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October 6, 2015

my fair brady

Adrianne Curry on Receding From the Reality Spotlight ... and Why She's Coming Back

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 30th 2011 10:00AM
Christopher Knight and Adrianne CurryUntil 2008, Adrianne Curry and her husband, former 'Brady Bunch' star Christopher Knight, had spent almost their entire relationship in front of reality show cameras, first as their romance blossomed on 'The Surreal Life,' then as they romanced and battled their way to the altar and beyond in their own VH1 series 'My Fair Brady.'

But after the series ended, the couple decided to take themselves out of the reality spotlight. Knight hosted a game show on GSN and Curry popped up on a Smoking Gun talking head show, but the pair has more or less been off TV for over two years, mainly to see how well they get along when the cameras weren't in their faces.

Now, with her marriage still intact, Curry's ready to get back into the reality game. She and Knight will be appearing at the first-ever Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles on April 9 and April 10. The first winner of 'America's Next Top Model' has also been getting back in fighting shape and fielding offers for new shows. Oh, and in our wide-ranging and frank conversation about reality TV, she told me she wouldn't mind if a show like 'Dancing With the Stars' came knocking.

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5 Worst VH1 Spin-Offs

by Chris O'Connell, posted Dec 15th 2009 11:30AM
VH1 is expanding on its 'Tough Love' franchise by ordering eight episodes of a show that is to include couples, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The spinoff, aptly titled 'Tough Love: Couples,' will feature 'Tough Love' star Steve Ward and his mother JoAnn. The two will assess the relationships of the couples just before they are set to marry, determining if they are fit to tie the knot together.

This is certainly not the first time VH1 has spun off off their popular shows, sometimes unnecessarily. In fact, there are so many spinoffs of their reality shows, we have compiled a list of just the worst ones.

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Reality TV Romances Quiz

by AOL TV Staff, posted Feb 25th 2009 6:00AM
Think you know your showmances?

For reality television, love is always in the air. Some shows set out to find it ('The Bachelor,' 'Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire'); it happens spontaneously on others ('The Real World'; 'Survivor').

Think you know floozy flirtations, "scripted-drama" passion? We've got your reality check right here -- take our reality-TV romances quiz.

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Barry Williams: The TV Squad Interview

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 28th 2008 11:02AM
Bary WilliamsThere are six human beings on this planet who will be forever linked by one experience: growing up on the set of The Brady Bunch. But, of the six actors who played the Brady kids during the show's 1969-74 run, none has embraced the role as consistently and enthusiastically as Barry Williams, who played Greg. Over the years, Williams has been involved in every reunion show (including the ill-fated "dramatic" show The Bradys in 1990) and has never shied away from discussing the show during interviews. He even wrote a book about the experience, 1992's Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg, where he recounted stories like his crush on co-star Maureen McCormick, his "date" with his TV mom, Florence Henderson, and Robert Reed's constant arguments with the producers. The book was made into a TV movie in 2000.

Now, at 53, Williams has a blog, called The Greg Brady Project, which debuted in December. There, Williams tells stories about his experiences as an actor over the last 40-plus years while a series of co-writers wax nostalgic about the past, and not necessarily about The Brady Bunch. I spoke to Williams by phone earlier this month. We talked about the blog, why he's embraced his Greg Brady past more than his co-stars, and what he thinks of some of those co-stars' new projects. The interview is after the jump.

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Stump the King - Chachi

by Paul Goebel, posted Dec 10th 2007 9:28AM

Renee Sloan & Scott BaioThis weekend Scott Baio tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Renee Sloan. Many guests were in attendance; the most recognizable, however, would have to have been the cameras and crew for his show on VH-1.

Last year, Baio starred in his own reality show called Scott Baio is 45 and Single. Personally, when I heard about this show, I was worried. If Scott Baio is actually 45 then I must be much older than I thought.

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Here's the story...

by Paul Goebel, posted Nov 17th 2007 12:00PM

The animated Brady KidsThere is a treat for all fans of The Brady Bunch over at AOL TV. As part of their "Where are they now?" series, AOL TV is providing the current stats on all your favorite BB cast members.

Some of them have been more high profile than others. Christopher Knight (Peter) is, of course, well-known to today's reality show fans. He was a cast member on The Surreal Life where he met and fell in love with America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry. The two of them went on to star on their own reality series My Fair Brady which ended with their wedding.

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Mystery rocker stars in new reality series

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 6th 2006 9:29AM
Fred DurstThe producers of VH1's Surreal Life and My Fair Brady have another card up their sleeves. They're currently casting twenty bachelorettes to live in a Hollywood Hills mansion and compete for the love of "one of the 90s hottest rockers." They're keeping the name of the rocker under wraps, but claim that he's a "famous, sexy, bad boy rocker" and "lead singer of a famous 90s rock band."

This Flavor of Love-type premise requires some real loons to make it work. Idolator has made a few guesses at who said bad boy might be. They've floated Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, Steve Harwell of Smashmouth and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. I'd find it way more humorous if someone like Eddie Veder or Billy Corgan had decided that they were going to try and undermine the genre by colluding with it, but Idolator's list makes sense. I'd say the smart money's on Durst or Duritz. Anyone interested in auditioning?

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What's on tonight: Henry Rollins, Tour de France, Cops, wrestling

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 15th 2006 6:00PM
  • Henry RollinsAt 8, NBC has two hours of Saturday Night Main Event. That's wrestling to you and me.
  • ABC has M. Night Shyamalan's best movie at 8, Unbreakable.
  • FOX has a new Cops at 8.
  • Also at 8: OLN has stage 13 of the Tour de France.
  • At 8:30, VH-1 has a My Fair Brady: We're Getting Married marathon.
  • At 10, CBS repeats the latest episode of Brotherhood.
  • Also at 10: IFC has a new Henry Rollins Show.

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What's on tonight: Entourage, Deadwood, 4400, Tony Awards, NBA playoffs

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 11th 2006 5:29PM
  • It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaAt 7, ABC has a repeat Extreme Makeover, followed by the NBA playoffs, the Heat vs. The Mavericks.
  • CBS has a new 60 Minutes at 7, followed by the 60th Annual Tony Awards.
  • NBC has a new, two hour Dateline at 7, followed by a repeat Law and Order: CI and (yes, yet again) the pilot of Windfall.
  • Over on FOX at 7, a repeat Malcolm in the Middle, followed by repeats of King of the Hill, The Simpsons, The War At Home, Family Guy, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
  • The WB has two Reba repeats, then two Charmed repeats.
  • HBO has the season premiere of Deadwood at 9, followed by the season premiere of Entourage and the series premiere of Lucky Louis.
  • ABC Family reruns the Falcon Beach movie at 9.
  • USA has the season premiere of The 4400 at 9.
  • Also at 9: VH-1 has a new My Fair Brady: We're Getting Married, followed by new eps of Hogan Knows Best and Supergroup.

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That one guy from The Brady Bunch got married

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 1st 2006 9:31AM
christopher knight; adrianne curry; brady bunch; my fair bradyNo, the other guy. The middle kid. Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch television series and now has his own reality show on VH1, got married over the holiday weekend to another reality television star. Knight, 47, met Adrianne Curry, 23, when they were both on The Surreal Life. They went on to star in the reality series, My Fair Brady, and in the sequel, My Fair Brady: We're Getting Married. The actual wedding was May 29th and some of Knight's former co-stars attended, including Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady), and Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady). There's no official air date for the nuptials.

After all these reality shows, when do you think reality will actually set in for these two lovebirds?

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My day with the G-Listers at the Chiller expo

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 30th 2006 5:48PM
Chris Knight and Adrianne CurryAh, there's nothing like an entertainment convention to bring out the freaky, the obsessed, and the just plain weird. Such was the case at the Chiller Theatre winter convention, which was held in Secaucus, NJ this past weekend. Probably the smallest of the three Chiller conventions (there's one in the summer and "the big one", around Halloween), this one still had it's share of sci-fi and fantasy nuts floating around, especially in the dealer area, where there were tables with Japanese anime action figures, fake samurai swords, tons and tons of movie imports, sci-fi toys in the original packaging, and lots of black t-shirts.

(A good example: I went with my buddy Roger, a Chiller veteran. While we were there, he found out that one of his friends bought some rare Japanese monster toys for $23,000 at the show. Another guy dropped $5500 on a single monster toy. The people who go here are hardcore, to say the least.)

But what has always intrigued me about this convention are the celebrities that attend. Unlike Star Trek or other show- and genre-specific conventions, Chiller usually gathers fallen celebrities from all over the entertainment spectrum. That is what brought me to the convention on Saturday. 

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