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September 1, 2015

nathan lane

Ask TV Squad: Do you remember Teacher's Pet?

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 13th 2006 8:52AM

Spike, in his guise as Scott.TV Squad commenter khalidur asks the following question:

I remember when I was 10 or something I used to watch a cartoon on Disney Channel UK, called Teacher's Pet. Now that I am 16 and enjoying a long, long, long, summer holiday I am hoping to watch old episodes. Is a DVD of the episodes out, and do you guys have any info on the show generally?

To answer the second part of the question, Teacher's Pet premiered in the United States back in 2000 on ABC, and moved over to Toon Disney in 2001. The run of first-run episodes ended in 2002. It was the story of a dog named Spot, voiced by Nathan Lane, who decided that he was tired of staying at home while his master, Leonard, went to school. So, he decides to dress up and portray himself as Scott, a run-of-the-mill elementary school student. Of course, it helped that he could walk on two feet and talk as well. I'm sure if your pet golden retriever dressed up and walked into your school on two legs you would've been a bit freaked out.

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