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October 4, 2015

meredith baxter

The Keatons Return! 'Family Ties' Alums Meredith Baxter & Michael Gross Reunite For Some '80s TV Trivia

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 17th 2011 10:00AM
Michael Gross & Meredith BaxterIs a 'Family Ties' reunion finally happening? Not quite, but Steven and Elyse Keaton -- a.k.a. Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter -- are together again, and this time they're getting animated.

The famous TV couple reunites for 'Dan Vs.' (season 2 premieres Sat., Nov. 19, 8PM ET on The Hub) -- it's a very special Thanksgiving-themed episode, which is perfect since we're infinitely thankful to have them both back on TV. What would we do, baby, without them? Stop me before I sha-la-la-la.

Dan always assumes everyone is against him (hence the show's title), but as his best friend's wife Elise's parents, Gross and Baxter's characters might actually be on his side. Or not. ''They're quirky parents, and they're conspiratorial," Gross said. "They're not nearly as nice as Elyse and Steven Keaton were, which is a lot of fun for us. We hate our son-in-law and his friends -- what could be more fun?" Baxter chimed in with a laugh: "We don't treat our daughter too well, either!"

Yep, these two portraits of all-American sitcom hunky-doryness are relishing in playing against type, but that doesn't mean they shun their most iconic roles. I put them to the test with some 'Family Ties' trivia, which brought out the laughs, the talk of an actual reunion and the clever middle names for Alex P. Keaton.

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'Family Ties' Cast Wins Fan Favorite at the 'TV Land Awards' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 18th 2011 2:27AM
'Family Ties' cast at '2011 TV Land Awards'For several years, 'Family Ties' was among the top-rated shows on television, and its enduring popularity made it a staple of syndication for years after it went off the air. At the '2011 TV Land Awards' (Sun., 9PM ET on TV Land), Ben Stiller presented the cast of this iconic show with the Fan Favorite Award.

Michael Gross talked about the years 'Family Ties' followed 'The Cosby Show' on Thursday nights as a one-two ratings punch. "It truly was Must-See-TV in those days," he said. "I appreciate the love that still extends to this cast."

"It was the seven sweetest years of my life," Meredith Baxter said of her time on the show. "There was a lot of love and respect among us -- and I think that's what everyone seemed to see on the screen when they watched the show."

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'Joy Behar Show' Holds Partial 'Family Ties' Reunion (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Apr 12th 2011 7:40AM
'Family Ties' Reunion on 'Joy Behar Show'In case any of us '80s kids were not glued to 'The Joy Behar Show' (weeknights, 10PM ET on HLN), here's a clip from her interview with our beloved 'Family Ties' stars (minus Mallory's Justine Bateman and Alex P. Keaton's Michael J. Fox). Michael Gross (father Steven) and Tina Yothers (Jennifer) joined her in the studio, Meredith Baxter (Elyse) and Brian Bonsall (Andy) by satellite.

Joy Behar chose the opportunity to ask a ridiculous hypothetical question to Baxter, who came out in 2009. "What do you think Alex P. Keaton would have thought about you being gay?"

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Meredith Baxter Alleges Domestic Abuse by Ex-Husband David Birney (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Mar 1st 2011 2:30PM
Meredith Baxter Alleges Domestic Abuse by Ex-Husband David Birney'Family Ties' star Meredith Baxter alleges on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC) that she was the victim of domestic abuse by David Birney, her former husband and co-star of 'Bridget Loves Bernie.'

Baxter said she broke the cycle of mental and physical abuse after a period of intense introspection. "I'd been committed to being a victim for a long time because it felt really warm and comfortable and familiar, but it was a disastrous position to be in," she said. "I had to look at what was in my thinking that told me it was OK to be in this relationship."

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Stupid article of the day: Family Ties is cursed!

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 14th 2009 4:26PM
Family TiesI hate it when a celebrity gets into trouble and various writers trot out the old "_____ is cursed!" stories. As if various people, even if they were on the same show, can't have bad things happen to them. I mean, I worked at a place once where my coworkers later had arrests, miscarriages, divorces, illnesses, and money problems, but I don't go around saying "my God, that office was cursed!"

But that doesn't stop the San Diego Reader saying that the cast of Family Ties is cursed, because Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's, Brian Bonsall keeps getting arrested, Meredith Baxter battled cancer, and Justine Bateman...well, what, made a bad movie in the '80s? I love how the writer glosses over the fact that Courteney Cox went on to star in a rather popular NBC sitcom in the'90s.

When a bunch of people from one TV show get into trouble or have some sort of misfortune, it's not a "curse." It's called "life."

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Meredith Baxter Reveals That She Is a Lesbian on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Dec 3rd 2009 9:30AM
Meredith Baxter, best known for her role as Elyse Keaton on 'Family Ties,' revealed yesterday on 'Today' that she's been living as a lesbian for the past seven years.

The 62-year-old, who has been married three times, confessed that she was a bit reluctant to reveal her new sexual identity. "I have to admit to a certain level of anxiety; I'm a very private person," she said. "I've always lived a very private life, and to come out and disclose stuff, it's really antithetical to who I am."

Watch the video after the jump.

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5 Clues From 'Family Ties' That Meredith Baxter Birney Was Gay All Along

by Ryan McKee, posted Dec 2nd 2009 6:51PM
Sitcom mother Meredith Baxter is enjoying the most attention she's had in two decades. After reports emerged that Alex P. Keaton's mom enjoys gay cruises, Baxter decided to pull a 'DeGeneres' this morning on 'Today.'

While some '80s TV fans were shocked, vigilant 80-philes already saw it coming. Just like there were hints towards Ellen's sexuality in her sitcom before she came out in 'The Puppy Episode,' there were plenty of signals in 'Family Ties' about Baxter through her character Elyse Keaton. We present five of them -- with tongues planted firmly in cheek, of course.

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Meredith Baxter Birney on 'Today': "I Am a Lesbian" (VIDEO)

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Dec 2nd 2009 12:40PM
Meredith Baxter comes out on 'The Today Show' as a lesbianMeredith Baxter, '80's sitcom star and beloved matriarch of 'Family Ties,' has lived these past few years with a secret.

The National Enquirer and gossip blogger Perez Hilton had reported seeing Baxter on vacation with an alleged lesbian lover. Baxter sat down with Matt Lauer this morning on NBC's 'Today' to finally set the record straight, stating, "I am a lesbian, and it was a later-in-life recognition."

The interview had started off fine until Lauer seemed to almost essentially push her out of the closet. Lauer quipped, "Do you want me to say it? I don't know what the appropriate etiquette is here."

Watch the clip after the jump.

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Family Ties reunion on Today

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 7th 2008 1:07PM
The Today Show - Family Ties ReunionFrom The Today Show, for the first time in 18 years, the entire cast of Family Ties got together to reminisce and talk about the show. Actually they got together to help series creator Gary David Goldberg plug his new book Sit, Ubu, Sit, a memoir of his life and times. I grew up in the '80s and this show was a huge part of my growing up. My parents were liberal hippies, just like the Keaton parents. And while I had nothing in common with really any of the kids, I found myself drawn into their familial world anyway.

The entire group still looks great, and I wondered if it would be possible to do a Family Ties reunion. The most obvious hurdle would be Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's disease. Even in this interview, it was difficult to see him struggling with it, so I would imagine it would be nearly impossible for him to hide it.

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Family Ties star arrested for assault

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 30th 2007 9:41PM

BonsallBrian Bonsall, who played Andrew, the youngest Keaton on the NBC sitcom Family Ties, was arrested in Boulder, Colorado for assaulting his girlfriend. She told police that he threw an alcoholic drink in her face while she was asleep, choked her, and threw her onto a bed. Bonsall says it was all in self-defense, because she cut him with a steak knife.

"Well it's like we've been together, for a million years..."

This isn't the first time Bonsall has been in trouble with the police. In 2001 he was convicted of drunk driving, and in 2004 he was arrested for the same offense.

If you didn't watch Family Ties, Bonsall played Worf's son on Star Trek: The Next Generation and starred in the movie Blank Check.

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Bridget Loves Bernie coming to DVD

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 26th 2006 1:15PM
David Birney, Meredith BaxterCan I tell you what kind of a 7 year-old I was? Besides watching cartoons and action shows and The Brady Bunch, in 1972 I also loved a little romantic comedy called Bridget Loves Bernie.

The short-lived Meredith Baxter and David Birney CBS show (yup, they later got married in real life and she became Baxter-Birney) is coming to DVD on September 5. It will be a three DVD set.

It was a rather daring comedy at the time because it was about a Jewish cab driver who falls in love with a Catholic schoolteacher. I don't know if I understood any of that in 1972, but I remember liking this show a lot for some reason, so I think I'm going to get the DVDs.

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