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October 6, 2015


What's next for Rachael Ray? Her memoirs

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 3rd 2008 8:00AM
Rachael Ray in chairAccording to that journalist without peer, Ted Casablanca -- yeah, I'm sure that's his real name -- Food Network diva and Emmy-winning talk show hostess Rachael Ray is working on a new project.

No, it's not a new cookbook or anything about food or travel, her two specialties on FN. Rachael Ray is writing her memoirs, the story of a kid from upstate New York who's made in big on TV.

Rachael, who turns 40 on August 25, has had a meteoric rise on TV, and as I wrote last week, she's one of five TV stars I think have exceeded expectations. In a very short time, she's become a force with which to be reckoned.

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Possible book chapters for Hannah Montana memoirs

by Jen Creer, posted Apr 23rd 2008 10:03AM
MileyCyrus042308As our own Jonathan Toomey has reported, Miley Cyrus, age 15, has signed a book deal with The Disney Book Group.

The book is said to be focused on Cyrus's relationship with her mother, and to emphasize how important Cyrus's family is to her. This is surely gripping material that can fill an entire book. Why, with the exception of some books by a little-known author named Laura Ingalls Wilder, I don't think we have any books about teenage girls and how important their families are to them.

Some have questioned what a 15-year-old girl could possibly fill a memoir with at such a tender age. Let's take a look at some possible book chapters:

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Tori Spelling to write memoir

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 4th 2006 3:31PM
Tori SpellingPoor little rich girl Tori Spelling has signed a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster to compile her memoirs. A number of questions may spring to mind for our TV Squad readers:

1. Does any thirty-three year old who isn't Dave Eggers have anything useful to say in a memoir? Maybe not, but we'll give Tori the benefit of the doubt as she is a celebrity and descendant of the man who was television - Aaron Spelling.

2. Is Tori literate? Well, she memorized all her scenes for 90210 and So noTORIous, so we know she can read. She does, however, plan on using a ghostwriter for her book. We can only hope that Tori's scribe will be chosen from the TV Squad blogger stable.

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