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September 5, 2015


Drop Dead Diva: Grayson's Anatomy (season finale)

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 12th 2009 3:12AM
Drop_dead_diva_Brooke(S01E13) Drop Dead Diva has lived up to the pilot/premiere, and in some ways, exceeded it. The Deb/Jane dichotomy has morphed into someone different than either pure Deb or pure Jane. Brooke Elliott is wonderful as "New Jane" with just a hint of Deb. As season one comes to a close, even if the writers hadn't left us with a cliffhanger ending, I'd be more than anxious to tune in next year.

There were two interesting cases on the docket for the finale, with Stacy offering lots of comic relief as second stool -- chair -- to Grayson in a lawsuit brought by a lingerie model who'd been fired because she went public with her surviving breast cancer. Jane's case was more complex, but not until after it had been won. More on both cases, and Jane's dilemma on the dating front, after the jump.

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The Real Models of Reality Television

by Stephanie Earp, posted Sep 14th 2009 11:57PM

Sometime in the early 2000s, Tyra Banks had the idea for a competitive reality show that would crown a new supermodel. Back when the second season was debuting, she told me the idea came to her while she was staring out of the large picture window in her living room. I, too come up with my best reality television show ideas while staring into blank space, but unfortunately I don't have Tyra's credibility or connections, and my knitting competition show has yet to debut.

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Victoria's Secret: "Model"

by Richard Keller, posted Feb 3rd 2008 10:58PM

Uh, bludawhat?

Do I really have to say anything about this ad? It features a Victoria's Secret model dressed in a lingerie, holding a football, and looking sensually into the camera. I guess if there words to say about this ad they would be: perfect, wonderful, best ad ever, amazing, and...Duh!

Hey, it's the Super Bowl -- holiday for the male chauvinist pig! You expect me to be sensitive and caring? If you want that then call Alan Alda or Hugh Grant. Me, I'm just going to stare at her a little bit more.

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Cycle 9 finalists of America's Next Top Model revealed

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 30th 2007 10:01AM

Cycle 9 FinalistsAre you high fashion?

Do you find yourself practicing your catwalk as you sashay to the fax machine at work? Do you have an unexplained loss of appetite and find yourself attracted to people with prominent foreheads? Do you spend hours in front of your mirror making "fierce" faces?

Have no fear! You're not going crazy. You're just experiencing America's Next Top Model withdraw. Don't worry because the following should give you a good fix until the ninth-cycle premieres on Wednesday, September 19 on The CW.

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FOX picks up script for Drop Dead Diva

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 9th 2007 3:01PM

FOXFOX has ordered the script for a new comedic drama from Josh Berman, creator of previous FOX series Vanished and Killer Instinct, a story editor on Bones and a consulting producer for CSI.

The series, Drop Dead Diva, is about a gorgeous model who dies and whose soul is transplanted into the body of another female: an overweight, and therefore not as attractive, attorney.

You can probably fill in the blanks from there: everyone, including the viewers, learns that beauty comes from within, and I, much like the diva in this story, am also killed (with boredom).

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Kimora Lee Simmons gets reality show on Style

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 12th 2007 8:03AM

kimora lee simmonsKimora Lee Simmons, wife of Russell Simmons and CEO of the Baby Phat clothing line, is getting her own reality series on the Style Network. The series, which has the working title Kimora, will premiere sometime this summer.

Kimora started out as a fashion model in her early teens, later married Russell Simmons, and in 2004 was co-host of Life and Style on UPN. She has also appeared in the films Rebound and Beauty Shop, and was a judge on America's Next Top Model.

The new series will follow Kimora through her daily routine of raising her family and running her business, and, as this press release states, will "open a lot of women's eyes to the possibilities life has to offer," especially if you happen to be a teenage model who catches the eye of a multi-millionaire almost two decades older than you. It's the kind of success story that can only be obtained through sheer tenacity and borderline pedophilia. It's almost Disneyesque, this modern fairy tale.

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Tila Tequila may have new show on VH1

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 31st 2007 3:41PM

tila tequilaAccording to Monsters and Critics, singer, video vixen and popular MySpace personality Tila Tequila (real name Tila Nguyen) may soon have her own series on VH1. Nguyen says she plans to "push the envelope," with her new series, which, based on her YouTube videos, I assume means she'll be half-dressed through most of the show to distract people from her singing. There are no real details on the series just yet, and no official word when or if it will debut.

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Tyra talks through 2009

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 19th 2006 10:32AM
tyra banks; heidi klumWarner Bros. has renewed Tyra Banks' talk show for another two seasons. The Tyra Banks Show is a staple on E!'s The Soup, what with Tyra going undercover as a man, a fat woman, and making her audience watch the show in their unmentionables. Despite a 12% decline in ratings over the last year, Fox says the show has wide appeal and thinks it is just coming into its own.

I've seen only bits and pieces of The Tyra Banks Show while on the treadmill at the gym. She seems to do a lot of makeovers ("The Tyra Treatment") and reunions. And, of course, a lot of focus on fashion.This friday, she has Nicole Richie.

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Sacha Baron Cohen, former male model - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 2nd 2006 2:24PM
sacha baron cohenThere's an old British 'Where Are They Now'-type special up on YouTube that is all about Sacha Baron Cohen. The special looks a little dated because it focuses on his work on television as Ali G, and it shows Kristoff, an Albanian reporter character that strongly resembles Borat. It chronicles Cohen's childhood-- he attended an affluent school and then went to Cambridge. There are some old, cringe-worthy video clips of him and his brother ridiculing Jews and of Cohen hosting various cable access shows. One interesting revelation is a picture is of Cohen as a model. That's right- behind the Ali G and Borat characters is a rather good-looking fellow. His short stint as a fashion model reportedly inspired his red carpet reporter character, Bruno.

The video is after the jump. It's pretty long, so if you just want to see the modeling bit, it's at 8:00.

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Kate Moss has a sense of humor?!

by Annie Wu, posted Nov 24th 2006 7:02PM
Kate and MattAll of Kate Moss' photos exude an air of "baby, I'm so totally out of your league", just like every other vicious, humorless ice queen. Because of this, I never would have expected her to be the type to dabble in comedy (unless you count her relationship with Pete Doherty as a joke -- oh snap!), and, trust me, even after seeing the pictures, I'm having a tough time grasping the fact...

Recently, Moss took to the stage with Little Britain's Matt Lucas to do some sketches for Little Britain's Big Night, a show being filmed for Comic Relief (not the American one, but the red-nosed English one). She played Katie Pollard, the considerably skinnier but equally trashy twin sister of Lucas' ever-popular character, Vicky Pollard. The photos look hysterical and definitely give Moss lots of cool points in my book. According to this article, as Katie left the stage, Vicky told her to "lose some weight, you fat bitch!" I hope some video pops up on YouTube soon so that we can all see Moss in all that Kappa-covered glory.

And I was going to do a "yeah, but... no, but... yeah, but..." joke, but I couldn't fit it in. Hey, don't go givin' me evils.

[via Styledash]

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Report: America's Next Top Model goes plus size

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 14th 2006 10:34AM
tyra banksTMZ.com is reporting that the next batch of contestants on America's Next Top Model will be... er... heftier than the past models. That's not to say that they're going to be officially "plus size", as in size 14 or larger, but the girls in the next go-around will reportedly be meatier than past skin-and-bones models. Yeah, they'll probably be a size 2 instead of a zero. Oh, the horror! Maybe they'll be less bitchy than the other girls since they're not starving? Where's the fun in that?!?

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Tom Goes to the Mayor: CNE

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 29th 2006 12:01PM

tom goes to the mayor(S02E09) This is an early review courtesy of Adult Swim Fix, so don't read if you want to wait until Sunday night to see the episode.

I love Michael Ian Black, but I'm not in love with him. You know what I mean? A person can have everything you want in a comedian, but somehow he just can't turn you on the way you need. You end up having to sneak out at night to get your comedy satisfaction elsewhere, or even worse, you sneak off to the bathroom after he's finished his routine and he walks in and catches you reading a joke book. With a look of mortification and deep personal shame he shouts, "What, I'm not enough for you?!"

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America's Next Top Model writer-producers on strike -- UPDATE

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 24th 2006 5:34PM
america's next top modelThe twelve writer-producers for America's Next Top Model have lived up to their threat to strike. They are protesting management's refusal to allow them to unionize. On Friday, the writers picketed outside Top Model production offices in Los Angeles. They all wore red shirts and carried signs that said things like, 'Reality Needs a Rewrite' and 'Tyra is union. Why not me?'

The writer-producers are demanding healthcare, residuals, pension, better pay and writing credits (they're currently credited as producers). The writers argue that they should receive similar treatment as writers in other genres, such as dramas and comedies.

So far, executive producers are steering the writer-producers toward government mediation, but the writers say that's a stall tactic to get them to conclude the next two seasons and then can them all. Americans Next Top Model is currently in the middle of season seven, so this could get real interesting.

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What Tiny Toons (didn't) teach us

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 21st 2006 12:32PM

hampton pigWhen a character is created for an animated series, it usually goes through several changes. Like any work of art, it takes several drafts before something is created that really works. In animation this is especially true, since the character most not only look good, but also be drawn in a way that allows optimum movement and flexibility. Sometimes characters actually change right before our eyes. The Bugs Bunny we recognize today looks nothing like he did when the character that would eventually evolve into him first appeared in the late 1930s. When Porky Pig first appeared in 1935's "I Haven't Got A Hat" he was positively gargantuan and rather grotesque compared to his thinner future self.

Animator Jeff Pidgeon wrote on his blog about working on Tiny Toons and coming up with the design of Hampton Pig. Apparently no one could come up with a design that executive producer Steven Spielberg liked, so a contest was held and Pidgeon's design found favor with Spielberg. However, his fellow animators didn't like the design because Hampton's body was too squat and difficult to pose and animate.

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