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September 3, 2015

michael schur

Ron Swanson's Facial Hair Takes Center Stage in 'Parks & Recreation' Season 4

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 12th 2011 11:00AM
Ron Swanson, Parks and RecreationWhen Season 4 of 'Parks and Recreation' kicks off, expect a supporting player to shine: Ron Swanson's prodigious facial hair.

Yes, that epic and oh-so manly mustache will be featured prominently in the fourth season of the hit NBC comedy.

"The current plan is for Ron's facial hair to go through a lot of changes in the first few episodes," Mike Schur, 'Parks and Rec.' executive producer, told TV Guide. "He'll have several different looks in the first few episodes if things stay the way they're planned. Honestly, it wasn't our goal -- to send Ron's facial hair through its own arc -- but we pitched these stories for him involving Tammy 1 and all these other things and we found ourselves in this funny situation where a lot of the ways that we wanted to tell the story of what was happening to him involved his facial hair -- as it should, probably, when you have someone with facial hair as distinctive as Nick's."

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'Parks and Recreation' Boss Mike Schur on the Eventful Finale & Season 4

by Joel Keller, posted May 20th 2011 10:00AM
Parks and Recreation cast for season 3Last night's 'Parks and Recreation' season finale was a game-changer for the show. Something big happened to every major character in the last act of the last episode, setting up a Season 4 that will have a lot going on.

Both in my recap and in my colleague Mo Ryan's assessment, we bring up those changes and speculate what that might mean for the show coming out of a successful third season -- one that placed the series among the best on television.

Executive producer Mike Schur had a "go big or go home" attitude about the finale, especially because he and his staff wrote it in a vacuum. As most fans know, all 16 episodes were shot before the first one aired, so he had time to perfect them all.

"I had months to edit the episodes and really hone them. It was like a control freak's dream," he told AOL TV.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mike talked about the finale, how he plans to address the changes in Season 4, his thoughts on the Ron Swanson turkey burger and his joy at being able to use a former Indiana Pacer as a recurring character.

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'Parks and Recreation' Co-Creator Talks Leslie, Ron, Tammy's Return and All Things Pawnee

by Maureen Ryan, posted Feb 23rd 2011 4:00PM

Savor Thursday's 'Parks and Recreation' outing, because after that episode, which has the gang traveling to Indianapolis, the show will be on a break until March 17.

That's the bad news, but the good news is there's lots of Pawnee enjoyment to come this spring. The March 17 'Harvest Festival' episode exemplifies the warm spirit, sharp writing and terrific acting that define this sterling NBC comedy about parks bureaucrat Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her goofy, amusing co-workers.

Ron Swanson fans, be on the alert: In the show's season 3 finale, Megan Mullally will return as Tammy, the evil ex-wife of the parks department boss. And some time before that event, Parker Posey will guest star as "Leslie's counterpart in the town of Eagleton, which is the snotty rich town next door to Pawnee," 'Parks and Recreation' executive producer Michael Schur said in a recent interview.

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Mike Schur of 'Parks and Rec': Joe Morgan's Fatal Flaw Was "Stubbornness"

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 20th 2010 4:00PM
Joe Morgan and Mike Schur
When I spoke to Michael Schur, executive producer of the returning NBC sitcom 'Parks and Recreation,' last month, my main purpose in getting in touch with him wasn't to talk about the show. I actually reached out to him to talk about Joe Morgan, the 'ESPN Sunday Night Baseball' analyst who, along with Jon Miller, were not invited back for a 22nd season on the broadcast.

Why Schur? Because he was one of the proprietors of the blog FireJoeMorgan.com, which chronicled instances where baseball analysts and columnists insisted on using outmoded stats instead of more-illustrative sabermetrics to make their points. Morgan, as the title would indicate, was a favorite target of Schur and his cohorts.

Schur wasn't willing to celebrate Morgan losing his job, but after I asked him about it, he did admit that Morgan was frustrating to listen to. "I think we all have our fatal flaws. And his was probably stubbornness," he told me. "He just seemed to have no interest in even hearing someone suggest why this (sabermetrics) might be good."

Read the rest of the interview over at TV Squad's sister site FanHouse. There, we talk about Morgan, why Schur -- a writer for 'The Office' at the time -- wanted to stay anonymous, and how he was outed (his father-in-law, Regis Philbin, had something to do with that).

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Michael Schur of 'Parks and Recreation' on the Show's Return, Nick Offerman's Mustache, and Playing Mose Schrute

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 16th 2010 1:00PM
The Season 3 cast of 'Parks and Recreation'When I spoke to Michael Schur, executive producer of 'Parks and Recreation,' last week, he hadn't yet known where NBC was going to put his show back on the schedule, or what its timeslot would be.

The midseason pickup was a surprise for him and the staff of the show; when they got the news in May, they had been in the middle of shooting the first six episodes of the third season, in order to get ahead of the game before star Amy Poehler had her second child. The decision by NBC was "disappointing" to Schur, but he told the network that whenever they wanted to bring the show back, the crew was ready.

"'We have these 6 episodes for the beginning of season 3. We're ready,'" Schur told the executives. "'Just tell us where to go and we'll be there.' And they've continued to say that they have a plan and that they're supportive and everything."

It turned out that the Peacock net did have a plan; they're returning 'P&R' to Thursdays starting January 20, airing it at 9:30PM ET as part of a 3-hour comedy block that network TV hasn't seen in almost 20 years. So I followed up with Mike via e-mail in order to get his thoughts on the move.

That response and tidbits from the original interview are after the jump, including some spoilers about season 3, thoughts on Nick Offerman's mustache, how he's intimidated by Aubrey Plaza, and how he feels about playing Dwight Schrute's off-kilter cousin Mose.

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Parks and Recreation: Make My Pit a Park (series premiere)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 10th 2009 12:36AM
Parks & Recreation
While at its heart, and based on its creators (Michael Schur and Greg Daniels of The Office), you can't help but compare Parks & Recreation to The Office. They both film in that mockumentary style, they both feature clueless leads, and they have some of the same comic sensibilities. But how many multi-camera family sitcoms were on the air back in the '80s? Seinfeld and Friends clones in the '90s? Crime procedurals in the '00s?

It doesn't matter if a show shares similar traits with another if it has a voice all its own. And as I indicated in my "Early Look" of Parks & Recreation, they even use the documentary-style camera work differently. But the real difference for me is in the work of Amy Poehler.

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Details of Poehler's Office "spin-off" finally revealed

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 15th 2009 11:33AM
Amy PoehlerFor a variety of reasons, I decided to not go to the Winter edition of the TCA press tour. So far, my choice to stay in frigid Jersey has been justified; not much in the way of big news has come out of the tour, and it seems like the networks are very happy about that.

However, if I was there, I would have apparently received the pilot script to the new Amy Poehler-led sitcom that's being written and produced by the folks from The Office, as Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did yesterday. He revealed some details about what the show's going to be about, and they're... interesting.

The show will be shot documentary-style like The Office. In it, Poehler plays Leslie Knope, who is, according to Owen, a "mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana." She works with a local nurse (Rashida Jones) to turn a construction site into a park, and has to battle the usual local-government nemeses at every turn, including those "traffic and noise" complainers and a town official (Aziz Ansari). All the while, she's followed by an intern (Aubrey Plaza) that she hopes to inspire.

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Poehler will not be in an Office spin-off, but Rashida Jones may reprise Karen - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 21st 2008 4:41PM
Poehler and JonesOne of the more interesting things to come out of the Silverman-Graboff executive session (which I promise will be up later today ... probably this evening) is that, though Amy Poehler has been signed to be in a show produced by The Office's Greg Daniels and Mike Schur, that show will not be an Office spin-off. It'll have the same comic sensibility and style as The Office, but the characters won't be part of the Office universe. However, a real Office spin-off is still in play, and there's potential for Rashida Jones to be a part of it.

Got that? Neither did the critics, who repeatedly asked mostly Silverman to clarify the situation during both the panel and the scrum that followed.

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Aziz Ansari cast on Office spin-off; is he still on Scrubs?

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 13th 2008 12:02PM
Aziz AnsariAziz Ansari seems to be the hottest name around Hollywood casting circles. According to Variety, the stand-up comedian, who's also one-third of the MTV's acclaimed sketch team Human Giant, has been cast in the upcoming Office spin-off. He's also signed a one-year talent hold deal with Universal Media Studios.

What's interesting about this news is that Ansari was also tapped to play one of the new interns on the eighth season of Scrubs, which is produced by and will now air on ABC. What I'm guessing is that, since Scrubs will finish shooting in August, this deal will start after his deal with the veteran medical comedy ends. If there happens to be a ninth season of the show, as Bill Lawrence told me might happen, I'd imagine he'd come back after his Universal deal ends or they'll just replace him with someone else.

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