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October 10, 2015


True Blood: What the heck is Maryann?

by Jane Boursaw, posted Aug 2nd 2009 11:04PM
Michelle Forbes in True BloodThere's been quite a bit of discussion about what sort of creature Maryann is on True Blood. While some TV Squad readers speculated that she's a Circe -- or rather, THE Circe -- Michelle Forbes, who plays the character, set the record straight in a TV Guide interview in mid-July.

She's a maenad, which, according to Wikipedia, were the female followers of Dionysus in Greek mythology. "Their name literally translates as 'raving ones.' Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by him into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication. In this state, they would lose all self-control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down and tear animals (and sometimes men and children) to pieces, devouring the raw flesh."

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Life on Mars gets female cop, played by Gretchen Mol

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 30th 2008 10:39AM
Gretchen MolI was really excited about the prospect of Life on Mars coming to ABC television. I speak in the past tense because everything that has happened since that initial announcement has me doubting that ABC's Americanized Life on Mars will ever make it out of the first season. It may not even air six episodes.

There have been production changes, the first pilot was trashed, they've inserted new characters, they've remade the mythology of the show (with the approval of the British creators), and now more news. The character of Annie Norris on Life on Mars will be played by Gretchen Mol. Yes, the beautiful, sexy and very blond Gretchen Mol. (Okay, she can dye her hair.)

I have the ultimate respect for Ms. Mol. She was excellent in 3:10 to Yuma (a really amazing Western that should have gotten some Oscar consideration). I just think she's the wrong choice for the role of Annie.

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History Channel does Star Wars

by Adam Finley, posted May 14th 2007 6:20PM

star warsBig thanks to my pal Wild Bill for smacking me upside the ol' noggin' about this documentary.

Star Wars was the first movie I remember seeing in the theater, even though I was only seven months old when it was released (I saw it in 1980 when it was re-released to coincide with the release of The Empire Strikes Back).

I'm sure Star Wars fans have know about the History Channel's upcoming Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed for some time now, but if not, here's your heads up: the special airs May 28 at 9:00 p.m., then repeats at one in the morning.

What the hell does Star Wars have to do with history. you ask? Well, that's what this documentary is all about. It will delve into some of the subtle and not-so-subtle mythological and historical parallels that run throughout the original trilogy, including Napoleon, Hitler, King Arthur and Greek legends.

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