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October 6, 2015


There could be yet another permanent death coming up on Heroes

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 1st 2009 1:29PM
HeroesSo, in last night's episode of Heroes, one of the original cast members was killed off. In slow motion! Fans might think that there's a chance he could come back because characters come back on this show all the time, but producer Tim Kring says that this is final.

And now it looks like it might not be the only permanent death on the show.

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A major death is coming to Heroes - who will it be?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 13th 2009 5:03PM
HeroesKristin over at E! is reporting that a "major death" is coming to Heroes, probably to boost ratings (good luck with that). All he'll say is that the character is male and it's a member of the original cast.

That's actually a lot of info. Who do you think it will be? (I'm assuming it's not Nathan, for obvious reasons.)

Who is going to die on Heroes?
Sylar83 (6.8%)
Matt165 (13.4%)
Hiro401 (32.7%)
Ando74 (6.0%)
Peter75 (6.1%)
Mohinder314 (25.6%)
Noah (HRG)116 (9.4%)

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Who are the most useless characters on television?

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 23rd 2008 1:17PM
James DentonIt's one thing to make a list of the characters on television that you consider useless and not worth anyone's time, the characters we probably wouldn't miss if they were to vanish from their shows. It's another thing, though, to name a child from a reality show on that list.

That's what the New York Post's PopWrap blog does. This list of the top 10 most useless characters includes someone named Mady from Jon and Kate Plus 8, which is apparently a reality show. The blog calls this girl - who is a real person dragged on to the show by adults and not a character and not an actress - "selfish, egocentric, whiner, not a joiner - that parents would use genetic testing to eradicate if it were an option." Yowza, that's quite a statement. Other people on the list include Mohinder from Heroes (can't really argue with that after this season), Ignacio from Ugly Betty (that's a bad choice), Shane from Weeds, and Mike from Desperate Housewives.

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Heroes: Four Months Later (season premiere)

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 24th 2007 8:45PM
Heroes Season 2 Premiere

In honor of the season two premiere of Heroes, we've got a live chat scheduled to coincide with the show. Come on in and make your thoughts about the show be known in real-time.

Click here to join the chat.

The full review will be posted in this space later on this evening. The full reviewcap is now posted and can be seen after the jump.

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