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October 13, 2015

mike and molly

A Sick Mike Tries to Be Tough, But Crumbles When Mom's on the Phone on 'Mike and Molly' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 4th 2011 1:29AM
'Mike & Molly'If there's one thing men know, it's that they don't need help from anyone ... ever! If there's one thing women know it's that when it comes to being sick, that first "one thing" is thrown right out the window.

On 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM on CBS), despite being very ill, Mike was determined to go to work. "Just help me zip up my fly and tuck in my shirt and we're good to go," he told his partner Carl.

Carl was having none of it, insisting that Mike needed someone to take care of him. He started to call Molly, but Mike didn't want her to see him all sweaty and out of breath for fear she would never want to have sex with him.

This is 'Mike & Molly' after all. Do you really think the writers could resist an opening for a fat joke like that one? Here it comes: "If she hasn't seen you sweaty and out of breath, I'm pretty sure you haven't had sex in the first place."

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Mike Buys Molly a Diamond Bracelet, Uses the 'Love' Word (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 14th 2010 9:20AM
Mike Buys Diamonds for Molly on 'Mike & Molly'It's time to exchange Christmas gifts on 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS). She opens hers, pulling out a diamond bracelet. "You can't afford this," she says to Mike. He replies, "Not a problem. I put it on a credit card, and I can pay it off in 110 easy payments."

Molly: "That's like nine years!"
Mike: "I don't care ... I love you, and you can't put a price on love."

Wait a minute... he just said that all-important three-word phrase for the first time. "You love me?" she asks. Mike says, "Yeah. Is that OK?" It certainly is, but she still doesn't "want to spend the rest of our lives paying off my first Christmas present."

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Mike Gives Molly His Apartment Key; Will She Reciprocate? (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 7th 2010 9:10AM
'Mike & Molly': Molly Gets His Apartment KeyOn 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), the couple's relationship is progressing at a steady clip. Mike gives Molly a key to his apartment. "I thought you might like to come and go as you please," he says casually.

Molly calls it a "big step" and doesn't know what to say. Mike teases, "Speechless. Finally!"

"So, can I have a key to your place?" he asks. Hmm, is Molly ready to respond in kind?

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Mike and Molly Attempt to Host Thanksgiving Dinner Together (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Nov 23rd 2010 8:30AM
'Mike & Molly' Host Thanksgiving DinnerMike and Molly have been dating for a while now, and so far, they've kept their social circles and families separate. On 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), his mother guilts Molly into hosting a Thanksgiving feast for everyone.

A comedy of errors ensues, as the couple tries to figure out how to cook a turkey, among other traditional things. Finally, with everyone gathered at the table, Mike gives a toast: "Although it may not look exactly like the cover of a magazine, it looks beautiful to me," he says. Everyone smiles.

However, a peek under the table reveals the dog, roaming between everyone's legs and getting lots of table scraps.

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Carlton Cuse Preps Civil War Drama at ABC, 'Mike & Molly' to Address Marie Claire Blog and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 19th 2010 5:40PM
Carlton CuseCarlton Cuse is taking on the 1800s with a new ABC drama.

The 'Lost' executive producer is teaming with 'Secretariat's' Randall Wallace for a Civil War-set drama. The two are co-writing the pilot script and if it's picked up, Wallace will direct.

According to Variety, details are still vague, but the project is set in Virginia and has been envisioned as an "event" series.

In other TV news ...

Syfy will air the final five episodes of 'Caprica' in a January marathon. The episodes will start at 6PM on Tues., Jan. 4 and end at 11PM. [TV By the Numbers]

'Mike & Molly' is using its Thanksgiving episode to address the Marie Claire blog controversy. Look for the mention to happen in a speech by Billy Gardell. "It's a very eloquently put thing that I get to say at the Thanksgiving speech that kind of says everything we feel." [Entertainment Weekly]

Jennifer Esposito has been promoted to a series regular on 'Blue Bloods.' Esposito plays Detective Jackie Curatola, the partner of Donnie Wahlberg's Danny Reagan. [TV Guide]

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Mike Calls Molly Just 'a Friend' at Overeaters Anonymous Meeting (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Nov 16th 2010 9:50AM
Mike Calls Molly 'a Friend' on 'Mike & Molly'After an Overeaters Anonymous meeting on 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), Jill sidles up to Mike and introduces herself. She says flirtatiously, "I love your boots. I just moved here from Texas, so I'm kind of a sucker for a man in cowboy boots."

Molly clears her throat to remind boyfriend Mike of her presence. "This is Molly -- she's a friend of mine," he says casually. Molly is far from amused and gives Jill a stern, lengthy handshake.

Jill wants Mike to be her sponsor for accountability. Sure thing. And that means giving him her phone number, but he doesn't have a pen. Molly...?

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'Mike & Molly': Mattress Salesman Thinks Mike and Carl Are a Couple (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Nov 9th 2010 8:30AM
Mike and Carl Shop Together on 'Mike & Molly'On 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), Mike takes his police partner Carl with him to shop for a new mattress. "You guys known each other a long time?" asks the salesman. Carl answers, "We've been partners for five years."

Carl further confuses the salesman by getting very involved in the shopping process -- agreeing to spoon with Mike on one of the mattresses.

"You'll have one happy girl in your hands tonight," says Carl, referring of course to Molly. The salesman says, "You buy this mattress, I think both you girls are going to be happy."

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'Mike & Molly': Sex and Popcorn (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 2nd 2010 1:21AM
'Mike & Molly': Sex and PopcornThere's nothing like the first long weekend together. On 'Mike & Molly' (9:30PM ET on CBS), the pair enjoys a two-day getaway as a new couple, doing all the "standard" romantic things: having sex, talking about feet ... rolling around on top of popcorn. (Note: your own "standard" romantic experience may differ from Mike and Molly's.)

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

Things are going well, as policeman Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell) spends some "sexy time" with teacher Molly Flynn. But when the weekend is over, Mike has trouble letting go. Not that this presents a huge problem for Molly (Melissa McCarthy).

When it's time for Molly to leave, Mike makes an impromptu speech, listing his favorite things about their time together -- which includes the pair eating "kettle corn" ... in bed. He continues: "My favorite part of this weekend was waking up in the morning, seeing you laying next to me ... your tiny feet popping out of the covers. ... The 'other stuff' was great, but that's the memory I'll be keeping 'right here,'" Mike says, pointing to his heart.

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Billy Gardell Responds to Controversial Marie Claire Article on 'The Talk' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Nov 1st 2010 3:45PM
On 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated), 'Mike and Molly' star Billy Gardell responded to a controversial article by Marie Claire contributor Maura Kelly, in which she accused the show of "promoting obesity" and made other comments widely considered derogatory toward overweight people.

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Sharon Osbourne, 'Mike & Molly' Creator Mark Roberts Speak Out Against 'Hateful' Marie Claire Blog About 'Fatties'

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 28th 2010 10:00AM
'Mike & Molly'When Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly wrote that she was uncomfortable watching the two main characters on CBS sitcom 'Mike & Molly' making out because they were so overweight, she surely knew she'd encounter some sort of backlash. Now Mark Roberts, creator of the offending show, and 'The Talk' host Sharon Osbourne have spoken out against the article, calling it "hateful" and "deplorable."

"I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other, because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything," Kelly wrote in a blog on the magazine's website.

Roberts told The Hollywood Reporter, "My initial reaction is she's talking about [Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy] and I love them; I feel protective and angry about people being loose-lipped. I guess hateful is the only way to describe [the post]."

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The Only Thing Offensive About 'Mike & Molly' Is the Fat Jokes

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 27th 2010 4:35PM
Mike and MollyMonday marks the fifth anniversary of my first post here on TV Squad. That's an eternity in this business, and in that time I've seen everything with regards to discourse on the interwebs.

One of the things I've learned is that just about once per month, like clockwork, something written online sparks a crapstorm of controversy and brings out a ton of anonymous jerkwaddery.

This month's victim is Maura Kelly, who wrote about the CBS show 'Mike & Molly' for her dating blog on Marie Claire's website. The post had the unfortunate title "Should 'Fatties' Get a Room? (Even on TV?)," and in it she expressed displeasure at the prospect of seeing two plus-sized actors make out on television. The 1000-plus comments on the post (and her subsequent posts) are mostly vitriolic, calling for her firing and warning her new boyfriend that he will get dumped if he gains any weight.

But these readers are misdirecting their anger. They should be sending their venom towards producer Chuck Lorre and CBS honcho Les Moonves, because, really, the only thing offensive about 'Mike & Molly' isn't the sight of Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell making out. It's the fat jokes, plain and simple.

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Privacy at Home Proves Difficult on 'Mike & Molly' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 26th 2010 10:10AM
'Mike and Molly' Have No PrivacyOn 'Mike & Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), the couple's date is over but they want to spend more time together. Molly invites him in, assuming her mom and sister are already in bed. Um, no.

They're lounging on the couch, doing mani/pedis and wearing bright-blue facial masks. "Hey! Did you guys do it yet?!" asks her sister. Mike says that next time, "you come over to my place. That way we don't have to worry about the Smurfs, and we can relax and do whatever we want to do."

Molly grins, but not about the prospects for their next date. She's excited about getting dinner's leftovers.

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CBS Orders Full Seasons of All Five New Shows

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 22nd 2010 8:15AM
'Blue Bloods'Good news for CBS viewers: After a strong start to the fall season, the network has gone all-out and ordered full seasons of its five new shows.

The solid performance of the five newbies -- 'The Defenders,' 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'Blue Bloods,' 'Mike & Molly' and '$#*! My Dad Says' -- helped CBS nab the number one spot for the first month of the fall season.

Speaking toThe Hollywood Reporter, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler credited the success to the network's strong development, promotion and smart scheduling moves. "It's personally thrilling and extremely satisfying," she added, "I like kept walking around the halls going, 'I want 5 for 5.'"

Although the network hasn't said just how many episodes have been ordered, Tassler wouldn't rule out reducing the episode orders for some series so that they can make room for new midseason shows.

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Mike and His Police Partner Are a Bickering Couple on 'Mike and Molly' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 19th 2010 6:35AM
Mike Bickers with Partner on 'Mike and Molly'On 'Mike and Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), the couple hasn't been dating very long. But when Molly meets Mike's police partner, she gets a glimpse of what he's like in a long-term relationship.

Mike says they've been partners about four years. His colleague begs to differ. "We've been partners for almost five years ... Do you remember the day in November?" Mike replies sarcastically, "Well I'd have to check my diary."

His partner suggests he tattoo the date on his "eating hand" to remember it. "You guys sound just like an old married couple ... you know, the way you do the little back-and-forth bickering thing," chuckles Molly.

Both men say it's just "male camaraderie" like Batman and Robin -- but that launches into a debate over who is Batman and who's Robin.

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Mike Climbs to Molly's Window to Win Her Back (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 12th 2010 9:50AM
'Mike and Molly' Try to Reconcile at Her WindowOn 'Mike and Molly' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on CBS), Mike wants to right his wrong (turning down Molly), but now her mother won't even let him talk to her. "Thy mother shall not keep me from thy maiden hand," declares Mike as he climbs a ladder (with the help of three guys "touched" by the Hallmark moment).

Through slurred speech, he explains, "The other night when we were kissing and you invited me in, I panicked because I didn't want you to see me without my clothes on." Molly responds, "I don't know if you've noticed this, but I'm not exactly perfect."

"You are to me," he says. The magic words. Molly invites him in, but hoisting him through the window in his drunken state is basically where the romantic moment ends.

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