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August 30, 2015

michael c. hall

Betty White Wins SAG Lifetime Achievement Award (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 25th 2010 12:00PM
Highlights from last night's 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards included wins for 'Inglorious Basterds,' 'Glee,' 'Mad Men,' Julianna Margulies, Michael C. Hall, Mo'Nique and others, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award for the always-entertaining Betty White.

Sandra Bullock, who picked up a leading actor trophy for her performance in 'The Blind Side,' presented the award to White and took an affectionate dig at the 88-year-old actress. "I know that a lot of people really find Betty White inspiring," Bullock said. "Me, I find Betty White annoying. I'm sorry. It's true."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Michael C. Hall, Mad Men score Golden Globe awards

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jan 18th 2010 2:00AM
Mad Men, Golden Globes 2010
Did your favorite actors and TV shows score Golden Globe awards tonight? Let's take a look at how things shook out in the TV categories at the 67th Annual Golden Globes.

Mad Men, Best Television Series - Drama.
With competition from Big Love, Dexter, House, and True Blood, I'm really glad I wasn't picking the winner here. They're all fantastic. I wouldn't say that True Blood delivered its best episodes last season, so I don't have a problem with that one not winning (though I'm a big fan of the show). Mad Men is definitely deserving (especially the "lawn mower" episode), although Dexter and Big Love both had great seasons.

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Michael C. Hall of Dexter stricken with cancer

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 14th 2010 9:00AM
dexter_michael_c_hallMichael C. Hall is 38 years old. He's at the top of his profession. His role as Dexter Morgan has brought him acclaim, awards and fame. Now, out of nowhere, Dexter star Michael C. Hall has cancer. He revealed that he's been treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma, a treatable form of cancer. Thanks to the team of doctors in Los Angeles, Hall said that he is in remission and hopes to stay there.

This weekend at the Golden Globes, Hall will be there with his new wife, co-star Jennifer Carpenter. He's nominated for Dexter. If he wins -- and he's done amazing work on the show -- you can expect Hollywood to cheer for him. It will have double meaning.

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Michael C. Hall Recovering From Cancer

by Andrew Scott, posted Jan 13th 2010 5:16PM
'Dexter' star Michael C. Hall is reportedly recovering from cancer. In a statement released today, the Emmy nominated actor said that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and is already in remission.

Hall still plans to attend Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards.

For more on this breaking story, visit PopEater.

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'Dexter' Season 5 Spoilers and Predictions

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 15th 2009 1:30PM
Dexter Morgan, Michael C. HallAfter this week's season 4 finale of 'Dexter,' the Internet's all abuzz with what might happen in season 5. As all 'Dexter' fans know by now, our favorite serial killer's beloved wife, Rita, was found dead in a bathtub full of bloody water, with little Harrison crying on the floor beside her in a pool of blood. But Dexter Morgan finally got the Trinity Killer saran-wrapped to his table, where he could do what he'd been dying to do all season.

Essentially, the finale pushes the reset button on the Showtime series, which is good news for viewers who railed on Dexter's family guy persona this season. As Michael C. Hall noted in his live interview with the Trinity Killer's John Lithgow, "I did think it was a really bold stroke for re-setting the stage for what's to come, whatever that may be."

So, what does this mean for season 5? While we don't know for sure what will happen, let's do a little speculating on some possible storylines.

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Glee, Big Love, Dexter, Modern Family nominated for Golden Globes

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 15th 2009 11:46AM
Edie FalcoThe Golden Globe Award nominations were announced this morning, and now we can begin all of the "how could they forget my favorite show!" talk. Here are the TV nominees.

Best Drama: Mad Men, Dexter, House, Big Love, True Blood

Best Comedy/Musical: 30 Rock, Modern Family, Entourage, Glee, The Office

Best Actor, Drama: Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Bill Paxton (Big Love), Hugh Laurie (House)

Best Actress, Drama: Glenn Close (Damages), January Jones (Mad Men), Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer), Anna Paquin (True Blood), Juliana Margulies (The Good Wife)

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'Dexter' Season 4 Episode 12 'The Getaway' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 14th 2009 4:44AM
Dexter: The GetawayWhat happened on this week's 'Dexter' season 4 episode 12, 'The Getaway' -- in 100 words or less.

'Dexter' ends with a bang ... and a whimper. After an awkward meeting at the station, Dexter pursues Arthur, but a fender bender sidelines him, allowing Arthur to flee.

Debra and crew storm Arthur's house, only to find a bewildered family. Debra learns that Laura Moser was Dexter's biological mother, and Brian -- the Ice Truck Killer -- his brother.

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Review: Dexter - The Getaway (season finale)

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 14th 2009 4:37AM
Dexter: The Getaway
(S04E12) "How is it that I kill people and feel no regret, but disappointing Rita can make me feel like the scum of the Earth?" - Dexter Morgan

I don't care what the issue is, what topic I'm discussing, or what area of my life needs improvement. If Jennifer Carpenter, the actress who plays Debra Morgan on Dexter, has the answer for me, I'm going to follow it to a tee.

That's because she can correctly predict the emotional outcome of any situation, including the reaction I'd have to last night's Dexter finale. I should really have her sit in on my next IRS audit. Chances are if she can't help me cope with the soul crushing inevitability of my pending financial breakdown, she can curse out the auditor and leave him in a bigger sadness heap than I'll be in.

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'Dexter' Yields Showtime Its Biggest Audience in a Decade

by Daniel Frankel, posted Dec 8th 2009 9:02PM
John Lithgow's Trinity Killer is not only rocking Dexter's world, but Showtime's, too.

The penultimate season 4 episode of 'Dexter,' during which Trinity got the upper hand over the series' deeply flawed protagonist, garnered the biggest audience (2.1 million viewers) that Showtime has seen since October 1999, when it broadcast a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Orlin Norris.

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Review: Dexter - Hello, Dexter Morgan

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 7th 2009 8:32AM
(S04E11) "Blood tech, husband, father, serial killer and now, Kyle Butler extortionist? Which one are you?"
"All of them."
- Harry to Dexter

It is always fun to watch Dexter struggle over his various roles and purposes in his life. He's become a juggler learning how to add just one more ball to his act even as he's trying to keep them all up in the air.

This season, he's had more than ever before in a single season. He's a heavily armed Rich Little and adding extortionist to his list was a real smart move until, of course, Arthur gets the better of him.

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'Dexter' Season 4 Episode 11 'Hello, Dexter Morgan' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 7th 2009 3:22AM
Dexter: Hello, Dexter MorganWhat happened on this week's 'Dexter' season 4 episode 11, 'Hello, Dexter Morgan' -- in 100 words or less.

The jig is up! Arthur learned Dexter's true identity and came face to face with him at the police department. But not before Dexter successfully pinned the "Trinity Killer" label on trucker Stan Beaudry; then chopped him up and planted Arthur's DNA.

Christine confessed to Debra, then offed herself. Her daddy issues couldn't be fixed with a phone call. "I'm sorry you were ever born," said Arthur.

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'Dexter' Season 4 Episode 10 'Lost Boys' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Nov 30th 2009 2:57AM
Dexter: Lost Boys; John Lithgow as the Trinity KillerWhat happened on this week's 'Dexter' season 4 episode 10, 'Lost Boys'' -- in 100 words or less.

Just give John Lithgow the Emmy now! Never has Frankie Avalon's 'Venus' sounded creepier as when the Trinity Killer sang it to the boy he abducted. But Dexter was hot on his trail, leaving no vacant house, construction site or bomb shelter unturned.

Dexter finally caught up with him, just in time to pull the body-bagged kid, still alive, out of a wet cement hole. But dang, Arthur disappeared.

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'Dexter' Season 4 Episode 9 'Hungry Man' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Nov 23rd 2009 5:07AM
Dexter: Hungry ManWhat happened on this week's 'Dexter' season 4 episode 9, 'Hungry Man' -- in 100 words or less.

Dexter shares a tense Thanksgiving with the Mitchells. Jonah cracks and calls his dad a killer. Dexter nearly strangles Arthur, but the family stops him. He fumes on the way home, with Harry riding psychic shotgun.

Meanwhile, Batista and Maria say "I love you." At home, the shed has been breached, thanks to Cody falling through the skylight, but nothing is amiss.

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Review: Dexter - Road Kill

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 16th 2009 2:52AM
Dexter: Road Kill(S0408) "Born in blood, both of us." - Dexter on his and the Trinity Killer's creation of their "dark passengers"

Dexter and the Trinity Killer aren't the only ones on the show who have been paying back their anger for the pain the world has dealt them. The audience is in on the same game.

We've been sitting through weeks of boring and dry subplots about secret affairs and office romances that we couldn't care less about if we were actually one of their co-workers. But now we've been rewarded for our patience with some seedy and very interesting details about Dexter's main prey, the Trinity Killer, a man held in a very weak cage of despair and anger.

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Review: Dexter - Slack Tide

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 10th 2009 1:29AM
Dexter: Slack Tide(S04E07) "We all have secrets, Debs. Some of them shouldn't be found out." - Dexter to Debra

While preparing this post, I had to double check the time stamp on this week's episode because "7" just seemed too early. It literally felt like we were more episodes into the season. I even looked out my window to make sure the Earth had not been sent into some kind of time paradox where time runs backwards, the sun comes out at night, and golf is America's most watched sport.

Then when I looked over my notes for the recent episode, I realized why. "Slack tide" indeed.

This week's episode did have some very great moments that showed glimmers of the show's glory days, but the rest got bogged down in the same sidetracks that have dragged the rest of the season down with it. The plots may be in different pieces, but they are all in the same garbage bag as they float through the Gulf Stream.

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