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September 3, 2015

ny ink

Jenna Wolfe Gets 'I Love Matt' Tattoo From Ami James on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 22nd 2011 5:15PM
Eileen Hickey-Hulme's tattoo on 'Today' Finally, the trend of the day has to do with the strange behavior of seniors instead of the kids. Jenna Wolfe reported on older women getting their first tattoos, and going back for more, Monday on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC) and wound up getting personally involved with the story to show her dedication to her job.

Wolfe visited Ami James of 'NY Ink,' who said that 55% of his clients were women. That includes 65-year-old artist Eileen Hickey-Hulme, who got a tattoo of a hand pointing a revolver directly at the viewer. "I feel tougher," she said after it was done. "I feel like I can hold my own."

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Ami Finally Has Enough and Fires Chris on the 'NY Ink' Season Finale (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 22nd 2011 10:55AM
'NY Ink'Chris has been a bit of a loose cannon and a thorn in Ami James' side since he set up shop in New York City. This week on 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC), the pair reached critical mass. It got so bad at one point, the other artists felt they should maybe step in to break them up.

Of course, even getting close led to Ami threatening to fire them as well. As it stood, he'd finally reached a breaking point in dealing with Chris' arrogance and condescending attitude.

"I would have acted perfectly normally had I been treated with the respect that I deserve," Chris said, as if his behavior was ultimately Ami's fault. In the end, it was the end for Chris, which in anger he said was the biggest favor Ami could do for him.

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'NY Ink': Ami Asks Angelina Why She Would Ever Be on 'Jersey Shore' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 15th 2011 10:00AM
'Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick, 'NY Ink'When former 'Jersey Shore' castmember Angelina Pivarnick came into the shop for a tattoo on 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC), Ami James got a chance to ask her a little bit about the show and a lot about why on Earth she would ever agree to do it.

"I had no idea what the show was gonna be before I got there," Pivarnick admitted. "And then when I got there, I was like, Oh my god, what am I doing?"

Pivarnick stuck it out for two seasons, though she left early in each of them. She has not returned since.

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Chris Torres Hears a Story of Stabbings and Heroism on 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 8th 2011 6:17AM
'NY Ink'Chris Torres hears a lot of stories in his work as a tattoo artist, but one customer on 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC) had him saying, "Wow!"

After hearing his story, the message he wanted inked on his forearm made more sense. The guy asked for the words, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

While Chris was working, this unassuming man told how he managed to take down a knife-wielding assailant on the train. When the guy pulled out his 8" knife and started threatening, this man kept his cool and even though he did get stabbed, he put the guy down.

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Jessica Spars With Ami and Co-Workers on 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 1st 2011 5:00PM
Jessica gets upset on 'NY Ink' 'NY Ink' (Thursdays, 10PM on TLC) was a symphony of beeps last night, as Jessica got fed up with both her boss Ami James and Robear. Jessica was tired of feeling disrespected as the shop's secretary.

In the meeting, Ami told Jessica, "If I tell you to zip it, you're going to zip it." That left Jessica confused about how to bring up her concerns, but Ami cleared that up. "Either I ask you for concerns or you don't bring them to me," he said.

Robear did little to ameliorate the situation, telling Jessica she just had to respect Ami and do as he says. Jessica then uttered a few words we will decline to print here, which Robear echoed, and Jessica walked out. All's well that ends well, though -- Jessica apologized to Ami and all was forgiven. So don't fret about it over your holiday weekend.

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Method Man Gets a Tattoo, and Gives Tommy One on 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 24th 2011 4:57AM
Method Man, 'NY Ink'Tommy was completely star struck when Method Man walked into the tattoo parlor on 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC). To make things even more exciting, Method was there looking for him to get "an official Wu-Tang killer bee."

While tatting him up, Ami James came over and asked Method what he thought of the current state of hip-hop music.

"Can you really call it hip-hop?" Method asked. "Back in the days, when you told a kid, 'Yeah, I'm an MC,' first s*** they would say to you was, 'Say a rhyme for me.' ... Now, you tell a kid, 'Yeah I'm an MC.' 'Where your car at. Where your chains.'"

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Ami and Tim Just Can't Seem to Get Along, on 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 17th 2011 7:05AM
'NY Ink'It was all a big storm in a teacup on this week's episode of 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC) as tattoo artists Ami James and Tim Hendricks both flew into a rage over scheduling conflicts.

One of Ami's clients has been trying to set up an appoinment with Tim for weeks but Tim hasn't called him back so he takes his problem to parlor-owner Ami. Who goes crazy.

After asking why the client hadn't just called him personally instead to fix an appointment, Tim takes the sarcasm a bit too far and Ami blows up at him.

In a yelling match that the 'Real Housewives' table-flippers would have been proud to call their own, the guys have at each other.

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Ami James and Chris Torres Spar Again on 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 10th 2011 4:00PM
Chris Torres and Ami James spar on 'NY Ink'There was tension, and a shoving match, between Ami James and tattoo artist Chris Torres on last week's debut of 'NY Ink' (Thur. 10PM on TLC). On Thursday's show, James was already contemplating firing Torres, but let some of his staff talk him out of it. Eventually they agreed to settle their differences the old-fashioned way, by sparring in the basement gym of the Wooster Street Social Club. It didn't turn out so well for Torres.

"First kick, he hit my leg, he kicked me with a low kick," said James. That didn't sit well with him, so he returned the kick and split Toress' shin. Tores started out well, but wound up bloodied and pinned underneath James.

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Ami James Gets Into Shoving Match With One of His Artists on Premiere of 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 3rd 2011 10:20AM
Ami James & Chris Torres, 'NY Ink'The 'Ink' franchise got a new entry with the premiere of 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC). The new series follows Ami James from 'Miami Ink' as he sets up shop back in his roots at the Big Apple. But it's a big venture and a big investment for James, so he needs things to go smoothly.

With all that stress, it's no wonder that tattoo artist Chris Torres kept getting on his nerves. For one thing, Torres has an entitled attitude that would annoy everyone. When he misplaced his keys, he asked fellow artist Megan Massacre if she was hiding them, adding, "You better not be."

When he went to talk to James about it, the latter was still sore that Torres had taken his tattoo machine earlier without asking. So he simply walked away from Torres, telling him it was his problem. But Torres doesn't like people walking away from him, as he said in no uncertain terms.

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'NY Ink' Set Visit: Ami James Takes His Tattoo Talents to NYC

by Alex Moaba, posted May 27th 2011 3:00PM
Renowned tattoo artist Ami James will be taking his talents from South Beach to New York this summer, expanding his reality tattoo show empire into the Empire State with 'NY Ink' (premieres Thurs., June 2, 10PM ET on TLC).

James has spent the last few months putting together a new crew and setting up an expansive, sprawling tattoo shop in downtown Manhattan that he's dubbed the Wooster Street Social Club. AOL TV spent a day hanging out at the shop, taking pictures and talking with James about the new cast, what's in store this season and New York's vibrant tattoo culture.

James said he's extremely excited about opening a new shop in New York. "The tattoo culture is way bigger in New York than Miami; there's no comparison at all. New York has always been a tattoo capital. You walk down a New York street in the summer and literally every third person has a sleeve. That's something that just doesn't exist in Miami. The really cool part is that you have a lot more customers who want to get serious work, really cool tattoos, which inspires you as an artist everyday."

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Mark Burnett 'Had No Idea' About Russell Hantz 'Survivor' Leak, TLC Launches 'N.Y. Ink' and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 10th 2011 5:30PM
Mark BurnettApparently 'Survivor' honcho Mark Burnett didn't have any idea about the accusations against castaway Russell Hantz until the rest of us saw them.

According to TV Guide, Burnett told reporters on a conference call that he was unaware there was a problem until he read last week's Daily Beast article that alleged Hantz was leaking 'Survivor' spoilers to fan message boards. "I found out the same time you found out. I read it online," Burnett said on a conference call today. "I had no idea about it."

Hantz could face a $5 million penalty if he really is behind the leaks. "I still have not had a conversation with CBS or anyone about it," Burnett said, including 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst.

In other TV news ...

TLC is launching a new tattoo reality series called 'N.Y. Ink.' It'll follow 'Miami Ink' star Ami James as he opens a new shop in Soho. The eight-episode first season will premiere in June. [THR]

AMC has announced the premiere date for its new series, 'The Killing.' The show, about the police investigation of a teenage girl's murder, will air its two-hour first episode on April 3, then move to its regular Sunday at 10PM time slot the following week. [Deadline]

Another cable show has announced a premiere date: 'Treme' comes back to HBO on April 24. The drama, set in post-Katrina New Orleans, welcomes new cast member Jon Seda for season 2. [TV Guide]

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