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October 13, 2015


This is the commercial I hate the most right now

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 3rd 2009 12:02PM
Unlike some people, I don't mind Olive Garden at all. But I can't say the same about their current commercial. Does the mother in it seem like she's flirting with her son? The dad is out of town so she thinks this is the ideal time to take her son to Olive Garden and grill him about his girlfriend. The whole thing seems weird, from how the kid answers to the way the mother looks at him. Strange? Maaaaaaaybe!

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Christine Baranski cast as mommy on Big Bang Theory

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 15th 2009 7:29PM
BaranskiOn CBS's The Big Bang Theory, we've met Sheldon's mother. Emmy-winner Laurie Metcalf appeared in season one as a super-religious Texas mama who knows better than anyone how to get to Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Now, Leonard's mother is going to be introduced, and she's equally as accomplished as Ms. Metcalf.

Tony, Emmy and SAG award winning actress Christine Baranski will be Leonard's mom, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. That's right, she's a brainiac.

Her specialty is research on the human brain, and according to Bill Prady, Big Bang's executive producer, "There's the possibility that Leonard is the least successful in his family, that his parents always pushed him toward academic success." Sounds like a funny set up to me.

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Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Eggs

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 22nd 2007 8:05PM

everybody hates chris(S02E11)

As a change of pace, I asked TV know-it-all Paul Goebel to write a rebuttal to today's review. Goebel is an actor and comedian who appeared as the "TV Geek" on the short-lived Comedy Central quiz show Beat the Geeks and has appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ally McBeal, Will and Grace and other shows. He currently hosts a show at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles, and does a weekly podcast with his pal Jim Bruce called "The Paul Goebel Show." If you like TV, you should check it out. His response is after my review.

Ever since Linda Lavin helmed the CBS Schoolbreak Special "Flour Babies" in 1990, the idea of students being assigned fake babies has been spoofed numerous times. The winner for best spoof goes to the Strangers with Candy episode "A Burden's Burden" in which Jerri and her classmates are assigned actually babies. There's also the South Park episode "Follow That Egg" that manages to tackle both gay marriage and child custody battles when the kids are given eggs and told to treat them like real babies.

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Moral Orel: Elemental Orel

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 4th 2006 10:15AM

moral orel(S02E04) Sadness is nature's spankings. - Clay Puppington

Those of us who have been watching Moral Orel since the beginning know that the show is more complex than it appears on the surface. The inner tensions within his own family and the other grown ups in Moralton were hinted at in the first season and have come more into focus this season. I'm not a television writer, but I imagine trying to meld the funny and the emotional into an eleven-minute amalgam can't be easy, which is why I think the "slow reveal" approach has worked so well for Moral Orel. In this episode, when Orel finds out his mother might have another family, the scene doesn't feel like it was suddenly sprung on us out of nowhere, because Bloberta's unhappiness and detachment has been part of the show's subtext since it first aired a year ago.

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Rita Moreno to have recurring role on Criminal Intent

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 23rd 2006 8:27PM
rita morenoActress and singer Rita Moreno, who has won every major entertainment award in the industry, is returning to television as the mother of Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I fondly remember Moreno from The Electric Company, but recently she's appeared on television in guest roles on other Law and Order series SVU and Trial By Jury, and also played Sister Peter Marie on the HBO series Oz. No word on whether her role will involve a lot of singing and dancing and teaching the detectives on the series about words and spelling, though if any writers for the series are reading this, feel free to use that suggestion.

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Strangers with Candy: Bogie Nights

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 30th 2006 7:53AM

strangers with candy


Principal Blackman: Talk your monkey ass off. I'll be watching you.

This episode, in which Jerri comes face to face with her long lost son (though she doesn't realize it until the end of the episode) was co-written by Tom Lennon of The State and Reno 911!

This episode starts off, as all the season one episodes do, with Jerri explaining who she is and why she's in her forties and attending high school. She tells her tale to a ficus she's inexplicable planted in the middle of a baseball diamond (it's an Arbor Day thing). Meanwhile, it's also almost time for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, which, as many of you may know, is when girls have to ask the boys to the dance instead of vice versa. Her friend Orlando begins to drop some not so subtle hints that he'd like to go with her, but Jerri finds herself attracted to the new student, Ricky, played by Frederick Koehler (a.k.a. "Chip" from Kate and Allie). Jerri likes Ricky but she can't let anyone know because Ricky is hated by everyone, including the teachers, simply because he's new. When he first arrives in Noblet's class, Noblet doesn't give him a desk but instead makes him sit in the back on a box of slightly irregular jeans. Jerri tries to maintain a friendship with Ricky while also maintaining her status among her peers, such as one scene where she uses a tire iron to smash his car to impress her friends, all the while insisting to Ricky she really does like him.

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Strangers with Candy: Dreams on the Rocks

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 16th 2006 8:05AM

strangers with candy

(S01E03) I don't think there was ever a bad episode of Strangers with Candy, but if someone were to put a gun to my head and force me to name my least favorite episode, it would probably be this one. I think my main problem with it was actor Jacob Pitts, who plays "Craig Snow" in this episode. While I'm sure Pitts is a fine actor in his own right, he didn't seem to jibe with the cast the way their other guest stars tend to do. Strangers exists in its own weird universe, and one of the great things about the series is that everyone who is in it, whether it be the main characters or side characters, understands the pacing and rhythm, and their performances are pitch perfect. However, like any great jazz combo, you toss in one mediocre trombone player and everything starts to seem a little off.

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Kaczmarek may appear on new Danson sitcom

by Adam Finley, posted May 15th 2006 11:25AM

jane kaczmarekJane Kaczmarek, who played mom on Malcolm in the Middle, and who should be kept on TV as long as she has the ability to stand and recite her lines, may have a recurring role as Ted Danson's wife on the new series Help Me Help You, which I mentioned back in March and which was recently picked up by ABC. Kaczmarek will appear in the pilot episode as Danson's wife, and there is talk of bringing her back for other episodes. Heck, I hope they give her a fulltime role, as she's one of the most impressive actresses I've seen on TV in a long time. She played one of the best moms on TV, and her occasional role as a judge on The Simpsons always cracked me up.

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Actress confirms Everybody Hates Chris is heading to The CW

by Adam Finley, posted May 7th 2006 7:08AM
tichina arnoldRight before Everybody Hates Chris hit the airwaves, the show was hyped like crazy. Eventually, the hype settled down, so if the show has slipped off your radar, no one can really blame you. However, if you haven't been tuning in on Thursday nights, you're missing one of the best new shows of the season, a perfect balance of real heart and gut-busting comedy. The show is also incredibly well-cast, especially Chris' mother, Rochelle, played by Tichina Arnold (she was "Pamela" on Martin and was also one of the three singers who popped up throughout Frank Oz's 1986 film version of Little Shop of Horrors). She did an interview with TV Filter recently where she confirmed that, yes, Everybody Hates Chris will be one of the shows to survive the move when UPN and the WB merge into The CW. I expected as much, but it was nice to hear it, nonetheless.

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