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October 7, 2015


Hollywood does it again: a Hong Kong Phooey movie

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 13th 2009 3:03PM
Hong Kong PhooeyHollywood continues to mine ideas from previous generations in an effort to keep up the movie production machine. This time it's Hong Kong Phooey, number one super-spy. The character was voiced by Scatman Crothers, who would later go on to voice Jazz in The Transformers.

My hopes are pretty low, given that the production credits of the team involved (Alex Zamm and David Goodman) include Carrot Top's Chairman of the Board, Inspector Gadget 2 and Dr. Doolittle: Million Dollar Mutts. Goodman is also a writer/producer of Family Guy.

Is it possible to create kid-friendly fare based on cartoons of my childhood that is also pleasing to adults? When I think of this genre, I can only come up with the awful Scooby Doo movies and Alvin and the Chipmunks (and despite sucking hard, both movies are either getting or have had sequels).

Based on the people involved, the movie will likely be juvenile and formulaic. I look forward to it with the same glee I look forward to train wrecks.

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T.J. Hooker, the movie?

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 6th 2009 9:09AM
T.J. HookerWith the success of the Star Trek movie, it's no surprise that someone is trying to make a movie out of one of Shatner's other major television roles. T.J. Hooker is being adapted for the big screen.

Who could they get to fill his massive shoes for this one? The movie is intended as an action comedy, so I don't see Chris Pine as the lead. Perhaps Jack Black?

I never really watched the show, but I do recall the funny sketch from SNL when Shatner was a guest host. Hooker jumped on a car hood and was stuck there while the car continued to drive for a few states.

It would be kind of typical to not have a cameo by Shatner in the remake. After all, he didn't appear in the Star Trek movie.

I'm sure Hollywood is not done mining Shatner's legacy for the movie adaptation game. Next up, Boston Legal the movie.

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So much for that Veronica Mars movie

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 4th 2009 11:09AM
Veronica MarsRemember that Veronica Mars movie that so many people were talking about? Well, according to an interview with series star Kristen Bell, it ain't happening. She and series creator Rob Thomas pitched the idea to Joel Silver and there was a resounding lack of interest. She suggested that fans try a letter-writing campaign.

I'm kind of surprised at that reaction, given that Veronica Mars is a recognizable brand name and would be relatively cheap to make (it's not exactly laden with special effects). While I considered the series to be a Buffy clone (that solved mysteries rather than fought vampires), it was a pretty good show in the beginning.

The only show I can think of that quickly went from TV to cancellation to a movie would be Firefly and that happened because of stellar DVD sales. So, if you really want that Veronica Mars movie, along with the letter-writing campaign, start buying more DVDs of the show.

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Chiklis hints at return of Vic Mackey and The Shield on big screen

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jun 5th 2009 12:02PM
Michael Chiklis hopes Vik Mackey will live again in a big screen version of The Shield.Michael Chiklis is regularly hinting that a feature film version of The Shield is in the offing, while official news of any such production is still under wraps.

With posts like,"Vic Mackey lives!" and others, Chiklis is using his Facebook page to hype the Shield movie rumor. He linked to an E! article on the possible film no less than three times.

The problem is it's difficult to find any other media coverage on the possibility of The Shield heading to theaters. In fact, Chiklis' favorite article above is pretty much it. So, is Chiklis leaking something producers would just as soon keep quiet for now?

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Evans bringing ITV's UFO to big screen

by John Scott Lewinski, posted May 22nd 2009 1:03PM
Purple-haired women battle mysterious aliens in ITV's UFOIn Hollywood's never-ending quest to locate every single piece of pre-existing intellectual property to make into a movie without actually purchasing an original screenplay, they'll be turning to flying saucers and shiny women with purple hair.

The iconic 1960s British sci-fi series UFO (right) will be brought to the big screen by an even more iconic producer -- Robert Evans. According to Variety, Evans will team with ITV Global to update the Earth vs. aliens premise.

The original UFO featured a secret team of elite Earthlings (SHADO: Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) fending off a mysterious collection of invading creatures.

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American Gladiators: The Movie in the works

by Mike Moody, posted May 12th 2009 6:02PM
OK, I actually loved watching the latest version of American Gladiators on NBC, but even I think this is a weird idea. But it's actually happening. American Gladiators: The Movie is in the works, according to show creator Johnny Ferraro.

Ferraro says American Gladiators was originally conceived as a film more than 20 years ago, but instead became a "TV phenomenon." I'm not sure how a game show that's basically WWE Smackdown meets Double Dare was originally conceived as a film, but what do I know. I like to watch American Gladiators.

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What do you think about a CSI feature film?

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 21st 2009 1:24PM
Grissom in blueAre you ready for more CSI? I mean, there's original CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS (which isn't part of the franchise, but has the letters), plus all these shows are in reruns and now, William Petersen is ready for a big screen CSI. He's downright positive about it, even though he himself exited the TV show last December. I don't know if a movie version of CSI is really necessary, but to hear Petersen talk, there are some valid reasons.

For his point of view, some stories couldn't be shown on TV because of the graphic or sexual content. He'd like to see a movie version go where no TV CSI has gone before.

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ABC's V series remake -- will it really happen?

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jan 28th 2009 9:01AM
Diana the alien from V seriesThis summer, I wrote about my love for all things V -- including lizard babies and future Freddie Kreuger aliens -- when the buzz was that there was a V movie script out and about, one that would lead to a sequel series.

Not sure if that script has become a future movie, but Jason tells us there is some more fun news on the front for V fans, and if ABC doesn't let down its fans yet again, then we could be seeing a remake of the original V series on ABC sometime soon.

Me? I say ... yay! But that's a yay with caution. Just because ABC has ordered the pilot doesn't mean it will get any farther than that. And there are pilots made every day that no one ever gets to see. Furthermore, the support that ABC has shown its quirky shows this year -- and V could be seriously quirky -- has not been stellar (Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, anyone?).

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Could Pushing Daisies wind up as a movie?

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 14th 2009 2:03PM
PDaisiesI don't know about you, but when creator Bryan Fuller talked about concluding all the story threads from Pushing Daisies as a comic book, I was less than enthused. Now, however, I've got renewed hope.

No, ABC is not even mentioning bringing Daisies back. They're not even committing to broadcasting the last few episodes. But Kristin Chenoweth thinks Pushing Daisies might be a movie. That's right, the show could/would/should be wrapped up as a movie in her estimation.

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You don't mess with The Colbert, Oliver Stone - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 10th 2008 12:01PM
Oliver Stone on The Colbert ReportLast night, Oliver Stone went on The Colbert Report to plug his new movie W, which examines the life and presidency of George W. Bush. Stone isn't exactly known as one of the most ardent supporters of the Republican Party, and I bet everyone expected Stephen Colbert to ratchet up his O'Reilly-esque character in order to "nail" Stone, as Colbert likes to say.

But, either on his on or in cahoots with the producers, Stone decided to go in the other direction. "I really started to like him, and I think he's a great man," Stone said. "He is on his way to being a great president." His entire interview consisted of deadpan praises of Bush and his handling of everything in his administration. He also suggested that we suspend the election (a la McCain suspending his campaign) so Bush can stay in power and deal with the failing economy. He even said "I love Fox News."

I bet Stone thought that he could throw Colbert for a loop. But that just means he doesn't know Colbert very well. The man's a master of improvisation, and he just rolled with it, as you can see in the video clip after the jump.

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How does the new Star Trek crew look?

by Brad Trechak, posted Aug 11th 2008 12:04PM
Star Trek movieTrekMovie.com has posted screen shots of the new posters for the upcoming Star Trek movie. These posters (four in total) were apparently given out at the recent VegasCon to go with four given out at the SDCC of Kirk and Spock. From left to right, the posters are of Sulu, Scotty, McCoy and Chekov.

Frankly, I don't think any of them look like the originals. John Cho has a longer face than George Takei. Simon Pegg looks like a smaller guy (at least they didn't immediately give him the mustache that James Doohan later grew). It's tough to tell with Karl Urban because of the angle of his profile, but he looks nowhere near as ornery as Deforest Kelley. Anton Yelchin has a much stronger jaw than Walter Koenig.

Do you think people would watch a movie in which they basically use only the names and don't really try to duplicate the looks of the original actors? I suppose this won't bother a new generation of Trek fans who don't know the original cast anyway. What do you think?

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One site's early peek at the new V movie

by Debra McDuffee, posted Aug 7th 2008 3:06PM
cast of V TV miniseriesThe original '80s V miniseries is ingrained in my memory. In fact, when I was pregnant, I would get the inevitable question: do you want a boy or a girl? My pat answer was, "As long as it's not a lizard baby, we'll be happy."

If you watched V, you know my reference, and it was fun when the askers got it too.

Beyond lizard babies, lovable aliens who went on to play Freddie Kreuger (Robert Englund) and heroines imported from The Greatest American Hero (Faye Grant) -- I swear, I remember all of this; I didn't even look it up! -- V was so unique and addicting that if you haven't seen it, I suggest getting that DVD release tout de suite.

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Universal to adapt Second Sight

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 16th 2008 11:24AM
Second SightYet another BBC series is being adapted to American audiences. Only this time, it sounds like it's going to be a movie.

Universal Pictures will be adapting the 1999 BBC series Second Sight which launched the career of Clive Owen. It will be produced by Angry Film's Don Murphy and Susan Montford. The story is about a homicide detective named Ross Tanner who suffers from a degenerative eye illness that leads to blindness and hallucinations. As a result, he must rely more on his intuition to solve crimes.

There have certainly been any number of American adaptations of British shows over time. Some are good and some are utter crap. Second Sight does sound like a good premise (I've never seen the show), but I think the movie would have more credentials if they made sure to involve members of the original crew. I wonder if they'll get Clive Owen to reprise his role?

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That Sopranos big screen movie? Fuggeddaboutit

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 9th 2008 8:42PM
Sopranos gothicLast week, the rumors about the Friends movie were shot down by Warners. Now, you can put The Sopranos feature in the dead zone, too. Who's the voice of authority with the lowdown on what's really going on in David Chase's fevered mind? A psychiatrist, of course.

Okay, seriously, he's not a shrink, he just played one on The Sopranos. Director-actor Peter Bogdanovich was asked about a possible big-screen Sopranos and he said it's not going to happen.

"I spoke to David Chase a month ago, and he said no. He said he thought about it, and he can't figure out a way to do it. So I don't think it will ever happen. I don't think you can ever say never, but my hunch is it won't happen."

Bogdanovich should know. He played Dr. Melfi's psychiatrist, Dr. Elliot Kupferberg, and he spoke directly to Chase. No middle men, the big enchilada himself, the creator of The Sopranos himself, told it to him straight.

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No, no, no to Friends feature says Warners

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 6th 2008 2:01PM
Friends in a tubThanks to the success of the Sex and the City movie -- and talk of more to come -- the rumor mill has been bubbling with other TV shows making the leap to the big screen. In the case of Arrested Development, it sure sounds like the truth.

However, the Friends feature is a rumor that has no legs. Warners owns the property and on July 4th, even though all U.S. offices were closed for the holiday, denied the rumors via the London office.

Jayne Trotman, Warner's director of publicity, said of the Friends movie, "(There's) no truth in the story."

Just to be sure, Matthew Perry's press rep also denied the rumor. She told the BBC that nothing is happening and the rumor is just that, a shred of news with no value attached to it.

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