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October 4, 2015


CW to Gossip Girl fans: No streams for you!

by Brett Love, posted Apr 18th 2008 10:21AM

Blake Lively of Gossip GirlIf you're like me, you probably get annoyed when you roll down your window and your beard blows up in your eyes... And if you don't have a ridiculous beard, but are still like me in your appreciation for a good teen drama, this might be relevant to your television scheduling.

It seems the overlords over at the CW have hatched a new plan. The last five episodes of Gossip Girl, set to begin on Monday, will not be available for online streaming. I know. OMG! Right? I'll pause while you text your BFF. Over at the New York Times, Paul McGuire, senior VP of communications for the network, is quoted as saying, "This is an experiment to see if this moves the [Nielsen ratings] needle at all."

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'Idol' continues to crush Wednesday night competition

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Jan 26th 2007 4:48PM
AI judges/New YorkOnce again, American Idol lived up to its reputation as a juggernaut -- or large, overpowering, destructive force -- by drawing more viewers during Wednesday's night telecast than all of the other major networks combined. According to recent Nielsen ratings, American Idol drew 36.9 million viewers total, leaving ABC, CBS, NBC and the CW Network all out in the cold.

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The highest-rated TV show of the season

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 23rd 2007 12:04PM

question markSo, what do you think it is?

Was it the debut episode of this season's American Idol? Was it the season opener of 24? Or maybe the half-season-ender of Lost a few months ago? The season opener of Grey's Anatomy?

Nope. The highest-rated TV show of the season so far was the third episode of Ghost Whisperer! OK, I'm kidding. The actual highest-rated show after the jump.

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TBS and ESPN don't need no stinkin' ratings

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 25th 2006 11:44AM
CNNAnd you can add other Turner networks to that list too, including TNT and CourtTV.

Nielsen is going to start announcing ratings for commercials, but the above networks don't want to accept them. But they're not the only ones. NBC Universal (well, it's cable nets like USA, Sci-Fi, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo) is also waiting to see if they'll participate, as is ESPN. Cable networks are afraid too many mistakes will be made with the numbers, so they're waiting to see what happens.

Nielsen has tracked the ratings of TV shows for years, of course, but now with DVRs so popular, they're also going to start tracking who's watching what during commercials. They were supposed to start on Nov. 18 but it will now start in December.

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Ratings news: Survivor slips a bit, but still beats West Wing

by Bob Sassone, posted May 16th 2006 9:35AM
Jeff ProbstThe first hour of the two hour season finale on Sunday beat everyone, including the series finale of The West Wing. Even so, the ratings for the last West Wing episode ever were actually the highest of the year for the show.

But back to Survivor. The ratings for this finale were actually down from the last two seasons (Palau and Guatemala), and the L.A. Times thinks that this might mean that CBS will cut the number of seasons the show has in a year when it announces its fall schedule this Wednesday.

This was bound to happen. The show has two different seasons every single year, and it was inevitable that the ratings would get lower and lower as the seasons go by. I'm waiting for the same thing to happen to American Idol.

Maybe we need a change for the show. How about something in a cold climate for a change? Maybe Survivor: Canada, or Survivor: Ice Station Zebra? For reward challenges you get parkas and gloves and hot chocolate! Maybe you can get exiled to a hot tub!

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Nielsen ratings for the week ending December 18

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 21st 2005 9:40AM
  1. Hugh Laurie - HouseCSI (CBS)
  2. NCIS (CBS)
  3. CSI: NY (CBS)
  4. Without A Trace (CBS)
  5. Criminal Minds (CBS)
  6. Cold Case (CBS)
  7. House (CBS)
  8. Two and a Half Men (CBS)
  9. The Christmas Blessing (CBS)
  10. CSI: Miami (CBS)
  11. Monday Night Football (ABC)
  12. 60 Minutes (CBS)
  13. The Apprentice (NBC)
  14. Numb3rs (CBS)
  15. NFL Post-Game (FOX)
  16. The Amazing Race (CBS)
  17. Close To Home (CBS)
  18. NFL Monday Showcase (ABC)
  19. Law and Order: SVU (NBC)
  20. Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

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Nielsen ratings for the week ending August 28

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 1st 2005 8:30AM
  • CSI (CBS)
  • 60 Minutes (CBS)
  • Two and a Half Men - Monday, 9:30 (CBS)
  • Cold Case (CBS)
  • CSI: Miami (CBS)
  • Without a Trace (CBS)
  • Two and a Half Men - Monday, 9:00 (CBS)
  • NFL Preseason Football: Dallas vs. Seattle (ABC)
  • Stone Cold (CBS)
  • NCIS (CBS)
  • Law and Order (NBC)
  • Law and Order: SVU (NBC)
  • So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
  • Preseason Showcase (ABC)
  • House (FOX)
  • Law and Order: CI (NBC)
  • Big Brother 6 - Tuesday (CBS)
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
  • Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  • Law and Order - Wednesday (NBC)

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Nielsen ratings for the week ending August 14

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 17th 2005 1:50PM

Two and a Half MenNow with expanded ratings for the Top 20!

  • CSI (CBS)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
  • Without a Trace (CBS)
  • CSI: Miami (CBS)
  • 60 Minutes (CBS)
  • Two and a Half Men - Monday, 9pm (CBS)
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS)
  • NCIS (CBS)
  • NFL: Miami vs. Chicago (ABC)
  • Law and Order: CI (NBC)
  • Museum of TV and Radio: Unforgettable Moments in Television Entertainment (NBC)
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
  • AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Showcase (ABC)
  • Law and Order: SVU (NBC)
  • Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  • CSI: NY (CBS)
  • Cold Case (CBS)
  • Big Brother 6 (CBS)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Monday (ABC)
  • Law and Order (NBC)

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