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October 10, 2015

memory walk

Review: Survivor Samoa - The Game Ain't Over (season finale)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 21st 2009 2:02AM
The final five go for the million on Survivor
(S19E14) I suppose it's only fitting and par for Sunday evening programming that the big three-hour Survivor season finale and live reunion show was delayed by football here in the NYC viewing area. No, I won't dwell on it. But, really. CBS, can't you get this scheduling thing down?

What I should dwell on are these skinny legs in the image above. It's a wonder the three guys were able to walk out of there at all. Tonight we went down from five to four to three and then onto the sole survivor in the live voting reveal. Am I pleased about it all? Read on.

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Survivor: Say Goodbye to Gabon (season finale)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 15th 2008 3:24AM
Survivor Gabon comes to an end.
(S17E14) Way to go, CBS. Give us an overly long three-hour season finale and reunion show of Survivor, and let football delay its start for a half-hour on the East Coast. Just once couldn't they have shortened 60 Minutes? Yeah, I'm cranky. I watched the show as it aired and now it's way late as I get it written up. CBS could console me by inviting me to the next finale, which should be held in NYC. Do you hear me, CBS? My crankiness aside, tonight's show was both surprising and refreshing, with a few odd quirks along the way. Read on!

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