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September 4, 2015


Law and Order: CI: Astoria Helen - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 1st 2009 8:03AM
Law and Order: CISo...are you a D'Onofrio (Goren) fan or a Goldblum (Nicols) fan? I'm wondering if this "Goldblum this week, D'Onofrio next week" format is irritating longtime fans, or if longtime fans like having Goldblum in the mix too. Will they ever have Goldblum investigate a case with Kathryn Erbe?

Last night was a Nichols/Wheeler episode, with the duo investigating the death of a con man's partner.

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Law and Order: CI: In Treatment - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted May 11th 2009 9:32AM
Jeff Goldblum

Whoa, there's a confusing headline. Is it Law and Order: CI or is it In Treatment?! It's Law and Order: CI with an episode titled "In Treatment." Damn you, confusing episode title-makers! I can't wait for a show to have an episode titled "Open Thread." This was the second Jeff Goldblum episode (he's trading off each week with Vincent D'Onofrio - I still want to see both of them investigate a case together). What did everyone think?

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Law and Order: CI: Rock Star - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 27th 2009 8:11AM
Law and Order: CI

So, what did you think of Jeff Goldblum's first episode? Was it worth waiting through the endless delays? I thought it was ... pretty good. I wasn't thrilled with the introduction of Goldblum's OH SO QUIRKY character (the bagels at the crime scene, the disclosure that he vanished from the force for a long time, etc), but it got better as the episode went along (still haven't warmed to Julianne Nicholson, though). However, I think the Nichols character would come off better if we hadn't already had several years worth of the odd line readings and head tilts of Vincent D'Onofrio. I think if the two investigated a case together it would be way too much.

What did you think?

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John From Cincinnati is not the most creative TV show of all-time

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 14th 2008 8:04AM
John From Cincinnati
Sometimes you come across a line in a column, an opinion, an observation, that is so mindblowingly wrong-headed that it leaves your mouth hanging open for a full 30 seconds. That's what happened to me when I read this list of the Shows That Died Too Young (great one season shows that shouldn't have been canceled) over at The New York Post. Talking about HBO's John From Cincinnati, the writer says this:

John [From Cincinnati] was not only the most creative program in the medium's sixty year history, but also some of the most mysterious.

Now, the second half of that quote is grammatically baffling, but we get the idea: JFC was the most creative show that has been on television in its 60 year history. Well, what do you think of that?

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James Garner suffers stroke

by Bob Sassone, posted May 13th 2008 3:41PM

James GarnerSometimes it's really easy to forget that some of your favorite stars are getting up there in age. For example, Rockford Files/8 Simple Rules star James Garner.

The veteran actor, now 80, suffered a minor stroke the other day. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that he had surgery and will be home later this week. No other details are available at this time (even that ET page above is rather brief), but he seems to be doing well. I'm sure the TV show will have more information later today.

Older fans will remember Garner from such shows as Nichols. Really old fans will remember him from the '50s western Maverick (a role he reprised in the early '80s series Bret Maverick). Checking his credits, I completely forgot that he played God in the short-lived animated series God, The Devil, and Bob in 2000. Of course, I forget that show in general.

[via TV Tattle]

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