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September 1, 2015


How reality show contestants are chosen

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 18th 2006 10:40AM
There's an interesting article over at The Morning News, one of my favorite websites for writers, about how producers go about choosing the right people for reality television. I've always wondered this myself, since they seem to find the most outrageous people on the planet. The article is called The Omarosa Experiment, although Omarosa, still the queen of reality tv, doesn't disclose much information because of all the hush-up contracts she's signed. The writer, Keith Hollihan, interviews a handful of well-known reality television contestants about how they got on their respective shows. Some of them made it by being ballsy with the producers, and others made it because they fit a certain stereotype the producers were looking to fill (i.e. the New York Italian). All of them went through extensive psychological screening with a minimum of two doctors who picked their brains to determine how they would react to certain situations. Omarosa says one of the doctors who interviewed her ended up lobbying for her to be on the show because her psych profile was so unusual. To say the least. But, not only do these contestants need to be slightly looney tunes, they also need to be able to handle rejection. One major concern when Survivor started was that contestants would commit suicide, something which did happen on boxing reality show, The Contender. Psychologists help producers choose contestants, by mixing various psychological types which are sure to create sparks. Basically, it all makes for an interesting psychological experiment.

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Janice Dickinson returns with new show

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 29th 2005 7:37AM
Janice DickinsonJanice Dickinson was booted from her judge position on America's Next Top Model and disappeared off the face of the TV-world after she stormed out on the finale of The Surreal Life 5 (oh, Omarosa...). Well, guess what? Janice is back with her own show. Oxygen has ordered 10 episodes of Janice's own reality modeling show, in which she'll pick five models to join her new Hollywood modeling agency, Janice Dickinson Models.

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Celebrity Poker Showdown: the good and the bad

by Jen Segrest, posted Aug 26th 2005 11:00AM
I have really enjoyed the show for the past few years but it's becoming harder to admit after the last two new episodes.

Last week's ep (which I just saw yesterday) was basically themed "Battle of the Reality Hasbeens" with The Apprentice's famous witch queen Omarosa and a bevy of annoying, obnoxious, ignorant and nonsensical attitude-filled freakazoids like Survivor's Jonny Fairplay (who I had never heard of before today). It was a painful two hours that found me fast forwarding on TiVo a lot. The fight for fifteen more minutes was never more desperate or sad. Mostly just sad.

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Who are the most beloved and most hated reality stars?

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 9th 2005 3:38PM

Clay AikenPersonally, for most beloved, I would say "not many," and for most hated I would say "most of them." But a new Bravo/TV Guide poll (to coincide with Bravo's Battle of the Network Reality Stars show, which I will avoid like the plague) says that Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson are the most beloved, while Omarosa and Richard Hatch the most hated.

[via TV Tattle]

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