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October 9, 2015

one big happy family

A Possible Orgy on 'One Big Happy Family' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 2nd 2010 1:25AM
A Possible Orgy on 'One Big Happy Family'The series 'One Big Happy Family' (Tue., 9PM ET on TLC) follows the lives of the Coles family, who live in North Carolina. Norris Coles -- the father of the family -- received news that he would die if he didn't change his diet. In fact, his entire family were also told that they might die if they didn't stop eating fatty foods.

Norris originally weighed 345 pounds, and is now down to 263. His wife Tameka started at 380 pounds and currently weighs 259. Unlike on other reality weight-loss shows, the Coles family has no help or guidance; no personal trainers or private gyms. The parents and their kids are losing the weight on all on their own.

On the latest episode, wife Tameka raises the issue of "temptation" while the family is driving in their van. She mentions all the things that might tempt the kids: smoking, drinking, etc. Her son Shayne chimes in with a possible temptation of his own -- "having wild orgy sex." Tameka is not pleased. "We're going to have to have a talk when we get back home," she says. ... Yeah, that sounds about right.

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The Show Girl Talks Summer TV with 'Cake Boss,' Chef John Besh & 'One Big Happy Family' (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted May 28th 2010 9:00AM
Buddy Valastro, 'Cake Boss'Summer is here! Well, at least summer TV is. TLC has a whole new batch of shows, as well as some returning favorites, like 'Cake Boss.' And who better to give me the scoop on season 3 than Buddy Valastro himself: "It's gonna be hot!"

I also chat with chef John Besh, of 'Next Iron Chef' and 'Top Chef Masters' fame. He's bringing a makeover twist to the traditional cooking show with 'Inedible to Incredible,' where he'll teach home cooks-in-need how to be more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Then I catch up with 'One Big Happy Family''s Amber Coles who has lost some weight since season 1 and is growing up fast.

Want more? E-mail me TV questions at TheTVShowGirl@aol.com and I'll try to get you answers on the show. -- By Maggie Furlong

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TLC Renews 'One Big Happy Family'

by Michael D. Ayers, posted Feb 10th 2010 12:00PM
TLCIt's a happy day for the Cole family, stars of TLC's 'One Big Happy Family.'

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series has been picked up for a second season under a new 12-episode order. The series follows Tameka, Norris, Shayne and Amber Cole as they struggle to lose weight. At the time of the series' debut, they collectively weighed over 1400 pounds.

Season 2 is expected to air this June and is a product of RDF USA.

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What to Watch: December 29

by Kim Potts, posted Dec 29th 2009 6:00AM
'One Big Happy Family' (9 and 9:30PM, TLC) series premiere
This six-episode series comes just in time to inspire those New Year's health resolutions. The Coles -- dad Norris, wife Tameka, and teens Amber and Shayne -- are the titular big happy family: Each of the Coles weighs more than 300 pounds, and after one of them gets some alarming medical news, the whole family decides to make losing weight a Coles priority. The series will follow the family's efforts to eat healthier and exercise more, as well as their quest to understand how and why their bad food habits have persisted.

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TLC is building a reality show around a morbidly obese family

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 20th 2009 7:02PM
RubyThey've done just about every variation of little people show you can imagine, so as executive producer Mike Duffy said, it's not exploitation. "Little People, Big World is about little people living in a big world. This is about big people living in a little world -- fat people living in a skinny world." Doesn't that sound so much better?

They've found a family of four tipping the scales at over 1,400 pounds. While there's no prize money involved, the family is determined to lose some weight. The six episode series, One Big Happy Family, will follow them on their journey of self-improvement with different episodes spotlighting different family members. Style network has already met a good response to their chronicle of Ruby, a 477-pound woman looking to lose weight.

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