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August 31, 2015

mike fleiss

The Neighborhood is going to go there on CBS starting August 9

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 30th 2009 6:00PM
CBS logoI keep hearing about these summer shows coming up that I didn't even know existed. Like this one. It's a new reality show from Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor, etc) called There Goes The Neighborhood. They actually put up a twenty foot wall around a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA and cut off all of the residents from the outside world completely (though I wonder if it's really completely or just enough-to-play-the-game completely). The residents will have to interact with each other more than they probably have in the past and will also try to win money and prizes.

This could be an interesting experiment or a reality show-themed episode of The Twilight Zone: "Who Wants To Be A Monster On Maple Street?"

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Do you want to watch fat people dating?

by Brad Trechak, posted Mar 30th 2009 11:02AM
FoxFox seems to think so. It has struck a deal with Mike Fleiss, the producer of The Bachelor, to produce a new dating show in which everyone will be more "average" looking. The show will be called More To Love.

They claim it's an attempt to break the industry assumption that viewers only want to watch highly attractive people. It seems more like another attempt by reality television to use a certain type of people in exchange for some air time on a major network. But that's just me.

My big concern is that Fox is essentially taking advantage of the obesity problem in the United States. While I like the concept behind such shows as The Biggest Loser, this has the potential of being a case of freaks on display. On the other hand, if the people behave normally, it could give a good message to the public that being overweight, while not healthy, does not automatically make a person unattractive.

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TV Land orders dating show for Cougars

by Joel Keller, posted May 1st 2008 1:04PM
How I Met Your Mother: Harris and SeymourMany people think that the term "cougar," which is loosely defined as "older woman on the prowl for younger men to date" was introduced on last season's How I Met Your Mother episode that had Jane Seymour seduce Neil Patrick Harris' Barney. But like I said in my review back then, I had heard that term before that episode aired. But we can definitely say that HIMYM popularized the term.

Now it seems like TV Land, which is becoming the network for reality shows starring people over 35, has decided to pick up a Bachelorette-esque series where a number of young men will be competing for the affections of "sexy and accomplished mature woman." The show is being produced by Mike Fleiss, who was the executive producer for the network's version of High School Reunion.

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Next on The Bachelor: The Pope?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 30th 2006 2:49PM

The BachelorNo, no, no, not as a contestant, though wouldn't that be a twist?

No, actually, the producers of the current version of the show have wanted the Pope involved in the project since the beginning, since the show features an Italian Prince. Producer Mike Fleiss thinks it would be cool if Prince Borghese could talk to the Pope before handing out to the woman he's going to leave in six months once the hype for the show is over who he will live with forever and ever.

Somehow I don't see this happening.

Fleiss has even put in a request to the Vatican. But it all depends on the Pope's schedule. He's already slated to be on MTV's Total Request Live, so he might not be able to make it.

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