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August 30, 2015

neil degrasse tyson

The Daily Show: June 25, 2008 - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 26th 2008 11:45AM
Coldplay on TDS
"Be Patient, This Gets Amazing": What this segment lacked in punniness, it made up jaw-dropping, cherry-picking amazingness. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA must regulate greenhouse gases. The EPA proposed some changes in an e-mail they sent to the White House. The administration then refused to open the e-mail, leaving the EPA to re-write the policy into something more Bush-friendly. Jon Stewart said (shouted?) it best with that expletive.

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The Daily Show: July 23, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Jul 24th 2007 1:22AM
Neil DeGrasse Tyson"The Cheney Presidency Remembered": For a few hours on Saturday, while Bush was getting a colonoscopy, Dick Cheney was President. The side-by-side view of Cheney's evil Iran plans and the colonoscopy was very unnecessary. I was not prepared for it and now have the image permanently burned into my brain. Senior Presidential Historian Samantha Kearns Bee reflected on the bold moves of Cheney's presidency, including decriminalizing shooting old men in the face. I spent a few minutes wondering why Samantha got a new middle name ("So... she'd be... Samantha Kearns Bee-Jones?") before I realized the Doris Kearns Goodwin connection. What can I say? I'm slow. Very, very slow.

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The Daily Show: January 30, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 31st 2007 12:28PM
Jon Stewart"The Runaway Perjury": Scooter Libby news! It's been a while, so Jon recapped the entire story, complete with images to illustrate. Alfred E. Neuman (Bush) and Darth Vader (Cheney) were funny but expected, whereas using Monty Python's Gumby guys was a sweet choice.

Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver stopped by to elaborate. "Also, legalize pot! Ahh-hahaha!" made me laugh because, that's pretty much the way any guy under thirty tries to finish up a political conversation.

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