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August 29, 2015


Nike's 'Rise' Ad: LeBron James Plays Tubbs to Don Johnson's Crockett

by Jane Murphy, posted Oct 28th 2010 1:35PM
"What should I do?" asks basketball superstar LeBron James, in a new Nike ad that reviews the last few months of his turbulent move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. The 90-second ad, 'Rise', came to light Monday via Twitter, when King James directed his followers to YouTube.

Arguably, the highlight of the ad, which had its TV premiere Tuesday during TNT's broadcast of the Heat vs. Celtics game, is the appearance of Miami's former king. Decked out in his baby blue v-neck and white linen suit, it's none other than Don Johnson.

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Should We Still Be Talking About Tiger Woods and His Wife? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 16th 2010 8:55PM
Should We Still Be Talking About Tiger Woods and His Wife?You may have heard about the marital troubles of golfer Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren. There was some cheating on Tiger's part -- with a ton of girls. Then there were some voicemails, a situation involving attacking a car with a golf club, and now -- reportedly -- Elin is considering a divorce from Tiger and wants a $750 million settlement.

But should we still be talking about all of this? On 'SportsNation' (weekdays, 4PM ET on ESPN2), hosts Colin and Michelle debate whether the marriage of the golfer is an appropriate topic for discussion. This is in response to a press conference where Tiger was asked about his relationship with Elin, and replied: "That's none of your business."

Host Michelle Beadle says we should stop talking about the whole affair; co-host Colin Cowherd disagrees. Hmm. So which position is right?

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Nike Writes the Future With New Soccer Ad

by Chris Jordan, posted May 21st 2010 5:08PM
Do you still doubt that soccer is the world's game?

Then you haven't seen the new Nike World Cup-themed ad, a globe-spanning spectacle of action and reaction featuring players Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney and Americans Tim Howard and Landon Donovan along with celebs and fellow athletes Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant and Homer Simpson.

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Why Nike Deserves Cursing For Its Tiger Woods Ad

by Danny Gallagher, posted Apr 9th 2010 4:03PM
Nike's Tiger Woods adThe Tiger Woods story has become a beast that cannot be fed, no matter how many bloody human entrails you stuff in its perpetually open maw.

Tiger's never-ending reach for forgiveness and redemption has been more thoroughly covered than my late grandmother's living room couch. It's turned the news into a supermarket tabloid. It's turned 'SportsCenter' into a Lifetime made-for-TV movie.

And now, with Nike's new Tiger ad, it's turned commercials, my one measly break from this love-to-hate lovefest, into another creepy, lurid, sex-soaked look at a superstar's human indiscretions.

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Tiger Woods' Controversial New Nike Ad (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 8th 2010 11:25PM
Tiger Woods' Controversial New Nike AdTiger Woods has returned to the world of golf, following his recent sex scandal and struggles with his wife. Woods is currently playing in the Masters Golf Tournament and, with his return, Nike has released a new ad starring the golfer. The ad is meant to repair some of the damage done to Woods' public image. But unfortunately, some people find it to be ... fairly creepy.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Embarrassing Commercial Alert: 'I'm Tiger Woods' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 9th 2009 10:22PM
Tiger Woods Nike CommercialWe feel badly for Tiger Woods. We really do. But let's face it, the guy made his own bed (with several people, we might add), and now he has to sleep in it.

With girlfriends coming out of the woodwork, sponsors are dropping the golfer left and right. What better time than now to take a look back at one of the first commercials he made for Nike. It shows just how far he's fallen, and in such a short time. Sure, we don't know all the facts, but it's not looking good for him.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Tiger and the perfect commercial - VIDEO

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 27th 2009 2:03PM
swooshI think I saw the perfect commercial today. I mean it. It was quite simply the perfect marriage of product, production, message and entertainment. It was better than anything I saw during the Oscars or the Super Bowl, and that's saying something. So, have I whetted your appetite?

The commercial was for Nike and it celebrated Tiger Woods return to active competition (he's been off for over a year rehabbing from knee surgery, in case you're not a casual golf/sports fan).

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Izod: "Adventure"

by Brett Love, posted Feb 4th 2007 9:47PM

I suppose my penchant for thrift store t-shirts with odd logos puts me out of the Izod target market. Maybe that's why I got all the way through this commercial having no idea what it was advertising. I actually thought it was going to be a Nike ad, what with the golfer, and the Tiger-esque red.

It was a pretty slick ad with some gorgeous photography, but suffers from only working for people already familiar with the brand. Some kind of a tag line at the end. "Izod, sportswear for men" or some such, would have gone a long way. You can't expect everyone watching to go google your company to find out what it is you do.

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Teri Hatcher signs on to project with Nike chairman

by Anna Johns, posted May 23rd 2006 4:27PM
teri hatcherDesperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has agreed to provide the voice for two characters in the first feature film to come out of Nike chairman Phil Knight's animation studio, located here in Portland, OR. The movie is called Coraline, and it's an adaptation of a children's novel by Neil Gaiman. Hatcher will voice the roles of two mothers in the show. Dakota Fanning has already agreed to play the starring role of Coraline. Knight says the movie will be distributed through Focus Features and is expected to be released in 2008.

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My Name is Earl: Y2K

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Mar 24th 2006 9:10AM

Earl and gang, circa 2000Back in late 1999, there was a classic commercial produced by Nike that showed a guy going out for a run on New Year's Day morning, 2000. As he traverses through his neighborhood, ATMs are shooting out money, there's a power outage, and people are rioting in the streets. However, the message from Nike was despite all this mayhem, remember to "Just Do It." Funny, funny stuff. (If you want to see it, check it out at YouTube.)

Anyway, Earl Hickey wasn't immune from Y2K madness, and last night's episode was a flashback to the time when Earl and his gang decided to start a "new world" on January 1, 2000 since they think the world as they knew it came to an end at midnight. This was all predicated by Earl wanting to cross number 24 off his list--stole a red take-a-number-machine at Camden County's version of Wal-Mart, Bargain Bag.

Earl readily admits in his narration that usually he and his friends were too drunk during previous New Year's celebrations that fireworks went off at midnight and a parade took place the following morning, so they think they are the only ones left and want to start a new society at the store. Being the misfits that they are, things go awry quickly when everyone becomes territorial over areas such as the beauty and pharmaceuticals and TV departments.

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