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October 9, 2015

mr. t

Mr. T still pities the fool

by Anna Johns, posted May 3rd 2006 10:26AM
mr. tWow. TV Funhouse cartoons really do come true. Last week's episode of SNL had a cartoon about Mr. T dispensing his unique advice to people ("Don't do milk. Drink drugs."), and now he really is getting an advice show. TV Land just had its Upfronts where it announced a show (previously mentioned here) called I Pity the Fool, starring Mr. T "in the unlikely role of a social scientist traveling across the country to dispense his own classic Mr. T-style advice." He's going to insert himself in some sticky situations and help people work to a conclusion. It's like Dr. Phil with bling!

It premieres in October.

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Hey, Fool! Mr. T is in a new comic book!

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 26th 2006 10:23PM

Mr. T issue #1, art by Neil Edwards and Randy EmberlinThe following post is for those out there who believe that the United States is home to a wasteful population.

This April, Migbiz Entertainment will be releasing a new comic book based on former A-Team and Rocky III star Mr. T. This, ladies and gentlemen, goes to show you that here in the good ol' U.S. of A. we recycle EVERYTHING!

This is not the Mr. T you remember from the cartoon series where he trained a group of gymnasts who helped solve crimes (You remember that, don't you?). No, this is the Mr. T who captures the bad guys and beats the snot out of them (can you really beat snot out of people? Gosh, that would sure beat blowing your nose all of the time!). In the first issue of the series we find 'T' chasing an escaped convict who is freed after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. I am sure that throughout the issue we will here him say 'I pity the fool' or 'Sucka' or any one of his other gramatically incorrect statements.

Good luck, Mr. T, and a 'Hey, Fool!' to all of us.


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