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October 9, 2015

nine lives

ABC Family Orders Three New Pilots

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 28th 2010 3:30PM
ABC FamilyEncouraged by the success of its summer hit 'Pretty Little Liars,' ABC Family announced today that it has given production orders to three new pilots.

The three new one-hour dramas, called 'Nine Lives,' 'Switched at Birth' and 'Strut,' are geared toward the network's Millenial viewers, EVP of original programming and development Kate Juergens said. "These pilots offer a great mix of heartfelt and compelling storytelling that our audience has come to expect from us," she said in a statement.

After the jump, read descriptions of the three new shows.

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Spielberg's 'Nine Lives' Might Have a Home at NBC

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 18th 2010 3:03PM
NBC logoWay back in 2006 (cue the blurry flashback) we told you that Syfy had picked up a twelve-hour science fiction mini-series from Steven Spielberg titled 'Nine Lives.' Well, nothing ever came of that on Syfy (back when it was called Sci-Fi - cue the blurry flashback again), but now it looks like it's going to be on TV after all, only on another network.

The Hollywood Reporter says that NBC might pick up the show. It all depends on whether or not they like the new script, which is being written by Les Bohem. It's about people who unleash something evil when they try to reunite with family members who have died. That might sound slightly similar to 'Ghost Whisperer' or 'Medium' but it sounds more epic, likes there's something bigger to the overall plot than standalone episodes.

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'Nine Lives' to Live on at NBC?

by Bryan Enk, posted Feb 18th 2010 10:00AM
'Nine Lives' may find a second life at NBC.

The Hollywood Reporter brings news that the network is interested in the sci-fi drama series, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Les Bohem and DreamWorks' Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. 'Nine Lives' was originally pitched to Syfy as a 12-hour miniseries in 2007.

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My accidental lunch with ABC's Steve McPherson - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 14th 2007 5:55PM
Steve McPherson of ABCAfter the TCA Lost session, the gathered reporters tried to get some one-on-ones with the stars and producers, but I decided to skip that and go straight to lunch (the closest I got to a one-on-one was when I saw Matthew Fox exit the bathroom as I was on my way in. Me: "Havin' fun?" Fox: "Yeaaaah." It was in a tone that told me that he'd have rather gotten a full-cavity body search at the airport than sit for that panel). So, there I was, sitting at a big empty table with an AOL colleague, innocently eating and chatting, when ABC President Steve McPherson sat down with two reporters in tow.

It seems that little bombshell the Lost producers dropped about an "endpoint" had the reporters all atwitter, as the two were peppering him with questions about it. Before we knew it the table was jam packed with reporters, asking McPherson if he knew about this endpoint and when it might be. When he speculated it might be after a seventh season, one reporter chimed in that "they said it might be after five." But McPherson was smooth throughout, telling everyone that he's been talking with the producers about an endpoint almost since the beginning of the series, and he didn't seem to be that concerned about it.

As the conversation turned from Lost to other shows, I decided to throw him a question about my favorite fall disappointment, The Nine.

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Tim Daly cast in new ABC drama

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 9th 2006 8:43AM
tim daly nine livesSigh. I really wish Eyes was still on. Tim Daly was so terrific in that show and, quite frankly, it makes me sad to see him move on to something else. Stupid, I know. He's a great actor (and quite a hunk) and it's awesome that he's getting work. So, I'll get over it and tell you about his new role and cross my fingers that this show does well (and is good!).

He was just added to an ensemble cast of an ABC drama called Nine Lives, about nine people whose lives collide when they are all part of a botched bank robbery. Daly is a terrific comedic actor, but his IMDB bio shows he has quite an extensive acting resume in dramatic roles. Co-stars include Dana Davis (aka Cora Briggs on Veronica Mars) and Scott Wolf (Party of Five).

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24 star to join ABC drama

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Feb 22nd 2006 10:20AM

RaverI wrote about this show way back in December when it was first brought to the table and I hadn't heard anything since, but it appears that the wheels are still turning. Nine Lives (at least that was the tentative title, may have changed by now) was picked up by ABC in December but there was no one attached to it except the show's creator Hank Steinberg (he's behind Without a Trace).

However, it looks like we won't be seeing Audrey Raines in the sixth season of 24 because Kim Raver has signed on to join Nine Lives. The show follows nine complete strangers who were involved in a bank robbery gone awry and then examines the impact the incident has on their lives. Sounds like it could be pretty good.

There were some other casting announcements in that link above but the only other one that caught my eye was Eddie Kaye Thomas (he played Finch in the American Pie films) has been cast in a new FOX sitcom called 'Til Death. Thomas will play a newlywed husband in the show. Seeing as how it's on FOX though, I can only assume the show will air on no less than four different nights in at least five different time slots leading up to it's quick cancellation.

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New life for Spielberg on SciFi

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 13th 2006 1:37PM
Steven Spielberg is once again bringing original programming to the Sci Fi Channel. This time, it's a 12-hour miniseries called Nine Lives. The drama features nine characters who are mourning loved ones, and discover they can reunite with the dead through near-death experiences. Sounds pretty freaky, eh? Sci Fi's deal with Spielberg follows the wildly successful collaboration that spawned the series, Taken, in 2003. Les Bohem, the guy who wrote the Taken series, will also write Nine Lives.

Also picked up by SciFi:

  • Who wants to be a Superhero?, a reality series that follows Stan Lee as he puts contestants through challenges to help them find their super strength;
  • Medium at Large, a reality series that features psychic Char Margolis;
  • The Gift, reality series that follows people in boot camp for intuitives;
  • The Bridge, a comedy-drama about a group of cynical souls trapped in purgatory and the good deeds they must do to get out.

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