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October 9, 2015


The Wire' Monopoly Game: Still Just in Fans' Dreams

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 7th 2010 5:50PM
It's all in the game, yo. The Monopoly game.

When we read on The Poke that the epic crime drama 'The Wire' had been immortalized in a Monopoly game, it was a dream come true. Imagine rolling the dice, buying "The Pit," landing on Avon Barksdale's corner.

Unfortunately, The Poke is England's version of The Onion, and this 'Wire' Monopoly game doesn't exist.

As Clay Davis would say ... uh, "$#iiiiiieeeeeeet!"

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Giant chickens protest The Jay Leno Show

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 7th 2009 4:27PM
protestors at Leno's showThis is not a scene from auditions for a Saturday Night LIve sketch or Let's Make A Deal audience members who are lost. It's PETA protesting the fact that The Jay Leno Show is sponsoring a McDonald's Monopoly contest.

I don't know much about this controversy, but I really enjoy eating chicken.

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New Jersey grants Verizon statewide cable license

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 16th 2006 3:02PM
Verizon logoHuzzah! That was my reaction when I read the good news that my home state, New Jersey, has granted Verizon a statewide cable license. That means that they are free to offer their FiOS television service to any town in the state that they wish. And Verizon plans to do just that, as they have been busily installing the fiber optics needed to carry the FiOS TV and broadband services all over the state. The first 100 towns should be able to go online next week. Verizon is taking advantage of a new law that streamlined the process for providing state-wide licenses, instead of the old model where exclusive rights were negotiated by individual municipalities. Three other states have such a law: Texas, Kansas, and Indiana.

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Another reality show for Donald Trump

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 8th 2006 10:11AM
donald trumpDonald Trump is ready to executive produce another reality show. This one is based on the All-American, Parker Brothers game of Monopoly. Details are scarce, but it sounds like the show is going to be some sort of a competition involving real estate. Variety reports that contestants will somehow acquire run-down real estate and revitalize it (like Flip This House?). Of course, remodeling real estate is where Trump initially made his money. He started out renovating Manhattan's Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt and then, of course, he went for broke with the gold trimmed and peach-marbled Trump Tower.

It's not yet clear whether Trump will host or just be a background player, but considering how much he's a whore for the camera, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet his combover will be on TV again.

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