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October 13, 2015

my dad is better than your dad

Cartoon Network Revives 'Hole in the Wall' ... And Other Game Show Mistakes

by Scott Harris, posted Jul 21st 2010 11:32AM
It's one of the better trends of modern television: networks stepping in to rescue canceled shows. DirecTV, for instance, recently saved the critically acclaimed FX series 'Damages' from certain doom, while Comedy Central brought cult favorite 'Futurama' back from the dustbin of history. And most famously, of course, Fox corrected its own mistake by bringing back 'Family Guy' after a massive fan outcry that lasted years. Yes, these days, quality, popular series will often get a second lease on life.

And apparently that's also the case for unpopular nonsense.

Yes, it's hard to believe, but as we mentioned yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Cartoon Network has decided to revive the decidedly unacclaimed and short-lived Fox game show 'Hole in the Wall.' That show, you may recall, features people on a giant treadmill who have to contort themselves, Tetris-style, to fit through cutouts in a series of rapidly approaching walls.

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Jingles reality show coming to CBS - VIDEO

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 14th 2008 1:58PM
Mark BurnettWell, here's something about reality TV that didn't make me gag. Survivor mega-producer Mark Burnett has a new unscripted project, greenlighted by CBS, called Jingles. It's a competition show in which contestants have to create tunes for products, commercial jingles. No mud wrestling, no unlocking keys to puzzle pieces the size of boulders, no eating slugs wrapped in wild boar bacon. This time it's all about catchy melodies, clever hooks and lyrics that incorporate product info whether the products an erectile dysfunction pill or a new luxury car.

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NBC not going all-reality, says NBC

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 5th 2008 11:32AM

Ben SilvermanA lot of people are worried that NBC has suddenly changed into a reality/game show channel. Not only has NBC had Deal Or No Deal, The Apprentice, 1 vs. 100, and The Biggest Loser on the schedule for a few seasons, they now also have American Gladiators, Nashville Star, a game show hosted by Dennis Miller called Amnesia, America's Favorite Mom, and My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad. And don't forget the Bernie Mac reality show Welcome to the Family. They aren't the only network to have reality/game shows, but they seem to be taking the lead in getting the most on the air (and canceling scripted shows).

Now NBC chief Ben Silverman tells The Los Angeles Times that he meant that this is just a temporary thing, because of the strike. They are still picking up scripted sitcoms and dramas and things will go back to normal after the strike is over.

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Another game show for Mark Burnett

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 26th 2007 4:34PM
mark burnettMark Burnett seems to be in a race to have more shows on network televsion than Jerry Bruckheimer. The legendary reality show producer continues to branch out in the world of game shows. He just inked a deal with NBC for a mid-season game show called My Dad is Better Than Your Dad. In the show, dads and kids will compete in all sorts of challenges together. NBC has ordered eight episodes.

This is game show number three for Burnett, who also created Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? for FOX and the upcoming Amne$ia, a game show where contestants will be quizzed about their own lives, for NBC.

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