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October 9, 2015

mythbusters season 7 preview

Prove your Mythbusters knowledge to the world or die trying

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 5th 2009 4:30PM
You've seen every Mythbusters episode the world has to offer. You have them all on a series of categorically detailed DVDs. You once turned down an opportunity to go out with Keira Knightley because you couldn't wait until the morning after to learn if a cannon-fired frozen chicken can penetrate a plane's cockpit window. But how well do you have them memorized?

Mental_Floss magazine puts your knowledge of the Mythbusters' mythbusting to the ultimate test with their "Myth...Busted?" quiz. Be warned. I scored an 8 out of 10 and the shame of defeat drove me to down an entire bottle of whiskey, disproving the myth that alcohol can't solve all of life's failures.

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Mythbuster Adam Savage goes undercover at Comic-Con

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 28th 2009 10:02AM
Mythbusters' Adam SavageI imagine a lot of stalkers must love a place like Comic-Con. All of their most sought after celebrities are together in one place for easy pickings. It must be their Costco.

One star, however, decided to turn the tables on his fans and used his own costume to stalk and hunt down a few of his fans on the floor of this year's convention.

To make it even creepier, he dressed up like a clown. That slurping sound you hear is my spine falling out of its socket from uncontrollable shivering.

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TV Squad Ten: Shows that deserve to have their own video game

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jun 16th 2009 11:35AM
TV shows that deserve to be video gamesThere is nothing inherently wrong with turning a TV series into a video game spinoff. It can fill in the gaps between seasons to quell the viewers' hunger, let audiences explore characters from new perspectives and even give the more hardcore couch potatoes some much needed exercise even if they only burned 1/100ths of a calorie solely through their thumbs.

The problem is video game developers pick TV shows that should never even become a travel sized board game. Developers have given the greenlight to games based on shows like American Idol, Desperate Housewives and even ... Grey's Anatomy?!? I hope that last one was a first-person shooter.

There are far better shows that offer far more entertaining elements for a kick-ass video game. These are the shows that should be next in line for a pixelated re-treatment.

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5 Questions With: Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman from 'MythBusters'

by Maggie Furlong, posted Apr 8th 2009 6:01AM
"I suppose if you go home and you get extremely drunk and you watch television that is kind of stupid, it might be fun. But I look at shows like 'American Idol' and I go, 'What?'"

With more than 1,900 experiments, 650 explosions, 600 myths tested and the glorious obliteration of 75-plus vehicles, Discovery Channel's 'MythBusters' asks the big, unanswered questions ... and then dares to prove or disprove them through extremely watchable scientific experimentation.

In their seventh season (premieres Wed., April 8 at 9PM ET), Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and the gang kick things off with a two-hour Demolition Derby-themed disaster special, and then tackle urban legends ranging from the danger of banana peels and double-dipping to the usefulness of duct tape and the plausibility of James Bond's tux staying perfectly dry under a scuba suit.

AOL TV caught up with Adam and Jamie separately to compare their individual takes on a few topics -- see what they had to say about running out of myths to bust, what they deem their partner's geekiest quality and which one of them wouldn't be caught dead Twittering ... or watching 'American Idol.' -- By Maggie Furlong

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