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October 10, 2015

on the bubble

ABC Gives 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Last Man Standing' & 'Happy Endings' Full Season Orders

by Laura Prudom, posted Nov 4th 2011 7:15AM
Snow White and Prince CharmingThe fall has been kind to ABC; after recent full season orders for 'Revenge' and 'Suburgatory,' the Alphabet network is doubling down with pickups for two more of their freshman series, fantasy drama 'Once Upon a Time' and Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing.'

Though 'Once' has only aired two episodes so far, it's already the highest-rated new drama of the season, managing an average 12.3 million viewers and a robust 4.0 rating in the coveted adults 18-49 demo. Allen's male-skewing comedy has seen some audience erosion since its premiere, but it's still performing well on Tuesday nights (12.7 million and a 3.7 demo), where ABC had previously struggled to make an impact.

Sophomore comedy 'Happy Endings' has seen series-high ratings in recent weeks, and finally seems to be catching on with viewers in its post-'Modern Family' slot, which has earned it a full 22 episodes. (Ah-mah-zing!)

Bad news for 'Pan Am' and 'Man Up' though ...

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Fox and CW Shows On the Bubble

by Allison Waldman, posted May 4th 2010 4:03PM
When considering the future of some shows on Fox and the CW, in the case of the former, there are only a couple of programs on the fence. Fox, overall, has had a strong year highlighted by the success of 'Glee,' which trumps nearly any disappointment execs might have over already cancelled shows like 'Sons of Tucson' or 'Past Life.'

On the other hand, the CW has a few hours teetering on the brink amid some solid, if not spectacular, already renewed shows like 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Supernatural.' To check the threat assessment for the Fox and CW programs on the bubble, read on:

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What are the odds your favorite (or least favorite) show will be canceled?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 10th 2009 2:30PM
HankA couple of weeks ago, I did a post about the shows that were "on the bubble," the ones in danger of being canceled. Now AOL TV has given the odds on what shows might not be coming back.

A lot of shows on the list won't surprise us: Hank, The Forgotten, Numb3rs, Gary Unmarried, and 'Til Death (each either gets low ratings or has been on for a while), but there are several that I think will actually make it to a another season, including The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation.

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Fringe is in danger of being canceled?!

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 29th 2009 1:00PM
TV Guide has released their list of shows that are safe for the rest of the season and those that are "on the bubble," the shows that are in danger of being canceled. There are a lot of shows on the latter list that aren't a surprise, such as Hank, Gary Unmarried, Cold Case, and The Forgotten (I'm surprised Cold Case even made it to another season).

But among the list of shows are a few that I didn't think were in danger, including Gossip Girl and Fringe. I know that Gossip Girl isn't a show that gets incredible ratings, but that describes The CW in general, and I figure that even if it gets low ratings it's sort of the network's signature show. As for Fringe, the ratings are a lot worse this season than last season, but it would still surprise me if the show went away, especially since it has its fan base and it's produced by JJ Abrams.

Any other shows on the list that surprise you?

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Fans get creative to save Sarah Connor

by Mike Moody, posted May 4th 2009 12:09PM
terminator the sarah connor chronicles lena headeyNo, they're not sending nuts, bolts or robot arms to Fox executive's doors. Instead, fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are joining a creative campaign called "Sarah Connor Made Me Do It" to help save the show.

Here's the idea, thought up by our friends at io9.com: TSCC fans are being asked to take photos of themselves posing with products that sponsor the show and posting them on a Flickr group. io9 says they'll make sure Fox and Warner Bros. see the photos and feel the buying power of TSCC fans.

So if you drive a Dodge Ram or love stuffing your face with Whoppers and want to see a third season of TSCC, take a picture and upload it to the group.

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Should ABC renew Better Off Ted? - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 23rd 2009 1:35PM
Better Off Ted

ABC's new comedy Better Off Ted - which aired last night - is one of the on the bubble shows. It certainly has its fan base, but it's also one of those quirky sitcoms that just "feels" like one you can imagine ABC canceling after one short season, and then it goes away forever. And then we grumble about it for months and hope for a DVD release. What do you think? Do you think the show deserves a second season or do you think it's ... better off dead (sorry)?

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ABC might still want Old Christine

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 23rd 2009 9:05AM
Old ChristineThe New Adventures of Old Christine isn't even finished at CBS yet, and ABC is sniffing around already.

According to Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly, ABC is interested in picking up the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom if CBS decides to cancel it. If you read our post about which shows are going to be renewed, which are going to be canceled, and which are on the bubble, Old Christine is in the latter category.

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Which shows are renewed, canceled, or on the bubble?

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 16th 2009 1:40PM
Network logosThe networks haven't announced their official fall schedules yet. That happens next month at the network upfronts, or whatever each network is now calling them - upfronts, announcements, presentations. But just from seeing the ratings of certain shows and stories that have leaked to the press already we can get at least a fairly accurate idea of which shows are going to definitely be renewed, which are probably canceled, and which shows are "on the bubble." ("On the bubble" means they're in the middle, balanced on the fence between getting canceled and being renewed. It's named after Sebastian Bubble, an executive at NBC in the early 50s.)

USA Today has a complete rundown of all of the network shows you might be wondering about (in handy chart form!). After the jump, a look at some of the more interesting possibilities.

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What shows are on the bubble for next season?

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 13th 2008 2:22PM
reaperThe Hollywood Reporter has an article today that both breaks my heart and makes me ecstatic for the next television season. The article, citing lots of anonymous sources, lists shows that are "on the bubble" for next season -- meaning renewal is not certain--and predicts their likelihood of renewal.

Interestingly (and tragically), The CW's Reaper appears to be on the chopping block. Tonight's ratings for Reaper could tip the balance, as a new episode goes up against a new episode of Lost. While many critics think Reaper has lost its way since the pilot, I think it's been pretty much on track. We even got a new story line during the last episode where Sam meets a new love interest, aka the devil's daughter. The dialogue is clever, the lead actor is lovable, and his sidekicks are, well, a kick. Although, if I didn't have a way to record both shows, I would probably choose Lost over Reaper tonight.

A list of "on the bubble" shows and their possible future is after the jump:

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