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September 1, 2015


Give Nobody's Watching some love, y'all!

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 6th 2006 8:19AM
nobodys watchingGreat article over at Zap2It explains what the hell is going on with our friends from Nobody's Watching. Essentially, they need some love from the internet to get their show on NBC. That's why we've seen so many video shorts from the boys (still playing their characters of Derrick and Will) lately. NBC ordered six scripts from them this summer and gave them some foolin' around money to keep buzz alive on the internet. Zap2It reports that NBC has until February to decide whether to greenlight production of new episodes of the show.

In the meantime, they are using NBC's money to create video shorts spoofing 'Til Death, Mentos, 24, etc. The article includes an interview with show creator (and Scrubs creator) Bill Lawrence, who says the new Nobody's Watching website is about what the Derrick and Will characters have been doing for the last year-and-a-half since WB decided not to air their show. He says, "They can't go home out of embarrassment: They told everyone they were going to be on tv and they weren't." Lawrence says, if NBC does pick up the show, the last webisode on Nobody's Watching's website will reveal who posted the pilot to YouTube.

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Candy corn + root beer = another Nobody's Watching short -- VIDEO

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 24th 2006 12:14PM

Nobody's Watching and the MentosThe stars from Nobody's Watching, the pilot, turned YouTube posting, turned NBC show, are back. This time around they spoof one of the staples of the ever-growing video posting site.

If you were ever a visitor to YouTube you have probably seen one of the seven thousand videos that show what happens when you add Mentos to a bottle of Diet Coke. Not to spoil the surprise, but you get a Diet Coke fountain (don't ask me the science behind it. I did poorly in Chemistry; hence the reason I'm a writer.). Well, Taran Killam and Paul Campbell, the stars of Nobody's Watching, have taken it a few steps further and experimented with other combinations of food added to beverages. For instance, mixing Sweettarts with Sprite produces a baby chicken. Go figure. And, when they mix something like a Mike & Ike (the actual name of the candy escapes me) with a carton of milk they get transported to a leather bar. Wow, I probably don't want to try that experiment!

The best combination they work with is the first one where they add a candy corn to a one-liter bottle of root beer. I don't want to ruin the results because they are a bit surprising. You can watch all of the experiments after the jump.

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