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August 30, 2015

misfits of science

My Top 10 list is better than Sci Fi Wire's

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 8th 2008 11:04AM
Earth 2Let's face it, science fiction on television is always a challenge, and more often than not, these series fail to find a big enough audience to stick around. That's why the year after Lost hit it big on just minor sci-fi elements, we had three ratings flops at once with Invasion, Threshold and Surface. And all three were good, for different reasons. So my question is why did none of them make Sci Fi Wire's list of the top 10 sci fi shows canceled too soon? Because Sci-Fi Wire liked Eerie, Indiana better!

Seriously though, while there were some good elements in their list, and I absolutely agree with their number one choice, there were some real problems and omissions as well. Wonderfalls ranked way too high and Homeboys in Outer Space didn't even make the list? Outrageous! So I've taken it upon myself to make my own list of The Top 10 Sci Fi Short-Lived Sci-Fi Shows That Weren't Pulitzer Worthy But Went Great With Popcorn. And I intentionally didn't include any of the shows on their list, because I'm acting like a spoiled brat and I don't want to play with their toys.

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Another Heroes controversy? - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 18th 2008 3:23PM

Misfits of ScienceFirst we had the lawsuit that claimed the idea for Heroes was stolen, then we had the controversial comments from ex-Zach, Thomas Dekker. Now comes what could be the most intriguing Heroes controversy of them all.

Was the first season tag line "Save the cheerleader, save the world" borrowed from a short-lived NBC show from the mid-80s?

That's the news from the B-Side blog, which discloses that the classic, campy NBC sci-fi show Misfits of Science (which starred Courteney Cox and ALF's Max Wright) had the catch phrase "Save Adele, Save The World." Now, this would be just a cute coincidence if it wasn't for the fact that Heroes creator Tim Kring was one of the writers on the show! Of course, since he was a writer on the show, maybe it's not a controversy at all.

After the jump, video from the show, which includes the tag line.

Note: the B-Side Blog seems to be down right now, so here's the story on Defamer.

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