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July 30, 2015


Amy Ryan keeps her Office job

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 30th 2008 11:39AM
Amy RyanIn last season's finale of The Office, sparks flew between Michael Scott and Toby's HR replacement Holly. Amy Ryan, seen for four seasons on The Wire, brought a new dynamic to the show as Holly with her interactions with Steve Carell's Michael. "Amy gave the character of Holly an openness and matured innocence that exposed a new side of Michael," said Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby and was recently promoted to executive producer on the show. "She placed her character right on his level."

All I can say is bring on more Holly and congratulations to Toby! I guess since Lieberstein will still be so involved with the show, there's always a chance of more Toby in the future, but the beautiful Ryan will add a new dynamic to the series. While Amy Ryan's currently only set for five or so episodes, I hope they can expand that if it works. Now that Pam is back off the market and Karen's gone, Holly represents a new amorous target for the boys of the office. And having her be the HR rep at the same time makes it all the more taboo to pursue. Which means Michael will be all over it like Dwight on Second Life.

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Steve Carell is the boss for three more seasons

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 27th 2008 1:25PM
The Office starring Steve CarellThe title says it all. According to the blog of The Office co-creator Ricky Gervais, Steve Carell has signed on to play Michael Scott for three more seasons.

Gervais follows up the announcement by saying "He is the hardest working man in Hollywood and the harder he works the better it is for me. I mean... well done Steve you are wonderful."

Gervais also mentions "We are also working on a spinoff series of The American Office but I can't tell you anything about that yet."

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The Office: Did I Stutter? - VIDEO

by Jason Hughes, posted May 1st 2008 11:07PM
Steve Carell as Michael Scott - (S04E12) Jay Black couldn't be with us today because he was called away suddenly. Something about not leaving the table until he'd finished all his vegetables but he didn't like asparagus and yet that didn't matter he can sit there all night if he has to or until the asparagus evolves arms and legs and jumps off his plate and leaves on its own. So he figured since my name is the closest to his, maybe we could get away with this last minute pinch hit.

I got an episode that won't necessarily go down in the annals of time as an Office classic, but does bring us back to the core of the show: the office. The episode takes place entirely in one day, entirely in the office, and virtually every cast member gets pulled into one storyline or the other. For me, this is when The Office is at its best, when its presenting us barely controlled chaos. Offices are constantly bustling with activity productive or otherwise. Tonight's episode captured just that, and very well.

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The Office: Night Out - VIDEO

by Jay Black, posted Apr 25th 2008 12:19AM
Dwight is so money!(S04E11) Writing Office reviews for TV Squad has certain perils. For instance, if I write a negative review of an episode that the vast majority of our readership enjoyed, I am treated to dozens of emails asking me which kind of poop is it, exactly, that has replaced my brain (for the record, it's lhasa apso poop). When I complain to my wife about these comments -- I handle criticism about as well as Steve Martin's son from Parenthood -- she says I'd be better off just writing a positive review of every episode. For some reason, positive reviews don't seem to warrant the same vitriol as negative ones.

Now, while I might cheat on my taxes or steal from the elderly, I would never sell out my integrity when it comes to television blogging. If an episode is bad, I promise you I'll write a negative review. Unfortunately for my integrity, however, it doesn't seem like the producers of The Office plan on airing a bad episode any time soon...

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The Office: Chairmodel - VIDEO

by Jay Black, posted Apr 18th 2008 12:39AM
Kevin(S04E10) Hey Pam will you... wait for me one second while I tie my shoe?

For everything that happened this week -- a return to form for those of you who were upset that the previous two episodes strayed from the confines of Dunder-Mifflin -- I believe it's that question (and Pam's reaction to it) that will set up the conflict over the remaining episodes of the season. I'm about as good at reading female facial signals as Rain Man, but even I could tell that Pam's face during the "proposal" wasn't exactly filled with the kind of joy you'd expect it would be. Maybe the producers are just giving us a red herring and Pam's reaction tonight will be the equivalent of Lost's four-toed statue (interesting for a blip, then forgotten about) or maybe things are not all that well in JAM-land.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about the rest of the episode first...

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Get Steve - Carell talks about the new Get Smart movie

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 27th 2008 9:20AM
Carell as SmartLast week, The Office's Steve Carell attended WonderCon 2008, talking about his new movie Get Smart. The picture, which is based on the 1965 NBC (and later CBS) TV series of the same name, will be appearing in theaters around the country on June 20, 2008. While saying that he tried not to channel Don Adams's performance so he could bring something different to the role, in an IESB.net interview with Carell, he said that before he got the part of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, of CONTROL, both Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell were considered. The film had actually been in development for nearly a decade. Steve recalled going to Warner Brothers for a reading about three years ago. "It was the most surreal moment, because I went in thinking I was just going to audition for a role. I didn't expect them to offer me the part of Maxwell Smart."

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Steve Carell is officially hotter than Spiderman - VIDEO

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 3rd 2007 3:01PM
Tobey and SteveI've had a weird little crush on Steve Carell ever since his correspondent days on The Daily Show, but no one -- apart from a few fellow TDS fans -- has really agreed with my awkward attraction until now.

A few nights ago, Justin Timberlake hosted Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, which is an annual brightly-colored celebration of slime and burping and all things immature. As Tobey MacGuire and Steve Carell stepped up to present the award for Favorite Animated Movie, there was a collective gasp heard from anyone older than 14 in Nickelodeon-watching households... "The 40 Year-Old Virgin could totally beat up Spiderman". Look at these pictures! Someone has obviously been working out. Carell looks like he could pound in MacGuire's nerdy little face and take his lunch money. Of course, this strange shift in the public consensus on "hotness" was so sudden that it knocked the Earth off its axis and we are currently spiraling into the sun.

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The Office: Phyllis' Wedding

by Jay Black, posted Feb 8th 2007 10:12PM
How nice to work there. Really. I mean, my office sucks but at least these guys are funny!(S03E15) Let's get the short review out of the way: this was an amazing episode.

Here's a shocking thing that a lot of TV executives seem to not be able to understand: when you get really talented writers and allow them to work with really talented actors, good things will happen. You don't really need to over think the equation. The Office consistently manages to dazzle us with little more than well written scripts executed by great actors. You don't need mythology or gimmicks... just talent.

All right, the fawning is making even me sick. On to the episode...

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What if The Office was a crime thriller?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 26th 2007 6:59PM

The OfficeAh, the people of the internets are endlessly clever. In the tradition of recut trailers such as Brokeback To The Future comes The Office...if it was a crime thriller instead of a Must-See comedy.

My favorite parts: the slow motion shot of Jim in the rear view mirror, Dwight and Ryan out in the empty field, and Kevin saying "My God, what have I done?" They should have ended it with Dwight saying "you're dead" though, instead of the gunshot.

I guess TV shows and movies can look like anything you want them to be. It's all in the editing. I want to see The Wire done as a wacky sitcom.

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The Office: The Convict

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Nov 30th 2006 10:04PM

(S03E09) After watching Michael Scott "transform" himself into "Prison Mike," I was so enthralled by it that I've decided to rent Scared Straight from Netflix. I remember watching that documentary back in the 70s when I was a teenager, and I thought it was so over the top that I remember laughing all the way through it. Of course, if I was sitting in that room with those convicts in Rahway, I might have gotten smacked around a bit. But the idea of "lifers" telling kids how to not be like them is just too much grist for the comedy mill.

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The Office brings SexyBack - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 8th 2006 8:47AM
the office; dwight schrute; michael scott
If you're like me, you're waking up with a major hangover today. It has nothing to do with the elections and everything to do with Britney and K-Fed's divorce. Like, OMG! I totally thought they'd last 4EVER!

To brighten your day, I have a video mash-up for you. It's The Office meets Justin Timberlake's SexyBack. It brings a whole new meaning to the song, which was just 'okay' in my book until I saw the video. It's mostly Dwight and Michael, with a little Jim sprinkled in (the one who's really bringing sexy back!). Next time I hear that song on the radio, I'll be rocking out in my car with some Michael Scott dance moves! Look for me on a freeway near you.

Video is after the jump:

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What happened to Michael Scott's girlfriend?

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 13th 2006 3:02PM
Steve Carell as Michael ScottAlan Sepinwall brings up a good point on his blog today (yes, two days in a row with Alan. What can I say, he's good): Why is Michael Scott, Dunder-Mifflin's favorite goofy manager, still being portrayed as the sad lonely clown? In last night's episode, not only do we see Michael lamenting the fact that both his old boss and the bird died alone, we also see Pam give a bird eulogy that essentially told Michael that he still has people who love him. But here's the interesting thing: doesn't Michael have a girlfriend?

Sure, Jan isn't that happy with Michael -- though I contend that she still likes him a little, considering she warned him of Dwight's traitorous ways in last week's episode -- but isn't he still dating Carol the real-estate agent (played by Steve Carell's real-life wife, Nancy Walls)? It makes me wonder if the writers are subtly trying to tell us that things between Michael and Carol aren't going that well, or they just simply forgot about that detail. Writers are human; they can forget. And they can also "conveniently forget" things to service a plot; Greg Daniels worked on a show that did that all the time in The Simpsons. So what do you folks think? Are we going to see Carol again? Let me know in the comments.

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The Office Webisodes -- Number 9: Michael's Office

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Aug 31st 2006 12:46PM

Just one webisode left!The investigation moves to Michael's office, where we see Oscar, Kevin, and Angela rifle through Michael's desk to see if there is any evidence that he had something to do with the missing $3,000. Kevin is playing with Michael's toys, including his bullhorn and train whistle, while Oscar and Angela think of how Michael might have spent the money.

Angela checks Michael's computer and finds that he frequents Jack's Joke and Magic Shop quite a bit, and Oscar and Kevin discover that Michael has a desk drawer filled with Dunder Mifflin snowglobes. It doesn't seem that they've turned up anything, but they agree to talk to Michael.

Since there is one webisode left, obviously there has to be some sort of resolution coming (let's hope). These webisodes haven't exactly been very exciting, to say the least. Will we see Michael in the finale? Guess we'll find out next Thursday.

Watch the webisode here.

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The Office Webisodes -- Number 7: Things Are Getting Tense

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Aug 17th 2006 10:58AM

The investigation is at an impasseThe investigation of the missing $3,000 is going nowhere. Oscar, Angela, and Kevin are very frustrated with their lack of progress. Suddenly, Oscar discovers a missing $2,800 charge, but Kevin sheepishly admits that he took money out and gambled on pro basketball (Go Pistons!). He says he won, and put the money he borrowed back. However, that amount was different from the $3,000 in question.

Kevin then points to Angela's new necklace, and she says that a "friend" gave it to her. Oscar and Kevin are skeptical about this "friend," but they drop the issue. Angela then says that they have to investigate Michael, who's been the target of suspicion all along. Will we see Michael brought in for questioning? Time will tell...

Watch the webisode here.

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