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October 6, 2015

noah wyle

TNT Will Rebroadcast Steve Jobs Film

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 6th 2011 5:15PM
Pirates of Silicon ValleyAs the world mourns the loss of Apple visionary Steve Jobs, TNT will rebroadcast its Jobs-centric film, 'Pirates of Silicon Valley,' on Thurs., Oct. 6, 8PM ET.

A rerun of the movie will air at 10PM ET.

'ER' star Noah Wyle played Jobs opposite Anthony Michael Hall as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Joey Slotnick as Apple's co-found Steve Wozniak.

The 1999 film was nominated for five Emmys, including Outstanding Made for Television Movie.

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Noah Wyle Talks Saving the World & Becoming an Action Star on 'Falling Skies'

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jun 18th 2011 9:00AM
Noah Wyle, 'Falling Skies'It's hard to look at Noah Wyle and not see Dr. Carter from 'ER' ... but 'Falling Skies' might finally change that.

The new TNT drama (premieres Sun., June 19, 9PM ET) gives Wyle a hero's badge you can't earn in a hospital: He's helping save the world from an alien invasion. Add to that the fact that his wife was killed after the invastion and one of his three sons has been taken hostage by the visitors' spine-sucking mind-control devices that are basically a death sentence.

To say that Wyle's Tom Mason is having a rough time is an understatement.

I caught up with Wyle to talk about his career's new action star direction and why this alien invasion drama shouldn't get pegged with the sci-fi label too quickly. "I think it's TNT's attempt to try to have their cake and eat it, too -- to try and branch out and grab an audience that doesn't currently exist on their network, while still honoring the one that does by giving them what they tune in for, which is well written character pieces. I think there is something for everybody in here."

Keep reading for more ...

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First Look: Steven Spielberg's 'Falling Skies' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 28th 2010 2:00PM
Falling Skies, Noah WyleNoah Wyle, meet aliens. The first trailer for Steven Spielberg and TNT's summer series 'Falling Skies' has hit the web.

Set after an alien invasion, Wyle stars as Tom Mason, a history professor who becomes a leader of the human resistance. A widower thanks to the invasion, the character goes after his captured son while trying to protect his other two boys.

Spielberg and Dreamworks Television are executive producing the project, which is written by 'Saving Private Ryan' scribe Robert Rodat. The series begins in June 2011.

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Jason Lee, Angie Harmon Pilots Picked Up by TNT

by Leonard Jacobs, posted Jan 22nd 2010 11:30AM
If you can't choose one, why not choose them all?

That's exactly what TNT did yesterday with the pickup of three new pilots: 'Delta Blues,' 'Rizzoli and Isles' and the still-untitled alien-invasion series from producer Steven Spielberg. Each show received 10-episode orders, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

'Delta Blues,' from producer George Clooney, stars Jason Lee as a Memphis cop who moonlights as a musician and still lives at home with his mother. The Boston-set 'Rizzoli,' based on a series of mystery novels by Tess Gerritsen, stars Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander as detectives, with Lorraine Bracco playing Harmon's tough, but loyal mother.

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TNT picks up more dramas

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 21st 2010 11:33PM
TNT has some new dramatic shows on the horizon and believe it or not, they actually don't involve sexy cops or lawyers. Well, one of them does.

The cable network has picked up a new science fiction series about aliens overtaking humanity starring Noah Wyle, a detective series starring Angie Harmon and (surprise!) a cop drama starring Jason Lee.

The "untitled alien invasion series" (wouldn't it be a big bowl of hilariousness if that were the actual title?) will star Wyle as the leader of a band of human resisters who aspire to take back the Earth from an alien race that has laid waste to humanity. Since this is being produced by Steven Speilberg, how about calling it Close Encounters of the Ass Kicking Kind?

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TV Moment of 2009: 'ER' Series Finale -- 'And in the End ...'

by Gary Susman, posted Dec 21st 2009 9:00AM
ER'ER' spent an awfully long time saying goodbye -- a whole season, in fact -- before it finally wound down on April 2. The last episode was not epic in scope, nor did it neatly tie up the loose ends of the lives of the multitude of County General staffers. It was just another gritty workday in the life of the hospital, but one in which some special things happened that, for fans, paid respectful homage to the show's 15-year legacy as one of NBC's finest (and perhaps final) hour-long dramas.

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Noah Wyle officially boards Spielberg's alien-invasion pilot

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 26th 2009 5:04PM
noah wyle e.r. librarian spielberg alien pilotNoah Wyle is going from fighting vampires in The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice to fighting aliens for Steven Spielberg. The former ER doc has signed on to the Oscar-wining filmmaker's alien invasion pilot for TNT as the leader of a "ragtag" group of rebels set to make trouble for the alien baddies.

The series will take place months after the alien force has decimated the human population of Earth, leading Wyle and friends to strike back any way they can. (Thankfully, George Lucas' name has not been mentioned in any news surrounding this upcoming sci-fi project.)

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TV News Daily: Noah Wyle Joins TNT Alien-Invasion Series

by Andrew Scott, posted Jun 26th 2009 1:30PM
Noah Wyle and Joanna Garcia

Noah Wyle to star on Steven Spielberg's alien-invasion series, Joanna Garcia books 'Gossip Girl,' Michael Jackson passes away and more TV news.

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Spielberg wants to bring aliens and Noah Wyle to TNT

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 16th 2009 3:01PM
steven spielberg, tnt alien pilotSteven Spielberg, the man behind sci-fi movie classics like E.T and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, is producing an alien-invasion drama pilot for TNT. The unnamed series would potentially take place on Earth six months after evil aliens wipe out most of humanity.

We still don't know if Spielberg will direct the pilot, but the award-winning filmmaker reportedly wants to cast Noah Wyle to play the potential series' lead. The former E.R. star would play the leader of a group of human rebels trying to bring down the big bad aliens.

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ER: And In The End ... (series finale)

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 3rd 2009 1:01PM

No, George Clooney did not show up for the series finale of ER.

But it was a pretty good finale anyway. It's impossible to please all fans of a long-running show in a series finale because we expect too much, and what we expect can change depending on whether you've been watching it since the beginning or just started four years ago. Do they focus on the old cast members coming back and focus on the people who have been there for the past few years? Do they tie up all loose ends neatly in a bow or leave things open-ended because that's how life is? ER managed to do both last night.

After the jump, the good and bad about the last episode of ER.

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And here we go again: will Clooney show up on ER again tonight?

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 2nd 2009 10:13AM
ERYup, tonight is the final ER. NBC will have an hour-long retrospective at 8 PM and then the two-hour season finale of the show at 9 PM (sorry, fans of My Name Is Earl, The Office, and 30 Rock). We've seen several old favorites come back this season in previous episodes, and we know that a couple more are coming back for tonight's last hurrah. Will George Clooney be one of them?

Clooney already made an appearance on the show with Juliana Margulies a few weeks ago, and I liked the episode enough. It's just that there was a slight something missing from the episode, something concerning Doug and Carol and them not knowing that the kidney going to County General was for Carter.

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Here's a sneak peek at Thursday's ER series finale - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 31st 2009 2:09PM
Noah WyleSo this Thursday at 9pm, the series finale of ER airs on NBC. I think that even former fans who drifted away from the show when Anthony Edwards was killed off, or when Noah Wyle left, or when they just didn't enjoy the show anymore because it had been on for too long will tune into the finale. You can't watch a show for so many years and then just forget all about the finale. The thing has been on since Bill Clinton's first term, so we gotta find out how it ends.

The episode (like this season in general) will also have some familiar faces coming back to County General, and probably some in pictures and/or flashbacks (the episode will be preceded by a retrospective at 8pm). After the jump, a video sneak peek at the episode (and, yes, there are possible spoilers, so proceed with caution!)

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The Ultimate 'ER' Quiz

by AOL TV Staff, posted Mar 17th 2009 6:00AM
How well do you know the show?

Since premiering in 1994, 'ER' has seen a lot of action -- and quite a few cast changes. George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Julianna Margulies, John Stamos and many others have walked the halls of County General.

After 15 seasons of ups and downs, it's time to test your 'ER' knowledge by taking our quiz.

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Last night's ER: very satisfying, maybe a little disappointing - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 13th 2009 3:04PM
So yes, George Clooney was indeed on ER last night.

The episode, overall, was very good. The banter between Carter and Benton was great, and it was great to see Eriq LaSalle again, and the way they reintroduced Doug and Carol into the plot was really well done and didn't seem forced or stupid. The show deserves points for that. It didn't work 100% though. Here's what I loved and what I didn't love about the episode.

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Clooney is (probably) on ER tonight

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 12th 2009 10:02AM
George ClooneyIf you've been watching NBC this week, you've probably seen all the promos for tonight's episode of ER. The episode is called "Old Times" and will feature former stars Juliana Margulies and Eriq LaSalle (joining Noah Wyle, who has been back for a couple of weeks). But one star who is supposed to be on the show before it ends in early April, George Clooney, isn't in the promos for tonight's episode. Does that mean he's not on until a later episode?

Probably not. Producer John Wells is telling fans to make sure they watch tonight's episode, and Margulies has already said that she has filmed scenes with Clooney, so it's a good bet that he's on tonight's episode. Also, if you notice that at the very end of the promo, the screen suddenly goes black when Margulies says hello to someone she sees. Above is a pic of Clooney on the set when he filmed his scenes in January.

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