different than a typical talk show.

If you tune in to The Rachael Ray Show today, you might get an idea of what Leah could bring to daytime -- she's Rach's guest.

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Megan Mullally may return to TV

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 14th 2008 8:25AM
Megan MullallyFunny lady Megan Mullally may be coming back to the small screen! The actress, better known for her role of neurotic Karen Walker on NBC's Will & Grace, will star as the mother in ABC's new series Bad Mother's Handbook.

This comedy is about a 32-year-old woman (portrayed by Alicia Silverstone) who takes care of her 16-year-old daughter (played by Arrested Development's
Alia Shawkat) and her 48-year-old overbearing mother (Mullally).

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And now, a post about Debra Messing's breasts

by Bob Sassone, posted May 2nd 2007 3:23PM

Debra MessingEveryone knows that Debra Messing has small breasts, including Messing herself. But NBC execs wanted her to have bigger ones.

At a panel discussion during the Tribeca Film Festival, the Will & Grace star disclosed that she wore "chicken cutlets," a form of silicone breast enhancer, when she shot the pilot of the show. But when the show was picked up by NBC, she didn't want to wear them anymore. After seeing the next couple of episodes, the president of NBC called the producers, wanting to know where her breasts went. They wanted her breasts back, but she refused to wear them.

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The Greg Behrendt Show canceled

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 24th 2007 2:20PM
greg behrendtAnd the world yawns as syndicators announce they've canceled The Greg Behrendt Show. But they're not pulling the plug immediately. According to TV Week, production will continue for the short-term and possibly through the end of the season but it will definitely be gone by the fall. Sony Television says it dropped Behrendt because he's creepy and has no business hosting a talk show. I kid! Actually, the majority of subscribing stations opted not to renew it in favor of The Steve Wilkos Show. Who is Steve Wilkos? He's a bouncer on Jerry Springer and his show is on fire with affiliates.

Other syndication casualties this year include The Megan Mullally Show and Geraldo at Large. Do the changes improve daily television viewing choices? Eh. Probably not.

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Mullally show to be rerun on TBS

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 27th 2006 6:01PM
Megan Mullally show logoIt seems like networks and their production companies are signing more of these "cable window" deals every year, aren't they? You know what I mean; after a show's episode is first run, a cable network gets immediate rerun rights and ends up showing the rerun the same week it aired. I'd imagine the networks are doing it in order to combat the use of TiVos and other DVRs, and it's a boon for people who forget to record certain shows. But some shows just do not need to be rerun.

Case in point: The Megan Mullally Show. According to TV Week, NBC Universal confirmed that next-day reruns of the new talk show are being shown on cable station TBS at 8 AM Eastern and Pacific. Apparently, stations that bought the show knew about this "cable window" deal, so there is no underhanded side dealks in NBCU's part. But I just have to wonder: is there that much of a demand to see Megan's show the next morning? That's the beauty of a daytime talk show; even if you miss one, there's a new one the very next day. I wonder if this kind of exposure is going to help or hurt Megan's show.

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Megan Mullally gabs about her new talk show

by Jen Creer, posted Sep 6th 2006 4:22PM
Megan MullallyWhen my friend Kathy Howe heard I was going to participate in a conference call with Megan Mullally today, she said, "OMG, tell her I LOVE her and want to MARRY her!" So, Megan, if you are reading this, now you know. I did not have the chance to ask Megan any questions during today's conference call (though I did try!), but I did get to listen to all of the other questions and responses. So, here is an overview of the conference call about NBC's forthcoming The Megan Mullally Show.

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