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October 6, 2015

mxc wipeout comparison

TV Squad Ten: Most visceral shows

by Danny Gallagher, posted Aug 27th 2009 1:02PM
Michael C. Hall is Dexter Morgan on DexterA good show can keep you so entertained that you're willing to fight sleep to watch the rest of it. A great show physically keeps you awake.

It gets into your bloodstream and forces more adrenaline into your heart.

It turns the synapses in your brain into ferrets on espresso that dash back and forth between the lobes and fires your mind on all of its cylinders.

It is visual cocaine, which is much healthier than actual cocaine and doesn't require a frequent visitor punch card for an eyes, ears, nose and throat doctor.

These are the shows that assault all five of the senses or less depending on how good of a health plan you've got.

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MXC's feud with Wipeout continues - VIDEO

by Erin Martell, posted Jul 10th 2008 8:42AM
MXCThe makers of MXC are not happy with the "creative" minds behind ABC's summer hit Wipeout. Spike initially called out the Wipeout folks in a press release announcing the MXC marathon, "MXC, The Original, Not The Ripoff, Weekend." Now Larry Strawther, MXC's executive producer, is upset with ABC and YouTube for removing a video that Strawther released in order to establish Wipeout's ripoff status.

The video in question is after the jump. Strawther has also accused YouTube of "[altering] the search results algorithm to benefit ABC and punish MXC." He's right; a search using the terms "MXC" and "Wipeout" leads you to videos showing motocross wipeouts. Strange.

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