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October 9, 2015

michelle beadle

Regis Asks Guest Host Michelle Beadle If She Watches Internet Porn (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 16th 2011 1:00PM
Regis Philbin and Michelle Beadle discuss porn on 'Live With Regis and Kelly'When an older man asks a pretty young lady if she watches Internet porn, that's creepy, right? Does it make a difference if that older man is Regis Philbin and the pretty young lady is Michelle Beadle, co-host of ESPN2's SportsNation? And if it happens on national TV, on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated)? All of these questions were answered Thursday when Philbin and Beadle started discussing the Web.

Philbin admitted he doesn't have "an Internet," while Beadle said that's what she does all day. "I read the Internet every day, that's all I do," said Beadle. "Just trashy news, real news, all of it." Beadle jokingly said she looks at pictures, which prompted Philbin to lean in and ask, "And I suppose you check out the porn, huh?"

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Mike Greenberg Objects to Lady Gaga on 'Mike and Mike in the Morning' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Aug 11th 2010 1:00PM
Rob "Stats" Guerrera, the board operator for 'Mike and Mike in the Morning' (weekdays, 6AM ET on ESPN2), plays 'Alejandro' by Lady Gaga at the beginning of a segment, greatly upsetting Mike Greenberg, who finds Gaga objectionable due to racy attire she wore at New York baseball games in June.

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Michelle Beadle Calls LeBron James a Nerd (VIDEO)

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 26th 2010 5:03PM
SportsNationPlenty of four-letter words have been thrown in LeBron James's direction since he left Cleveland to play basketball with his friends in Miami. Up until now, "nerd" had not typically been one of them. But that's what 'SportsNation' (weekdays at 4PM ET on ESPN) co-host Michelle Beadle called LeBron today while making fun of the pictures from his 25th birthday party in Las Vegas, which featured James wearing sunglasses while partying in a club, awkwardly posing with four fingers held up, and a cake decorated with a crown logo.

Co-host Colin Cowherd defends James, arguing that sports fans will all start loving him again when he starts winning. Um, that's only if you're a Miami Heat fan, and they're already loving the self-styled King. Everyone else? They'll keep ripping him, except of course when oohing and aahhing at his nightly on-court exploits on 'Sportscenter.'

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Should We Still Be Talking About Tiger Woods and His Wife? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 16th 2010 8:55PM
Should We Still Be Talking About Tiger Woods and His Wife?You may have heard about the marital troubles of golfer Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren. There was some cheating on Tiger's part -- with a ton of girls. Then there were some voicemails, a situation involving attacking a car with a golf club, and now -- reportedly -- Elin is considering a divorce from Tiger and wants a $750 million settlement.

But should we still be talking about all of this? On 'SportsNation' (weekdays, 4PM ET on ESPN2), hosts Colin and Michelle debate whether the marriage of the golfer is an appropriate topic for discussion. This is in response to a press conference where Tiger was asked about his relationship with Elin, and replied: "That's none of your business."

Host Michelle Beadle says we should stop talking about the whole affair; co-host Colin Cowherd disagrees. Hmm. So which position is right?

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