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September 3, 2015

nick stokes

CSI star doesn't want to die

by Anna Johns, posted May 4th 2007 12:52PM
csiThere's going to be a shake-up with the cast of CSI this season because a certain long-time cast member can't come to a contract agreement with CBS. That's all I'm going to say before the jump.

If you don't want the CSI season finale spoiled, stop reading now. There's no way to report this story without spoiling, so consider this your warning.


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All Anna wants for Festivus

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 11th 2006 10:09AM
battlestar galacticaIf I learned anything from last year's wish list, it's this: Be Careful What You Wish For. Last year, I asked the Festivus fairy for a Kate/Sawyer hook-up on Lost. The producers were kind enough to squeeze it in during the very last new episode this year, but it wasn't exactly gratifying. It was weird, because Sawyer was a little too pathetic to have much sex appeal in that episode. This year, I'm only asking for a little sex and violence.

Here's this year's wish list:
  • A freakin' Emmy for Battlestar Galactica Who does Ron Moore have to screw to get a nomination for Best Drama? The writing on this series is so damn smart and the characters are so brilliantly complicated! The themes are deep and meaningful and the storylines are thought-provoking. For that matter...

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Is Nick Stokes being written off CSI?

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 14th 2006 5:01PM
george eadsEven though I said I wasn't going to watch CSI this season, I can't quit. It's my guilty pleasure on Friday mornings before I start work. Thursday night's episode, featuring Kevin Federline's acting debut that actually didn't suck, also included some lines that made me question George Eads' future on the show. Before he sucker punched K-Fed in the stomach at a crime scene, he was pretty fired up about the way Las Vegas punks behave. Several times during the show, he expressed his frustration with Las Vegas in general.

Last year, some of us lobbied for Nick Stokes (Eads' character) to get killed off because the series was getting stale. Eads' fan pages don't have any insight. Anybody else think he's about to leave the show?

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CSI producers attempting to get creative

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 3rd 2006 12:41PM
csi castEven before ABC put Grey's Anatomy in the 9 pm Thursday time slot, the folks over at CBS knew that CSI was in trouble. After seven years on the air, they had an inkling that ABC would be moving Grey's. So, if this season of CSI seems unusual so far... that's because it is. CBS challenged the producers and writers to get creative with their storylines and try something unusual. Even though they haven't taken our advice and killed off Nick Stokes, they are breaking from the procedural formula that propelled them to become the number one show on television. So far this season, the crimes have stretched into two episodes. And the storyline with the murderer who creates miniature replicas of the crime scene will last through the middle of the season.

What do you think of CSI so far this season? Is different good or bad?

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CSI: Way To Go (finale)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 22nd 2006 5:13PM

CSI; Way to Go

(S06E24) I wasn't too excited about this episode mainly because I watched so few episodes this year. For whatever reason, this was the first season of CSI that didn't consistently hold my attention. This finale kept with that trend. It just wasn't that good. Especially when you consider how much they put into last year's two-hour Tarantino explosion. It was amazing. This one just felt like a regular episode.

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